‘Love,Simon’ hits your heart in all the right places and it’s everything

It’s time for straight not to be the default

This movie review is going to be a bit different from the past ones. I’m going to try my best to be balanced but honestly, It’s rather hard. Everyone deserves a great love story, and here it is. Especially if you don’t see yourself in the ones that are usually presented by television or movies.

Love, Simon

“Love, Simon” is a 2018 romantic comedy based on the book “Simon vs the Homo Sapien Agenda” by Becky Albertalli (Click the book title for my review of the book.) Directed by Greg Berlanti, who wrote and produced CW’s shows like “Arrow,” “Riverdale,” and “The Flash,” the movie is the first major studio film that features gay teenage romance.

The movie follows Simon Spier, a closeted gay teen who meet another closeted gay teen in his school online. The two began an online relationship hidden from his family and friends. His life gets turned upset down when a classmate blackmailed Simon with screenshots of his online relationship. Simon must then chose whether to follow through with the demands or to have his world cave in around him before he is ready. 

The movie is brilliantly told. As someone who read the book before seeing the movie, it follows it almost plot the same as the book did. There are some instances where they add to the plot because it’s a movie. When it does, It adds more depth to the story and allows things to be fleshed out more. The ending of the movie is actually more epic than what was in the book.

The acting is extremely good in this movie. The characters are likable, minus the ones you aren’t supposed to like. Simon is probably the best character out of them all. You can’t help but love Simon. Nick Robinson did an extremely well job portraying Simon. My only complaint with acting was that Katherine Langford’s natural Australian accent came through at times and it was obvious. She did an amazing job but I’m probably just nitpicking a bit.

It was extremely refreshing to see a non stereotypically gay character. While they are getting better, most gay characters in TV/Movies have been some sort of stereotypes. The overly flamboyant gay guy, the self-hating gay guy, etc. There’s many of them and frankly, they exist but it wasn’t everyone. Simon Spier isn’t any of those stereotypes. He is just guy trying to figure out who is he. He just happens to be gay. He’s representing the people who couldn’t see themselves in a character before this. “Love, Simon” has allowed many people to finally see themselves in a movie character and relate to them.

The Verdict

“Love, Simon” is a quality teen romantic comedy. It’s not just a movie for LGBT, but something for anyone that want to see a good love story. “Love, Simon” will be the first of many movies that will finally allow more people to see themselves in the things they watch. Like the movie says, everyone deserves a great love story. It was about time that they got one. “Love, Simon” is that movie.

“Love, Simon” is still in theaters. It will out digital on May 29th and DVD/Blu-Ray on June 12th.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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Sink your teeth into the trailer for the Spider-Man spin-off, ‘Venom’

It’s time to get a little dark in the “Venom” Trailer”

Sony released the trailer the upcoming spin-off movie for the “Spider-Man” franchise. Yep, the franchise that can’t even decide what they want it to be after the countless number of films finally has a spin-off. One would think nailing down a direction would be first on the list, but I guess that why I don’t work in the film industry. Also, are we just going to forget that Venom was in the awful “Spider-Man 3?”

“Venom” stars Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, a journalist that is infected with an alien symbiote that bonds with Brock and tries to help Brock reach his potential. Typically in the Marvel universe, the Venom character has been a villain. Most famously, Venom is the one of the archenemies of Spider-Man. Since it’s in the Sony Marvel Universe, Venom is going with the anti-hero route. The movie is directed by Ruben Fleischer, who is best known for his first feature film “Zombieland.”

“Venom” doesn’t look your typical superhero/Marvel film. The trailer does give off this extremely gritty vibe to it. The film doesn’t have a rating yet, but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t have an R rating. The way that the movie looks to be shoot and presented is one that would terrify the children that go to this movie with their unexpecting parents. Marvel seems to be trying to give the movies like this one that rating after the success of “Deadpool” and “Logan.”

This is the first trailer to include the first look at the Venom suit. The suit itself look like extremely badass and frankly, quite terrifying. It’s the thing that nightmares make when you take a bunch acid mixed with heroin. It wouldn’t be Venom if he didn’t terrify people. The movie does look like it will be extremely good.

Venom will be out in theatres on October 5th, 2018.

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It’s time to get nostalgic with ‘Star Trek’ reboot movie

In 2009, J.J. Abrams and Paramount Pictures decided to reboot the “Star Trek” movie Franchise. Before the reboot of the franchise, there have been 10 previous “Star Trek” films: six involving the cast of the original series, and four involving the cast of “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” “Star Trek” was the first new installment of the franchise since the canceled “Star Trek: Enterprise” in 2005.

“Star Trek” follows the characters from the original and how they got on the U.S.S Enterprise. The movie is the prequel to everything in the series. It also creates a new timeline that is different from the events in the original series and so on. Personally, I liked the fact that they aren’t changing anything that has been already established. They are just creating their own world and their own system of characters without ruining what was already established.

The characters were entertaining. Their interactions with each other are one of the highlights of the film. They make you get invested in the characters. There isn’t one character that you really don’t like. They are all extremely likable characters. The plot is okay due to how long this movie is. It’s a little over two hours. You really don’t get into it until 45 minutes into the movie. I like how it sets up the back history for two of the main characters, James T. Kirk and Spock, but it wasn’t any two captivating.

Oh, apparently Kirk was sleeping around with TONS of women during his years at Starfleet Academy. If you are like me, you now have the image of William Shatner, the OG Kirk, sleeping around. YOU WILL NEVER GET THAT IMAGE OUT OF YOUR HEAD. I would rather just keep Chris Pine in that image than Shatner because…well, It’s Chris Pine.

This movie is visually stunning. It’s appealing to the eyes and shot just beautifully. My only complaint is the number of lens flares when they are on the Enterprise. I get that it’s in the future but if there is that many lens flares, they need to cut down the power to the lights because of it slightly not annoying. It was a good effect that helps with the setting feeling more realistic but still.

“Star Trek” reboot film is an extremely good and entertaining movie. You will get lost in the movie once they get to Starfleet Academy. The characters and how the movie is shot is everything. I recommend this movie if you are new to the franchise or don’t care that this isn’t in the original storyline. The Trekkie fandom isn’t fond of this movie because it “ruined the original timeline” when it really didn’t. It’s a new timeline. 

Ratings: 3.5 out of 5


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Review: ‘The Greatest Showman’ lights the world on fire

There’s only two types of people in the world; The ones that entertain, and the ones that observe

It’s been quite awhile since Zac Efron, better known as Zefron, has let the world hear his beautiful singing voice. Almost 10 years to be exact. When I heard that Zefron would be singing again in “The Greatest Showman,” angels came down from above. Then he was in a movie with Zendaya and Hugh Jackman. I was sold.

“The Greatest Showman” follows the tale of P.T. Barnum and the creation of the infamous Barnum and Bailey Circus. It’s not a true representation of the tale but rather “inspired” by it. The acting in the movie is amazing. Everyone does their best in the movie. Even when the plot doesn’t full have the depth, especially towards the end, the cast makes up for it the best they can. Honestly, the casting was on point with this movie.

The plot of the movie is something that is less to be desired. There really isn’t anything too exciting for it. It was a great movie but the story that it was telling didn’t keep my interest that well. It was more of a storytelling issue. While we all know that Britney Spears really invented the Circus back in 2008, “The Greatest Showman” didn’t make me care about P.T. Barnum story. It has all the stuff there to make the story shine but it just didn’t click right. When it did click right, it was the musical numbers. Those were the best part of the movie.

The music for this movie is the highlight. All the songs are really well produced and extremely catchy. The vocals are so strong from everyone in the cast. Obviously, “This is Me” is the song that everyone has talked about. “This is Me” deserves all the praise it gets because it’s the best song on there. It’s an extremely powerful that anyone that has been outcasted for being different can relate to.

The Verdict

“The Greatest Showman” is a great movie. The numbers, the acting, and the music are great. The movie falls short when it came to the plot. It didn’t have the depth to really make this movie stick out. I do recommend this movie if you are looking for a fun musical to watch. It’s worth the watch.

Here’s the trailer for your viewing pleasure:

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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