‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ trailer takes the fight the USA


Apparently, a new thing is taking a British-based franchise and place them in America to interact with its American counterpart. They did it with “Fantastic Beast and where to find them” and now they are doing it with the “Kingsman” Franchise.

“Kingsman: The Golden Circle” follows Eggys, Merlin, and Roxy as they travel to the United States in order to stop Poppy, not to be confused with That Poppy, who destroyed their every lovely headquarters and killed their leader Harry Hart. They soon learn that Poppy is a member of a secret group bent on taking over the world called “The Golden Circle.” I bet you are wondering who I got all this information from a trailer that is action clips. It’s a little thing called research.

The trailer really doesn’t showcase the acting nor the plot but rather the action in the film. The only really plot information given is when they show the headquarters being blown up. The trailer really doesn’t need to because it’s paying tribute to the old-school spy movies trailers. They didn’t really showcase the plot of the movie but rather just the action sequences and the beautiful women that will star in the movie. That does really well. It’s built up the want to see the movie even more. The only real actual lines are the exposition in the opening to Eggys.

The action sequence was just so amazing in the trailer. The scenes were well done and really amazing how they pulled them off. And the gadgets that are using in the films are really clever and look really badass. Everything about this movie just looks so badass. The movie continues to act like no other spy films we haven’t seen in ages. The classic spy films are what gave us the likes of “Austin Powers.” It’s rather great to see it come back into the spotlight. It also would be interesting to see how original characters from the first film interacts with their American counterparts, especially in this aspect.

“Kingsman: The Golden Circle” is slated for release on September 22, 2017

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Old School Movie Review: The Princess Diaries


I’ve never seen Disney’s “The Princess Diaries” mainly because I was never really a big Anne Hathaway fan. She’s very talented, don’t get me wrong. But when this movie was released, she was starting the era was she was literally in everything. It was probably because of this movie. So, I decided to watch the movie in my mid-20s and review for people who were like me and haven’t seen it. Let’s relive it this #MemoriesCureMondays.

“The Princess Diaries” follows as Mia, played by Anne Hathaway, learns that she is the princess of a small, yet fruitful country in Genovia. Genovia is the land of many accents, but you won’t learn that until the second movie. Mia is pretty much the socially awkward clumsy wallflower that her Queen of a grandmother, played by Dame Julie Andrews, transform into a slightly more eloquent girl next door that is trying to be a princess. Her two world of being a princess and normalcy collide when it becomes public. Mia must try to decide if she’s ready for the crown, who are real friends are, and her new-found fame.

The movie itself isn’t anything too great. It’s a then-modern twist on a classic plot. At times, it’s a little too much. Like you want to punch Mia’s best friend because she’s a little bit way over the top at the certain time and you wonder why she’s friends with her. The same thing goes Mia. Mia is probably one of worse characters in the movie. It’s mainly because of the transformation. It just happens way too fast and makes it unrealistic. If she was really unlike a princess like as she was in the beginning, there’s no way that she would become one in like a month. I know it’s a Disney movie but still. The movie is though a charming movie once you get past the rough edges. It’s not a horrible time watching it.

The acting is okay in it. It’s a Disney movie so you can expect cheesy and not very good acting. Julie Andrews is amazing at this but that is to be expected when you look at her resume. Sandra Oh, Cristina Yang from “Grey’s Anatomy,” is also in the film and pretty much steals every scene she is in. She’s a minor character but you want to see more of her because that’s how well she does her character. Like I said before, Mia’s best friend starts out as the least likable character but does eventually win you over. Mandy Moore is also in the movie and she plays a bitch. She’s really good at it. It makes you wonder if she learned from past experiences. And you can’t have an early 2000s Disney movie without Erik Von Detten. For those who don’t know about him, he was one of the top male actors in the Disney folds next to Ryan Merriman, he was in “Smart House.” Erik played a villain for one of the few times and he actually did rather good at it. It didn’t come across until mid-movie that he was a dick but he did pretty well when it was time to shine.

Now let’s discuss the message of the movie because it’s one that is very much messed up. The movie main message is about being yourself but it’s covered up by the changing yourself in order to fit in and impress. Mia changes herself in order to fit in to become a Princess. That’s just a great message to send out to the millions of people watching this movie. I mean, I expected this with a Disney movie. There moral of the stories don’t have a good track record, but I mean this is two totally conflicting messages. At least, not have conflicting messages.

Overall, it’s not a bad movie. It’s just one that you can live without seeing. It’s the better out of the two movies. The acting isn’t great, the plot is one that’s overdone, but it does have redeeming qualities. It’s a quality movie with a positive message of being yourself that is hidden behind a bad message of changing yourself to impress others. If you have nothing else to watch, then I recommend it but it’s not a Disney classic like people say it is. It’s just an average 2000s Disney movie.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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Pop Project Explains: Camp Rock


This is real, this is me!

Oh, it’s time to dive into the beloved Disney Channel Original Movie that made Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers a household time and brought us Demi Lovato belting out randomly for the next two years. Luckily for you, I’m here to explain the movie to you. Welcome to “Pop Project Explains.” The column where I explain things so you understand it better. Let’s get started.

What is “Camp Rock?”

“Camp Rock” is about this girl named Mitchie who pretty much guilts her mother into working at an overpriced summer camp called “Camp Rock” because it’s the latest hip and cool thing to do. There she makes up a lie that her mother was the head of a hit music show in China because that makes total sense. Because of this lie, she totally screws over the people who nice to her from the start in order to be in the good gracious of Wicked Bitch of Rock. And Mitchie is supposed to be the protagonist

Now, can we just talk about how this camp is called “Camp Rock” but yet there is hardly any rock music there? How every single event at the camp rock is called a “Jam?” For how much this camp cost an arm and a leg, you think they would come up with more clever names. Anyway, Shane Gray is a jackass that pissed off everyone in his band to the point they shipped him off to this camp in order to work on “this image.” Because nothing fixes an image like sending him to a summer camp where everyone worships you. He’s also supposed to be the protagonist. Like who wrote these characters and thought they were great characters.

The Wicked Bitch of Rock ends up screwing over Mitchie and revealing that Mitchie is an even bigger bitch that her. She lied about where she came from just to fit in. This was all because the bitch was jealous that she didn’t get a chance with the pompous jackass Shane. How is Mitchie the main character we are supposed to root for? I’m actually rooting for the people she shits on in order to be popular.

This movie is just continuing the tradition of Disney teaching people bad habits but I mean Disney, WTF? While”High School Musical” wasn’t the greatest thing in the world, but at least the people you were rooting for was actually likable. You don’t like Mitchie at all until like the last 10 minutes, even then you just want to throat punch her. Shane is just an asshole. Literally, he’s just an asshole.

And what was the point of Nick and Kevin? They are just there. I get that it’s was a package deal but at least make them more prominent in the movie if you are going to feature them in the posters. The people who Mitchie shits on are in the movie more and they aren’t in most of the promo.

This movie makes you question the youth. There’s even a sequel to this movie!?! Spoiler: Don’t watch “Campe Rock 2: The Final Jam” because it’s just a stupid. I’m sorry, not sorry for ruining this movie for you. It’s not a bad movie, it’s just the fucked up.

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New ‘Star Wars’ trailer will change your life


It’s the day that we have all been waiting for. We FINALLY got our first trailer for the newest “Star Wars” movie, “Stars Wars: The Last Jedi” and boy, is it so so good. I will make you go “Holy shit, that looks like a damn good movie.”

There isn’t much given out in the trailer for the sequel to “The Force Awakens” but it’s pretty much the greatest thing I’ve seen in a while. The trailer starts out with Rey and it appears that she’s learning how to use the force at the location where she found Luke. There’s some heavy and deep heavy force dialogue playing over top of suspense-building scenes. And after “This Christmas” and the music builds and you should be prepared to lose your shit. It gets fucking epic with the ships exploding and the millennium falcon in battle. Oh, I was shook. I was shook. It was literal perfection.

There was nothing wrong with that trailer and that is how trailers should be done. It showed off everything perfectly. Like the visuals were stunning. Like the colors were amazing and popped so well. It all just was all so good. Like, how do you top that? How does one beat that trailer?

It let you know the plot of the movie but yet didn’t give too much away. It just gave the right amount away. Kylo Ren and the First Order is looking to end the Jedi line once and for all, which has to be done by killing Rey.

Overall, this trailer seriously built up the hype for the newest “Star Wars” film so well. It was literally perfection. I want more of it and I just want to see this movie.

“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” will be released in theatres on December 15,2017. So you can say “buh-bye” to your money. And make sure you by your Christmas gifts before the release of this film.

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