E! and the Beliebers have a Heart Attack

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Yesterday was a rough day for the Biebs and the people of E!. E! had the privilege of being one of the organizations hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army. The group attacks media targets it sees as sympathetic to Syria’s rebels. Victims include the BBC, Al-Jazeera English, The Associated Press, and the Guardian.

The group took control of both E!’s “E! Online” twitter account and its SMS alert system. The group struck by first tweeting that Justin Bieber had come out to E!News by saying “I’m A Gay”.  It then proceded to tweet about Angelina Jolie saying, in E!’s lastest issue, that “Jordan is to blame for  the Syrian refugees’ atrocious conditions”. It also just happened to throw in that Selena Gomez, the what we think might be Justin’s ex-girlfriend, is supportive of Justin’s coming out of the closet.

This tweet literally sent the Beliebers into a full fledge BF, or bitch fit. They were sending hate tweets to E! and it probably took them at least a good 3 hours into it to realize that E! was hacked.

Shortly after this, the twitter was suspended and everything appeared to be calm, besides for the Beliebers shade, until the SEA took to E!’s SMS alert system and sent out messages like, “Jah, Bieber am made of butter and worth your 2k monies”, and “F**** Barack Obama via Syrian Electronic Army”. They even sent out a message about regaining control of the twitter.

The most shocking and controversial messages was ones that Justin Bieber was arrest by police in Dubai and then was critically injured in a anti-gay suicide bombing in a local Dubai police station. Luckily, both of these was false due to Justin performing his schedule concert that every night in Dubai.

I would like to point out that the SEA just ruined all of their credibility by 1) picking E! to hack and 2) for not researching the place they were hacking more thoroughly. Out of all the new sources in America, you pick E! !?! You could have hacked “The Washington Post” or even the “New York Times” but instead, you chose to hack the place that made the Kardashian’s famous-er??

To make matters even worse for yourselves, you didn’t even do your research on both E! and Justin Bieber. E! doesn’t publish issues but Entertainment Weekly does. Besides, E! wouldn’t even publish something like Angelina’s thoughts on the Syrian refugees because frankly, it wouldn’t interest their viewers. No one that watches E! or reads the articles on their site would even give a crap. They would only care if it involved one of the many adopted children or the Syrian’s refugees causing Brad to go back to Jennifer Aniston.

Also, know that Selena Gomez more than likely wouldn’t support Justin Bieber coming out if he was truly gay. Since she would be his last girlfriend, she would have turned him gay and that would cause her to be undateable because no one would want to date that.

Also, your English was terrible but I’ll let that slide due to it not being your native language.

So, Syrian Electronic Army, the next time your decision to hack an American news outlet (I’m not saying to but it pretty much a given that you will), make sure you do the following:

  • Make sure your news outlet isn’t celebrity or entertainment news
  • Research, reasearch, research!!
  • Learn how to write better if you are trying to not make it so obvious the site was hacked.



NSYNC vs Backstreet: The Battle for 90s and 00s Supremacy


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Before there was Team Jacob vs Team Edward, Team Paris vs Team Nicole, Team Conan vs Team Leno, and Team Selena vs Team Justin, there was one rivalry that took the hearts of everyone between the ages of 9 – 25 and started the rebirth of the pop music in the late 90s. They were constant featured on MTV (when they still had music on there) and breaking the hearts of the millions of girls. The Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC ruled the airwaves and all the country as they battled for the title of best boy band. While they never officially stated that there was a rivalry, there was always tension between the two fans. While the backstreet Boys has been named one of the best-selling boy band of all time, the question remains who exactly was the best boy band of the 90s and 00s?

Round 1Backstreet boys released their self-titled début album in August 1997, here in America. This album was released before as 2 albums internationally (Backstreet Boys in May 1996 and Backstreet’s Back also in August 1997). The album sparked six hit single on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

It wasn’t until March 1998 when *NSYNC also released their self-titled début album (May 1997 in Germany),which had four hit single on the Hot 100 charts. Both albums did well on the charts with the albums peaking to number four and number two respectively. *NSYNC sold about 10,750,000 worldwide and Backstreet Boys sold 26,210,334 worldwide (all three albums)

Verdict: Backstreet Boys. While technically their first two albums released internationally before the actually début in America, both albums make up the US album, which is a compilation album but that’s a different story for a different day. Backstreet Boy’s still had two Hot 100 hits than *NSYNC as well.

Round 2 It’s wasn’t until their second album, and being on the same label, that their careers took off and the competition started to really heat up. Backstreet Boys’ “Millennium” album was released in the May 1999. Millennium spawned 4 hit singles (including the mega hit “I Want It That Way”) on the Hot 100 and was number one Billboard’s End-year chart for 1999. *NSYNC released “No String Attached” in March 2000. “No Strings Attached” had three hit singles on the Hot 100 and like Backstreet’s “Millennium”, it was number one on Billboard’s End-year chart for 2000. “No Strings Attached” sold 12,449,301 worldwide while “Millennium” sold 30,000,000 worldwide

Verdict: Backstreet Boys again. While both album are highly considered to be the best pop albums released in their respective decades, *NSYNC sold 17,550,699 less than the Backstreet Boys did.

Round 3 With the success of “Millennium” and “No Strings Attached”, Backstreet and *NSYNC’s third albums was highly anticipated had critics and others wondering if they could capitalize on their second albums success. With that thought in mind, Backstreet Boy’s released “Black & Blue” in November 2000. The album three singles weren’t as successful as “Millennium” singles, only one placed in the top 10, but they were still managed to make the Billboard Hot 100 charts. In July 2001, *NSYNC released “Celebrity” album. “Celebrity” came out eight months after Backstreet’s album. *NSYNC’s singles charted better than their rivals with all three singles placing in the top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The album itself sold 5,457,203 worldwide and “Black & Blue” sold 24,000,000.

Verdict: While this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, Backstreet Boys. While most fans didn’t like “Black & Blue”, it still managed to outsell “Celebrity”.

Sadly, both *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys took a hiatus after the release of their third albums. *NSYNC never came back together and even Lance Bass stated that the band was over due to Justin Timberlake’s successful solo career. Backstreet Boys returned and released one more album as a Quintet before becoming a quartet when Kevin Richardson left in 2006 in order to “purse other interest” and releasing four more albums (including one where they formed a super group with legendary boy band New Kids on the Block). Kevin returned in 2012 and the band was recently blessed with a star on the hollywood walk of fame and are getting ready to celebrate their 20th anniversary.


If it was just based off of record sales in America, *NSYNC would have won with them selling 26,000,000 albums and Backstreet Boys selling 18,642,300 albums. The downfall of *NSYNC was the fact that were never able to capture the international market like Backstreet did. This might have been because Backstreet Boys’ released two albums internationally before they released their album in the states while still releasing singles in the states. Here’s a lovely info graphic that will break it down even better!

Who do you think is the better boyband: *NSYNC or Backstreet Boys? Leave your thoughts in a comment below


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Ke$ha gets cray-cray

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There’s a time in an artist second album when they must release their third single.The lovable and glittery miscreant Ke$ha has reached that point in her life with her newest single, “Crazy Kids”.

When I first heard this song on her extremely well done album “Warrior”, It was my favorite song on the album. It’s more mellow compared to the rest of the singles that Ke$ha has released in the past and I like the softer side of K-E-Dollar Sign-Ah. Just by the way the songs starts off, it just sounds like something the you can chill to and it’s hook is catchy (but what Ke$ha isn’t catchy?). Then it just goes to the Ke$ha that we know and love.

Now the single version is way different from the version that is on the album. The single has the one and only will.i.am on it and he “spits some rhymes on it”. This basically ruins the song. Even though he’s on there for like a hot second, it is enough to basically ruin the track. His lines absolutely have nothing to do with the song and it would have been, is, better without it. Granted, Will help Ke$ha write the song and he should have left it at that. Will actually brought something to Britney’s “Big Fat Bass” but this was just “oh, there is will.i.am

Rating: 2 big fat basses out of 5 (the album version was better, actually 5 out of 5)

Will they be there for you?

banner popNews broke yesterday that there will be a revival/reunion season of the series that you clapped along with every week and made you want to visit central perk every time you visited NYC. This made all the world go CooCoo for Coco Puffs and everyone was like “OMG! EYES ARE BLEEDING BECAUSE I’M SO EXCITED FOR THE FACT THAT THIS IS HAPPENING!”

Well, your eyes were bleeding for nothing but a bunch of lies. That’s right, E! News reported that this is just a vicious rumor. The show’s creator Marty Kauffman (no relation) said:

“I’m going to clear this up—it’s not happening! Friends was about that time in your life when your friends are your family and once you have a family, there’s no need anymore.”

So according to Marty, once you have yourself a family then you have no need for friends anymore? Gurl, you be straight up trippin’. You just don’t throw your friends to the curb once you get yourself a family. Sometimes, your family will drive you up the wall cray-cray and your friends are the people who you go to complain about your family to and who you go out with to get away from your family.

I think we all can agree that it would be interesting to see how Chandler, Monica, Joey, Ross, Rachel, and Phoebe interact with each other and with others in this new stage of their life. But alas, it looks like we won’t know if they will still there for each other. Hopefully, we will a reunion in the future because it will answer the age-old question of how the hell they had the power to turn off all of those lights from one lamp.