Poppy gets edgy and deep with newest album ‘Am I A Girl?’

She’s your internet girl

Everyone’s favorite YouTube star has released her second album on Halloween of all days. No, it’s not JoJo Siwa. She did team up with Jake Paul for something. I’m talking about Poppy. Everybody loves Poppy. Everyone wants to be her.

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“Am I A Girl?” is Poppy’s second album. Honestly, this is her second strongest release to date. Her strongest was her EP that she released as That Poppy called “Bubblebath.” It’s very much so underrated.  So is some of the promo singles released too. “Am I A Girl?” is a mix of electronic pop music and rock music. I really enjoyed the rock part of the album. I want an entire rock album from her. Her vocals sound extreme good with a metal backing. It was something that was unexpected when I started to listen to “Am I A Girl?” I wasn’t the biggest fan of her first album “Poppy. Computer.” It wasn’t a bad album but it just fell short of what it could have been. It might have been the fact that “Bubblebath” was so good. The lyrics on this album is honestly everything. They have a deep meaning with them. The album is split into different segments. As you get go through the album, the more edgy and rock/metal it gets. There’s even some iconic lines in there that is will make you laugh and just die because they are iconic. I highly recommend giving “Am I A Girl?” a listen. It’s all bops with extremely good and catchy lyrics are meaningful. I love me a catchy tune with a great message. Poppy is still the queen of the Internet.  I hope she is able to capitalize on this album and ride it the metal road into the future.

Rating: 2 out of 5

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An honest talk about Ariana Grande’s ‘Sweetener’

Ariana Grande’s ‘Sweetener’ is here! I have some thoughts

This isn’t a formal review of Ariana Grande’s newest album “Sweetener.” This is just a collection of my thoughts that I had when I’ve listened to this album. I decided to take the weekend to let the entire album sink in. That’s not a bad thing at all. I can already tell you that it is going to be an album that people will split on. Let’s get started on the breakdown on this album.

Ariana Grande can finger the Earth all she wants. She just loves anything with holes. Remember her licking donuts?

Is ‘No Tears Left to Cry’ the rebirth of Ariana Grande?

Let’s talk about it…

I have mixed feeling on “Sweetener.” Ariana is experimenting and growing as an artist and I’m here for it. I really enjoyed the album and thought that it was a fun listen. Stuff like how the lyrics and how she made the littlest thing dirty is what I enjoyed the most. She turned ice cream into a sex reference. It’s that kind of album. It’s those moments that will go unnoticed because of how the album was produced.

Personally, I think Pharrell had too much control on the album. I have nothing against them. In small doses, I think the dude is fine. But some of the album just seems are over-produced and it’s his songs. There’s just too much going on. I enjoyed the second half of the album, which he didn’t touch besides a few. It takes a few listens to like his songs. I like to compare this relationship to the working relationship that will.i.am and Britney Spears had. They did one slightly good song, “Scream & Shout,” and the next thing you know he over-produced her 2013 album “Britney Jean,” which is her worst album. I respect both highly but their contributions to “Sweetener” and Britney Spears’ discography, respectively, weren’t anything good. They are a little out of touch on what sounds like music people would listen to.

The collabs on the album also aren’t anything to go home about. “The Light is Coming” is a hot mess with Nicki Minaj. I would have just placed Ariana and Nicki’s song “Bed” in its spot because it’s a strong and more enjoyable song. Fans made better versions of the song. “Borderline” was just there and has this weak verse from Missy Elliot. It just seemed like both didn’t have time to be there so they rushed it real quick in the studio. I’m just going to ignore the Pharrell collab. You probably could guess my thoughts on it.

Again, I really enjoyed listening to the album. I had a very good experience listening to it. I just happened to really enjoy the non-Pharrell track, or the second half way more. “Sweetener” came across over-produced and lacking a solid direction. There was Pharrell’s direction and what I’m assuming was Ariana’s direction. If it was more like Ariana’s direction, then there would be no division. “God is a woman” and “no tears left to cry” are going to be the standouts of the album. My other favorites are “everytime,” “breathin,” and “goodnight n go.”

There is a song dedicated to those that died at the terrorist attacks during one of Ariana’s concert. “get well soon” is five minutes and 22 seconds long, which is the date that the event happened. “get well soon” is a  lovely track produced by Pharrell. It even ends with 40 seconds of silence in their honor. Before it, Ariana Grande dedicated a song to her fiancé Pete Davidson. It’s a sweet song that doesn’t really add anything to the album. It’s like getting your lover’s name tattooed on you. I wish them both all the love and happiness in the world *sips some of that tea.*

The verdict

Overall, I don’t see “Sweetener” being the album that people recommend when they think of Ariana Grande. That is sad because with songs like “no tears left to cry” and “God is a woman,” it had so much potential. But over-production that caused it to have lack of consistency is its downfall. “Dangerous Woman” continues to be the strongest album of her to date. I enjoyed “Sweetener” but just wished it was more like the non-Pharrell songs. If I had to give it a rating, then it would be a 3.5 out of 5. “Sweetener” needs to work, bitch, if it looking to live up to “Dangerous Woman.”

Oh, here’s the Pharrell songs: “blazed,” “the light is coming,” “R.E.M,” “sweetener,” “successful,” “borderline,” and “get well soon.”

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Shawn Mendes releases his personal and raw self-titled third album

Shawn Mendes, please have ‘Mercy’ on our souls.

Not to be outdone by his BFF Charlie Puth with the release of his album “Voicenotes,” Shawn Mendes released his much anticipated self-titled third album. It’s been two years since Shawn released his studio album “Illuminate.” It’s been a long two years since that release.

Single Reviews: “In My Blood“| “Lost in Japan“| “Youth“| “Where Were You in The Morning?“| “Nervous“|

Shawn’s self-titled album is a much personal album than what we have gotten in the past from him. You can tell in his vocal and how it was written that it has a deeper meaning for him than what we got in his last two albums, “Handwritten” and “Illuminate.” There’s still the style that Shawn has been singing on this album, but there’s a new and refreshing take on it. The realness on the album is what makes it so good. Sure, it’s extremely well produced but you can’t produce raw emotion in a studio. 

“Shawn Mendes” offers a different direction musically. There’s definitely more of a rock feel on some of the songs. There’s also some R&B on the album that shows off Shawn’s vocals way better than what has been presented before.  Shawn slayed the falsetto on “Nervous.” The album was inspired by John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, Kings of Leon, and Bruno Mars.

There are actually parts that sound like he also inspired by Selena Gomez’s song “Bad Liar.” With that song, Selena reinvented her sound like Shawn did with this album. “Nervous” and “Particular Taste” is just waiting for someone to mashup them up with “Bad Liar.” If you have the ability to do this, please do because I need a Shawn and Selena duet in my life. I need it as much as a Charlie and Shawn duet. 

The Verdict

“Shawn Mendes” does kickstart the mature stage of Shawn’s career as he heads into his twenties. It features more realness that wasn’t really present during his last two albums. Most of the songs on the albums are absolute hits. The only ones that I would avoid are “Like to Be You” and “Why.” They aren’t bad songs but they just miss the mark in comparison with the rest of the album. The standouts are “Particular Taste,” “Queen,” “Mutual,” and “Perfectly Wrong.” “Perfectly Wrong” is a deep cut.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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Charlie Puth finally gives the world his new album ‘Voicenotes’

It’s about Time, Mr. Puth

After a little over a year of making the world wait, we finally have the sophomore album of Charles Otto Puth Jr. That is right, after four singles we finally the album. The album itself has been a long time coming. Literally.

Click the song title for review: “Attention“|”Change“|”Done For Me“|”The Way I Am“|”If You Leave Me Now

“Voicenotes” is a much more mature sound than what we got during his first album “Nine Track Mind.” The songs are cleverly done production wise and really show off what Charlie Puth can do. Everything is cleverly done. The songs all share a similar feeling to them but at the same time, they don’t feel like running into each other. The songs don’t feel like the same and just one big song. That’s isn’t a bad thing at all, in fact, it’s a welcome change. Most artists are looking to have their album be one big story where the songs bleed into each other. Most aren’t able to pull it off. Charlie’s album tells a story better than those albums.

The overall theme of “Voicenotes” notes. Each song off of the album came from the phone of Charlie. So it’s the closest anyone not close to him. Because of this, the album becomes a personal album. Even in an interview, Charlie says that his first album wasn’t him at all. It definitely shows because the songs are extremely personal and let you into the mind of Charlie. The majority of the lyrics are sexual and about past relationships. I’m here for this. Charlie isn’t holding back and it’s everything.

The majority of the songs are bops. There are also some ballads on the album that really show off Charlie’s vocal range. The only song that I really have a complaint with is the “If You Leave Me Now.” It’s an okay song, just doesn’t fit the overall theme and feel of the album. It’s definitely the “meh” song of the album. The song is still a bop when you look at it by itself. But it’s not something that I would have placed on this carefully thought out album.

My only major complaint with the album is that I wish there was more song on it. There are 13 tracks on it but there just needs to be a bit more. Regardless, you still get a full rounded experience with the album. It’s a full experience that will leave you wanting more and feeling full at the same time. It’s like going to an all you can eat buffet. You leave full but yet you want more.

The Verdict

“Voicenotes” is an exceptional sophomore album. It’s full of bops is literally everything we wanted in the album. It’s a personal album that really lets you into the mind of Charlie. “Voicenotes” is a complete experience that tells a story. The only downside with the album is the fact that you want more from it.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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