Pop Project Explains: ‘Glee’ and how ridiculous it was


Don’t Stop Believin’…I didn’t know what else to put here

With the new show “Rise” bringing back a television show that focuses on musical theater, I thought it was time to reminisce and talk about the OG show.  No, I’m not going to discuss “Fame” because frankly, the only good part of “Fame” was the 1980 movie that starts it all. We are going to discuss “Glee,” or as I will be calling it “The Lea Michele Show.” Welcome to another edition of “Pop Project Explains.”


If you are new to how “Pop Project Explains” works, I pretty much just tell it like it is. I honestly look at something and just make fun of the ridiculous that it is. Click the link above to read more about them. If you are looking for my past “Glee” articles, click here because I did a lot of them. So let’s dive into it now.

What is Glee?

“Glee” follows an overly pushy Jewish girl with two gay dads named Rachel Berry, played by Lea Michele. She has big dreams and is a borderline sociopath While she does get better and more likable as the show goes on, it’s all about her and what she wants. She steals the head cheerleaders boyfriend, only helps people in order for her to shine, sends a girl to a crack house because she’s worried about getting the spotlight over her; the list just goes on.

“Glee” takes place at William McKinley High School in Lima, Ohio. Apparently, no one on the show has ever been to Ohio because I’ve never seen a show less like Ohio. Like they have outdoor hallways and lunchrooms. How does a school have outdoor hallways when the weather is unpredictable like Cardi B? Also, how does a Ohio public school afford this?

The show is pretty much just built around Rachel. There’s plenty of other character but they just there. Sure, sometimes they get the time to shine but it’s not as much as Rachel. They even point this out repeatedly through the series but nothing happens about it. And the best part is that the teachers just let it happen. Sure, Rachel is extremely talented but let others shine. Even after she graduated it was still all about her.

The true stars of the show were the McKinley High Jazz Band and their Pianist. They must be a bunch of musical geniuses because they could play any sort of song or genre at a drop of a dime. They would literally just walk up to the front of the classroom and then start singing. The band just knew what song to play. Why are they wasting their talents on playing for a show choir?

For the majority of “Glee” existence, they complained about the budget they had but yet they did overly beautifully produce numbers that they never performed at any of the competitions. They did a mashup of the theme from “Singin’ in the Rain” and Rihanna’s “Umbrella.” It was full on raining on stage while they were performing. How can you not afford buses to sectionals? Also, where is the school board stepping in to look at this? There so much more money going toward useless performances that could have gone towards something else. 

I hope this helped explain “Glee” more to you. I also hope you realize how ridiculous this show was. Good show, just a bit too much. If you haven’t seen “Glee,” I highly recommend it.

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5 Seconds of Summer releases ‘Want You Back’ music video

5 Seconds of Summer makes everyone’s world spin

Australian rock group 5 Seconds of Summer released the video for their newest single “Want You Back” off of their untitled third album. “Want You Back” is all ready unlike any of their past songs and the video isn’t any different.

The video for “Want You Back” is visually stunning one that plays on the visuals and doesn’t tell a story like the majority of the 5SOS videos have done before. Each member of the band is in their own room. The rooms spin and defy gravity as they perform the song. It’s similar to what one would assume an acid trip would feel like.

5 seconds of Summer let the song tell the story instead of letting the video tell it. The video is more of a tool to help get the story across. It also lets the viewer figure out the hidden meaning of the rooms spinning and the setup of the rooms. The video also marks the first time we see the band perform the explicit version of the song. In past performances, they have performed the clean version of the song. 

The video for “Want You Back” is a welcome change in the style of 5 Seconds of Summers. It’s a more mature style and looks for the group. Their earlier style didn’t have anything wrong with it, you need to mature and grow to be successful. 5 Seconds of Summer is growing and maturing with their fans.

While there isn’t a release date for 5SOS3, 5 Seconds of Summer is on tour. Here’s video for your viewing pleasure:

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Charlie Puth and James Taylor team up to release ‘Change’

Charlie Puth wants to change the world

Not to be outdone by Shawn Mendes, Charlie Puth graced the world with another song off of his upcoming sophomore album “Voicenotes.” Puth released the song after he sang at a “March for Our Lives” event in Los Angeles. on March 24.


Released on March 26, Puth teamed up with the legendary James Taylor, you read that right, to give the world an acceptance anthem that it could really use now. “Change” is a folk ballad that takes it slower than any song so far from “Voicenotes.” The song is more written in the style of something Taylor sang. It’s the most

Lyrically, “Change” is about accepting each other’s differences and just loving the person for them. Puth and Taylor sing about if people just accept each other, then something positive will happen in society. The lyrics are the deepest lyrics that Puth has sung about so far in his career. While “One Call Away,” is arguably greatest hit of Puth’s career, “Change” is up there just on how relevant and great the song.

Puth also released a video of his live performance at the LA “March for Our Lives” event. The video features him playing the song on a keyboard. It also shows people participating in the event with the signage. Puth solo rendition of the song adds more depth and meaning that wasn’t present in the studio version with Taylor.

While Taylor’s vocals does add to the song, it would have been fine as a solo song. The video of Puth’s LA performance shows that very well. “Change” is a beautiful song with an extremely powerful message that isn’t heard like this on the radio. It isn’t overpowered by the beats and mainstream appeal. “Change” flows extremely well together and lets the lyrics do all the talking. 

Like the other songs released so far, “Voicenotes” is shaping up to be full of collaborations. “Voicenotes” is slated to be released on May 11, 2018. Until then, take a listen to Puth and Taylor’s “Change” below:

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Review: ‘The Greatest Showman’ lights the world on fire

There’s only two types of people in the world; The ones that entertain, and the ones that observe

It’s been quite awhile since Zac Efron, better known as Zefron, has let the world hear his beautiful singing voice. Almost 10 years to be exact. When I heard that Zefron would be singing again in “The Greatest Showman,” angels came down from above. Then he was in a movie with Zendaya and Hugh Jackman. I was sold.

“The Greatest Showman” follows the tale of P.T. Barnum and the creation of the infamous Barnum and Bailey Circus. It’s not a true representation of the tale but rather “inspired” by it. The acting in the movie is amazing. Everyone does their best in the movie. Even when the plot doesn’t full have the depth, especially towards the end, the cast makes up for it the best they can. Honestly, the casting was on point with this movie.

The plot of the movie is something that is less to be desired. There really isn’t anything too exciting for it. It was a great movie but the story that it was telling didn’t keep my interest that well. It was more of a storytelling issue. While we all know that Britney Spears really invented the Circus back in 2008, “The Greatest Showman” didn’t make me care about P.T. Barnum story. It has all the stuff there to make the story shine but it just didn’t click right. When it did click right, it was the musical numbers. Those were the best part of the movie.

The music for this movie is the highlight. All the songs are really well produced and extremely catchy. The vocals are so strong from everyone in the cast. Obviously, “This is Me” is the song that everyone has talked about. “This is Me” deserves all the praise it gets because it’s the best song on there. It’s an extremely powerful that anyone that has been outcasted for being different can relate to.

The Verdict

“The Greatest Showman” is a great movie. The numbers, the acting, and the music are great. The movie falls short when it came to the plot. It didn’t have the depth to really make this movie stick out. I do recommend this movie if you are looking for a fun musical to watch. It’s worth the watch.

Here’s the trailer for your viewing pleasure:

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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