#FlashbackFriday: That’s So Raven

That's So Raven

Have you ever wanted to gaze into the future? Do you think that life would be a breeze? It wasn’t the case for Raven Baxter, your average run of the mill teenager that happened to see the future that put her into cray-cray situations that involved her dressing up into disguise. So on this #FlashbackFriday, we as a community will be looking back at it. Get ready to feel the feels. As you prepare for it, here’s the into to get yourself ready:

It was comedy at its core with a side of values that you didn’t know that you were learning. The show was cleverly written and done in a way that Disney Channel should do with their current bunch of shows, but that’s another blog for another day. It’s also the first Disney Channel show to go past 65 episodes, which was the set amount of episodes that all shows had no matter how popular they are. The entire cast helped carry the show and storylines. It wasn’t that “Oh, this person is a star of the show.” It also gave us some killer catchphrases like “ya nasty.”

There were two moments that stick out in my memories of the show: Liz Anya, the “singer” who sang at Victor Baxer’s former restaurant to get his job back, and the musical episode because nothing says Disney Channel in the mid 2000s like a musical episode.

Have any moments from “That’s so Raven” that you love? Let us know them in the comments below.


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