Hilary Duff is back…this is what dreams are made of

chasing the duff

After months of hearing about our favorite Disney Angel (that’s what the good ones are called!), Hilary Duff, was coming back into the music scene, we finally have new music to rock out to! Like many of people when they heard this, we had low expectations of the singles because….well, Hilary wasn’t the strongest (or the best) singer during her days as Lizzie McGuire or when she wanted to “Come Clean” and “Fly.”

Hilary has come out swinging first with her ode to summer “Chasing the Sun”. The song itself is a shout out to her first ever single “I Can’t Wait” because if you are a hardcore duffer like us (yes, we named ourselves), you could sing-along to this song with the lyrics of ” I Can’t Wait”. But anyways, her vocals are like 100% time better than her old stuff. It’s literally like night and day. You can still hear her signature Johnny Cash impersonation that she had in all of her old music in some parts but it’s overshadowed by real good vocal. The song itself isn’t great and it makes me what to punch the person that had the bright idea to release a summer song at the end of July. Obviously, they don’t know that summer is half way over by that point so releasing a summer-y song is kinda stupid. Kinda like releasing a Christmas song on December 24. But anyways, the song is somewhat good but there isn’t a lot of depth to the lyrics. The lyrics sound like the song was written for her when she was in her late teens. All-in-all, it’s a good song besides the fact that it would have been better in like May. The video makes up for it because we like to picture she’s playing Lizzie in the video:


Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, she released her next single a week later (we had a heart attack). “All About You” is a more adult song from Hilary (which we love). The song is pretty much a get it on song. It’s extremely catchy like the herp. But what really made it stand out is that we are treated to a very adult Hilary Duff baring it all in the lyrical video:


Overall, we can’t wait to hear more new music from Ms. Duff. We would recommend purchasing both singles but if you are in a monetary jam and can only afford one: Pass on “Chasing the Sun” and buy “All About You”



Chasing the Sun: 3 pockets full of sunshine out of 5

All About You: 4 copies Lizzie McGuire Movies DVDs out of 5

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Lea Michele’s ode to Cory


With the release of her début album in about a week in Germany (aka leaking to all the world), Lea Michele has been releases songs off the album as a “countdown to the album”. Her latest song is one dedicated to the love of her life, Cory Monteith. Here the song:

Released on February 11, “You’re Mine” is a up-beat pop ballad about loving someone until the end of time. It shows off  Michele’s vocal SO well and just screams “ode to love makin'”. The power in the song just screams like she was singing it for Monteith. This song also just screams second single material, which hopefully it is.  Hopefully there is a somewhat acoustic version of the song where it’s just her and the piano.

There really isn’t very much not working with the song. The chorus isn’t really the kinda to get stuck in your head but it’s catchy still.

Rating: 5 gold stars out 5

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