Zedd shows Kesha’s ‘True Colors”


Today, Kesha released her first new single in three long years. Kesha teamed with Zedd to release “True Colors.”

Originally sang on Zedd’s 2015 album of the same name by a different singer, two got together after Zedd tweeted her admit her legal trouble with Dr. Luke and Sony. The song is extremely well produce and powerful ballad. It’s an addicting song to listen to. The lyrics are brought into a new meaning when Kesha sings them. It’s kind of her anthem of her life.

She’s also really singing in it and she shows off that she can really sing. Her vocals are amazing. Hopefully, there is a music video for the song because I want to see what they can do visually for the song.

Overall, this song is pretty much amazing and I’m glad to have Kesha back, even if she’s missing the $.

Here’s the song for you to listen to over and over again:


Rating: 5 $ signs out of 5


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