Pop Sins: If I Could Turn Back Time

IfICouldTurnBackTime sm

Today, I’m trying something new.  Today, we will be looking music videos and going through them with a fine tooth comb. On the first edition, I’ll be commenting on Cher’s “If I Could Turn Back Time.” Here’s the video followed by my remarks. Welcome to the first edition of Pop Sins (working title).

  • Whats the point of wearing a jacket when you’re not wearing pants? It kind of defeats the purpose.
  • I see London, I see France….Cher definitely isn’t wearing any underpants
  • She does have a nice ass.
  • And is the belt necessary the you aren’t wearing pants? They aren’t holding up anything.
  • One minutes she’s not wearing pants and than the next she’s bundled up. She needs to stay bundled up because then she won’t catch a cold.
  • If these sailors are this excited to see Cher, I don’t think they are straight. No straight man is ever that excited to see Cher. No matter how much clothing she isn’t wearing.
  • Who picks sailors anyways? And no, I will not being doing any seaman jokes…this is a slightly family oriented blog. Gotta keep it at least PG-16.
  • I’m pretty sure that there is not that many Sailors on that boat. It’s all of Cher’s fan club. It’s the seaman branch.
  • Is Cher riding a cannon suppose to be dirty? If so, then they are totally doing that wrong. It just looks like they are saying Cher has a penis and that she is secretly a man.
  • How is this ship not rocking back and forth? It’s like Cher is keeping it steady with her ass.
  • If she really could turn back time, then Cher would be richer than she already is.

Those are pretty much my thoughts on this Pop Sin…it’s only sinful, if it is amazing


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