What not to wear this summer


It’s time that I put on my fashion police badge once again as we, as a family, have a discussion on what’s appropriate to wear in the summer. Summer is a long period of time and now it’s time talk about what fashion choice will get you some jail time because jail isn’t for everyone. You should have a chance to decide if breaking a law is worth becoming someone’s bitch. Here are a few that I’ve seen around lately.

Wearing Socks with Sandals

images2Sentence: Life in Prison without Parole

Never in your life should you be caught wearing socks with sandals. For one, it defeats the purpose of wearing sandals. It also just looks like you don’t give a fuck about your appearance. If you are self-conscious about your feet, then don’t purchase sandals or don’t wear them out in a public setting. Socks with sandals is an okay thing to wear if you are just chilling at home and need something to run outside to grab something. But to wear them out in public isn’t something to do. I’m even talking about wearing slides, the ones with just the strap over top, as well because if you are going to wear those you might as well just wear socks. And if you are brave enough to wear flip-flops with socks then I just have one question for you: who how the hell is that comfortable? At least with other styles of sandals, it looks slight comfortable but the fact there’s a thong in-between two toes that make the sandal.

Wearing bikini everywhere

Sentence: 15 months in prison with 3 years probation

While it is hot outside, you might try to keep cool by wearing less clothing when you are out and about just to be comfortable. More than likely this means wearing a bikini top or entire bikini if you are a girl (men can wear them too if they decide to). You can wear them around the house if you are wanting to feel like you’re starring in your own porn movie, but it’s not okay to wear them everywhere. Unless you are making a quick stop before heading to the beach/pool, then walking around in a bikini isn’t a fashion to wear. Wearing a bikini everywhere isn’t cute or attractive. It’s pretty much you asking for people to look at your boobs. They have lightweight tops that you can wear to cover up and still not be extremely hot.

Tight clothing isn’t ‘hot’

Sentence: Life in prison with possibility of parole51442brev7ol-_ux385_

If you are hot, then one would assume that wearing tight clothing would be hypocritical. You would be damn wrong. Wearing clothes that look like they could be too small. I’m all for wearing a small size as along as it looks like it fits. A rule of thumb that I would tell people is that if you have to place things in your cleavage, in a shoe, or anything that isn’t pockets, you probably shouldn’t be wearing it. No one wants to touch the money that you had to pull out of your books or shoe. Also, if you extremely hot, it’s because your clothes don’t have any airflow because your clothes are hugging your body like they haven’t seen each other in years. Summer is not the time and place for it. Also, do you want to have a heat stroke? that will happen.

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