They still want you to know


Zedd and Selena Gomez released the music video for their newest single “I Want You to Know” and let me tell you, this video is well, awkward. And like the depth to this video, this review will be short.

The video is pretty much is Selena Gomez shaking her thing in a club while singing. During this dancing, Selena makes out with a girl, and walks in a hallway full of guys that are vying for her attention. She also changes her clothes a lot. The only change we get is that we see her putting lipstick on and kissing herself in the mirror. Oh, Zedd has a cameo in the video but just his head and shots of him staring at her in the club.

The whole entire video is just one big WTF. It makes little to no sense and looks like they just rushed something together in between make out session between Selena and Zedd.

Overall, it’s a major disappoint as I expected it to be a little better especially since it was Zedd and Selena.

Here the video, it kinda sucks but still watch it:


Rating: 1.5 kisses out of 5


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