Victoria Justice returns to High School in ‘The Outcast’


Apparently Victoria Justice isn’t just sitting at home dreaming she was Ariana Grande. The star of “VICTORiOUS” is in the new movie called “The Outcasts” and it’s everything I didn’t know I didn’t want in a movie.

The movie is pretty much your basic stereotypical high school movie that we have all seen 100 times. Vicky J and her best friend get tired of always getting screwed over by the popular people so they get all the “unpopular people” together and rebel against the popular people in what is basically a rip up of the Ariana Grande and Mika’s music video “Popular”…..minus the magic and the murder. Yeah, it’s that kind of movie.

The movie itself isn’t the greatest thing in the world. It seems to have funny moments but they come off as no funny, mainly because there isn’t any sort of set up for the joke. It’s just cut right to it. The acting is okay in it, which is to be expected it a movie geared towards teenagers. And frankly, the entire premise is overdone and nothing really new. It’s pretty much a staple of all the teen movies since the late 90s. The most popular movie to do it is “Mean Girls.” We need to get more original plot people. There’s only so many times you can run the same plot down our throats.

The only thing that covers up all of this is the feels that Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia bring, as this was their first project together since “VICTORiOUS” ended in 2013.  People literally wanted their characters to be an item the entire show. It was a big deal. This nostalgia is what’s feeding this movie.

Overall, it doesn’t look like a bad movie, it’s just overdone. “The Outcasts” will be in theaters and Video On Demand on April 14.

Here’s the trailer for you viewing pleasure:

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Wonder Woman origin trailer saves the world 


The origin trailer for the latest Wonder Woman movie has been released and boy, it looks like a wonderful time. It’s the first look at the first female superhero movie in decades….if you don’t count Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice because that movie was just one big trailer for Wonder Woman. Just one overly long trailer that should have been way shorter. I swear the director has a fetish for Wonder Woman.

The trailer shows that the movie is appearing in early 1900s London after Captain Kirk…erm, a pilot Steve Trevor crashes and lands on Themyscira. Princess Diana travels with the most generic man alive to bring an end to the World War I. The trailer also showed the rise and growth of Wonder Woman as she gets trained and finds out her true powers. It’s pretty much a deadly 80s training montage without catchy music. Gal Gadot returns to reprise her role as the Wonder Woman…I add the because every superhero has the in front because it sounds cooler. Steve Trevor, the whitest generic name ever, will be played by Chris Pine aka Captain Kirk. Both do a good job in the trailer but it shows more of Chris than Gal. I’m guessing that’s because Gal was featured in Batman v Superman and Chris wasn’t in because his character was either dead or in a retirement home. I just would have liked to see more of Gal in it since she’s the lead.

The trailer made the movie looks really good. It also showed that movie will have some comedic elements as they showed Diana trying to “blend in” with early 1900s London while carrying her sword and shield. It also showed her calling London “ugly” due to her being used to the beauty of her home island. My only complaint with the trailer is that it showed way too much in it. Like what is DC Comics deal with long ass trailers that pretty much sum up the movie to the point it gives away the plot. The movie is coming out in June…I shouldn’t know the plot of the movie in March. I should have an idea of it but not the whole plot. I also hope that this movie isn’t as long as Batman v Superman because I don’t get time to sit there for what feels like a half a day. If you are going to make a long movie, at least break it up into segment movies. Saves me from wasting half a day and you can get that money for two movies. It’s a win-win for everyone.

I can’t wait for this “Batman v Superman II: Woman Wonder and the World War” to hit theaters on June 2. I also can’t wait for the movie to hit DVD and Blu-Ray because I’m cheap and don’t want to spend my life savings at a movie theater…it’s expensive af these days.

Oh, here’s the trailer for you to enjoy and partake in:

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Movie Review: Lifetime’s Britney Ever After



Buckle up, it’s an actress pretending to be Britney, bitch! Tonight, the movie event of 2017 premiered on Lifetime-a statement that I thought I would never say nor one that Lifetime had said about them in their life. “Britney Ever After” was a Lifetime movie based on the life of Britney Spears. This movie had a lot of hype for due to the amount of shade and publicity that it has received. Because it’s a Lifetime movie, I had low expection. But boy, did it even meet low expections.

This movie was a dumpster fire train wreck….the only positive thing that I can say is that I’m glad Lifetime took the time to make something. While I don’t like to use harsh swear words…I will make an exception for this. That’s how bad this movie is. The movie was a total and complete shit show. A SHIT SHOW. They really truly out did themselves with this. I went in knowing that it will be a train wreck but I thought it would be a well produced train wreck. Boy, I was wrong.

The premise of the movie is that Britney is being interviewed about her life in a 2008 documentary, which is Britney: For The Record. It jumps back and forth between 2008 and times in Britney’s life, starting when she met Justin Timberlake in 1998. It does this for the whole movie. It gets rather annoying, especially when she spends many minutes just staring into the camera. Then they throw in extra characters to talk. The extra character commentary doesn’t add to it. They are kind of there. They add in an extra girl but don’t really explain who the hell she is. It’s like she was just there to advance the plot. She disappears after her two scenes. Also, “Britney: For the Record” is a well know documentary. They could had tried to make it fit that better. I don’t remember Justin Timberlake being that much like he is the movie.

It was literally like they didn’t research anything besides the basic. They butchered the 2000 and 2007 VMA performances. The latter I thought was hard to butcher because it wasn’t a great performance to begin with. Boy, was I wrong agin. I get that they didn’t have permission to use Britney’s catalog but that still doesn’t make up for it. They also made shit up to “spicy it up” like Britney and Justin having sex on her tour bus in 1998 after their first kiss. Do you really believe they would do that? I know they were teens but still. Oh, Britney and Justin made a sex tape. Where was that on MTV? They just casual threw that in there. I feel like my knowledge on Britney and Justin have been one big lie if they have a sex tape.

The acting wasn’t anything to cry home to. It was either too dramatic, too corny, or just too much. It was like this from the first scene until the end. Britney was like a 5-year-old country bumpkin that was on cocaine. Justin was too much and extremely corny. I want to evict him from the island. Not to mention that the Spears family sounded like they were country bumpkins that have never been in the big city. The casting director was horrible and should never cast again. I could have casted better. They hardly looked like who they were suppose to. The only person I didn’t want to kill in the movie is Larry Rudolph, her manager. But it seemed like they were hinting towards him and Mrs. Spears hooking up then just dropped it. They could have tried harder. Lifetime really didn’t even try with this movie. They didn’t try to recreate the costumes right, they didn’t try to fix the acting, and they didn’t try to make it make sense. While it was reported that Justin and Britney had a dance off, which they featured in the movie, the dancing was horrible. Like it was bad. The set up was bad. It was all bad. The worst part is that they only spent two minutes talking about her rise back and it was shit. They should have covered it way better and way more.

The moral of this movie was that it’s Justin Timberlake’s fault for Britney’s mental breakdown. It was the icing on the cake of her life getting worse and her trying to get with douchebags afterwards to fill the void left by Justin and her father, who is portrayed as a loud mouth angry drunk. It also follows the Lifetime Movie motto-“It’s always a man’s fault.” Those damn men. How dare they?

The icing on the cake was they showed “I Am Britney Jean” after. This showed and totally contradicted what was presented in the movie. Again, this movie is a shit show.

Overall, this is the make the other movies look like Oscar worthy. It’s also the first recipient of The Pop Project Participation Award. Sad part is that it didn’t even show good effort.


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Movie Review: ‘Dirty Grandpa’


“Dirty Grandpa” is one of those movies that will make some people go “ehh” and some people go “nayyy.”

The movie follows as Robert De Niro talks Zac Efron into driving him to his home in Boca. Along the way, the two stop at spring break where De Niro meets up with two college girls. All four of them party and go on a crazy adventure of life discovery and….sprang break.

The movie is a very dirty movie. It’s dirty from the start and keeps being dirty until the very end. It’s sometimes raunchier than any Zefron movie that he has done.

Zefron and De Niro are a little strange pairing but they kind of work. Zefron is more of the “I’m not comfortable doing this” while De Niro is balls to the walls. They work but at the same time it’s kind of like “this wouldn’t happen.” Aubrey Plaza pretty much steals the show because she’s her normal funny self.

At this point in his career, Zefron just needs to show the goods. This is the most nudity he has shown, which is saying a lot since it’s his butt and parts of this manhood. Stop teasing it and just show it already. Once it’s out in the opening, it’s going to be no big deal.

Overall, it’s not a horrible movie but it’s not a great one. I recommend watching it if you are looking for a stupid dirty raunchy movie.

The movie is out now digitally. It will be available on May 17 for DVD and Blu-Ray


Rating: 3.5 shots of Zefron butt out of 5.