Movie Review: Fantastic Beasts


It’s time to bring you a movie review that is for all my people that are cheap and didn’t want to see a movie in the theater but is looking to purchase a movie however you decided to purchase. I’m calling this Too Cheap for Theaters movie review.  Movie theaters are just too expensive. On the first edition, I’ll be telling you about “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” that way you don’t have to purchase/watch the movie if you don’t want to. You’re welcome.

“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” is the ninth films that will take place in the “Harry Potter” Universe. Like the other movies, it’s based off a book created by J.K. Rowling, which was based on a textbook in the universe. It’s like book inception! It’s the first movie to show what the wizarding world is like outside Hogwarts and the UK. Pretty much, if you have only minimal knowledge about “Harry Potter” but haven’t seen any/all of the movies, then you enjoy this film fine without being lost.

The movie follows Newt Scamander and his journey into America during the 1920s. Like all movies, chaos ensues as Newt’s magical Mary Poppin’s suitcase full of magical creatures gets mixed up with a non-magical one. Some of this creatures escape and run ramped through New York City. At the same time as this is happening, a magical wizard/entity is going through the town and causing chaos and destruction that non-magical people are starting to find out about. Newt and his friends become martyrs for these events, due to the amount of creatures escaping and how the attacks started when Newt arrived. They must then prove their innocence and figure out what or who is causing it.

While the movie takes place in the same universe, it’s a totally different movie than the 8 “Harry Potter” movies.  It takes pride in that as well which was rather nice. You really didn’t need to know too much info. The movie even provides the info you would need to understand the movie. So you really could start this movie before watching the HP franchise and still be able to grasp what it’s doing.

I also really liked how it showed us what life is like for magical being in other countries. Like they made up an entirely separate world and everything little detail that one would think of. It’s really refreshing to go into what is a “Harry Potter” movie with no previous knowledge of what occur. It’s literally a whole new world, a new fantastic point of view….get it? Now, I didn’t read the book so I’m not sure what that book is about but I’m guessing it’s just a fake textbook.

The characterization and the plot are something that films seem to struggle with. This movie is very long and builds up slowly to the point where you are sitting there for the first part of the film going “when is it going to get interesting.” There are some things sprinkled in here and there but the lack of holding interest for the first part doesn’t build on them. This also affects the characterization. Most of the characters are introduced in during the first part and because it doesn’t hold the audience’s attention, you don’t really know the character’s beside the basics. It also could be the fact that the characters are really given a chance to shine. Sure, you know what they are trying to accomplish and their motivations for things, but you really don’t know much about them – especially if you look at how thoroughly explained the “Harry Potter” characters were during the first film.

The acting in the movie is rather good. It has a cast of talented actors in it that really tried to bring the characters to life. I have to say, the stand out in the film was Ezra Miller. His character had the least amount of lines due to a silent demeanor and he managed to make himself the standout in scenes where he wasn’t the main character. He could be just standing in the background and he would be the most interesting character on-screen. It could just because he was so silent for most of the film.

Overall, the movie isn’t bad. The movie takes awhile for it to become interesting and to capture interest. The characters could use a little more depth to them but the film has a lot to build on for future sequels, which there will be as this will be its own franchise. I really would like to see more of what and how magic is handled in other areas of the world besides the UK. It’s pretty much if “Doctor Who” met “Harry Potter” and they had a baby. That would be this movie.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ trailer is here!


After five movies, three of which was decently good, Marvel has released the new trailer for the second attempt to reboot the Spider-Man movie franchise. The Spider-Man movie franchise has had more reboots than any Hollywood plastic surgery would recommend without a psychological exam but hey, it ain’t my reboot.

Unlike “Spider-Man” and “The Amazing Spider-Man,” “Spider-Man: Homecoming” won’t be an origin story because you’ve already heard that shit before #continuity. The movie takes places after the events of  “Captain America: Civil War,” and follows the hero Peter Parker as he tries to come into his own as an adequate superhero while having a social life. Peter isn’t doing this alone either, he’s mentor is the one and only Tony Stark. So we have a smartass mentoring a smartass because that’s cinematic comedy gold.

The trailer actually did a very good job of setting up the plot, the characters and the dynamic for the movie. It looked really good. Of course, I thought the same about “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” trailer and look what that left me. I feel like the only reason we have Tony Stark in the movie is to make sure the movie warrants a sequel. Yes, there already planning to do a sequel. While I like they actually worked him into the plot, I think they probably go have done without him. Sure, he might have given him the suit but he really isn’t necessary to mentor him. There are plenty of other Avengers to mentor him. Like Hawkeye, give Hawkeye something to do because he’s the black sheep of superheroes.

Marvel also decided to continue to with British actors portraying Spider-Man with the casting of Tom Holland. He does a very good job here, I just wish they would stick with a concept of how they want to portray Spider-Man because frankly, I’m starting to think they don’t know what to do with Peter. In the first three films, he was nerdy.  Then in the first reboot, Peter was the hunky boy next door. In this one, he’s a sarcastic asshole. They just need to stick to how they want Peter to be. It’s getting to the point where it’s hurting the character than helping it. Personally, I enjoyed Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker more than Toby McGuire’s.  I didn’t want to punch him in the face so much.  He also had a very nice face but that’s beside the point. It would also be nice to see them openly acknowledge the many Peter Parkers because that would be funny.

Overall, the trailer is a great trailer for a Marvel’s struggle bus franchise. Hopefully, this would be the last reboot of Spider-Man because I’m tired of the many faces of Peter Parker and his multiple personalities. “Spider-Man: Homecoming” will be in theaters July 7, 2017.

Here’s the trailer for you to enjoy and look at:

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Justice prevails in ‘Justice League’ Trailer


We finally got the first look at the newest DC movie “Justice League” and boy, it looks like a smashing good time. Now, I’m personally not a huge fan of the DC movies, but the trailer for this one has me wanting to see it. DC has been killing it with their trailers lately…kind of.

Now when I think of “Justice League” I think of the 1970s “Super Friends” television show with the wonder twins and the teen sidekicks that were there for comedic effect.  I also think of the extremely well-written 2000s television shows “Justice League.” This movie looks like it’s going to be the best of both worlds with a gritty comedic approach.

The trailer shows Diana Prince, Wonder Woman, and Bruce Wayne, Batman if you don’t know who he is, agreeing they need to form a team in order to stop an alien threat from attacking the planet. In the trailer, we are introduced to The Flash, Cyborg, and a very muscular  and tatted Aquaman. They did it in a similar fashion to what they did in the “Suicide Squad.” They highlighted the characters powers/personality and how the interact with others. This works way better and shows off each character. It’s not just a random clips of the character.

The action in the clip looks rather good. It looks like they took the time to try different and interesting ways to have the action not look like others in the universe. I also liked how they didn’t focus too much on Batman and Wonder Woman. They are there but they aren’t taking away from the new characters. We already know about them from the horrible Batman v Superman…and yes, that movie was horrible. If it was 5 years shorter, then it would have been better. That movie was longer than “Lord of the Rings.”

Right now, my favorite character is The Flash. He’s the true hero in this trailer because he comes off as the most likeable. He won the trailer when he literally asked Bruce Wayne what his superpower was. That’s what everyone has been wanting to know for years. He’s an asshole and he knows it. I like that. Also, I really like Wonder Woman more in this than in her actual trailer, which is sad because she had less screen time in this than in the trailer for her movie.  I also enjoyed they didn’t show Superman in this. It’s kind of building the suspense of “Where is he in all of this.” It also shows they are actually trying to show off the new characters more than the all ready established ones.

Overall, the trailer hypes up “Justice League” extremely well. It doesn’t put the new characters in the background but rather up front. It also shows a lot of the movie but not too much or not too less. This is probably the best trailer DC has put out in years. “Justice League” opens in theater on November 17, 2017.

Here’s the trailer for you to enjoy:

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Zac Efron goes undercover in new ‘Baywatch’ Trailer


The newest trailer for the greatest lifeguard buddy cop film ever “Baywatch.” Yes, this type exists and it looks like it’s going to be a grand old time. A slow running lifeguard buddy cop film.

Based off the 90s television show of the same name, which might as well been porn for your eyes because mostly everyone on the show was extremely attractive and wearing tight swimwear, “Baywatch” follows Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Zac Efron starring as two lifeguards who aren’t really getting along but must come together in order to solve a crime that occurred at the beach. There’s probably more to the plot but that literally all they have been showing The Rock and Zefron together. There’s other in the cast but they really aren’t shown in the most of the trailers. There are hints of them here in there but that’s it.

The movie looks funny and an enjoyable time, but there needs to be more to the trailers. While The Rock and Zefron are a good pair together comedically, we get that already. It would be nice to see the duo interact with the other actors in the movie for longer than a couple of seconds. It would also be funny if they would tie in the 90s show somehow into the trailer beside the character’s name.

It also needs to that there’s more to the plot of this film that what the trailer meets the eye. While I don’t want it to reveal it all, I just want to see if the plot of the movie is as transparent as it seems or if there is more to it. If the plot is that thin, then the movie is going to be one of those “it’s funny but stupid fun.” Not like the 21 Jump Street movies where it was funny and had a decent plot.

Overall, the trailer isn’t bad and makes the movie look like it’s going to be an amazing time. It just would be nice to feature more of the cast in the trailer beside The Rock and Zac Efron. We know they are hilarious, but what about the others? The plot leaves more to than imagination that it should.

Here’s the new trailer for you to enjoy:

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