The demo that shook Directioners

zaynBy now, you should know that Zayn Malik has pulled a Ginger Spice and left One Direction. Well, just days after doing this, apparently Zayn has a demo out now! Yep, you heard that right! Zayn has a demo and the producer of the demo, Naughty Boy, leaked it today to the shock of the Directioners. Now, while this isn’t a completed single, I’m going to review it because well, it’s out there. Here’s the demo, “I Won’t Mind” for your listening pleasure:


Now the song sounds likes it could be the most depressing song and it’s amazing. It’s a simple song that isn’t overproduced and uses what made Zayn’s voice stand out during his time in One Direction. It’s a very pretty song. I cannot wait for the final version of it.

This demo is actually very surprising mainly because of how fast it was “leaked” after Zayn left 1D. Whether it was intentionally or not, no one was expecting him to have a demo already. The Directioners are pretty much acting like Zayn pissed in their Cheerios, which they would have cherished for years.

They have completely disowned (is that even possible?) him and are wanting an explanation to why he really left 1D and why he has a demo already. They even complied a list of projects that Zayn’s former band mates turned down for the group because none of them have lives.

Zayn’s departure is just one big hot mess and it’s all thanks to the internet community and the Directioner fandom. I bet this makes Ginger Spice happy that the internet was this big back when she left the Spice Girls on May 31.

Rating: 4 tattoos out of 5


Bangerz Tour DVD is a trippin’


On Tuesday, March 24 Miley Cyrus released the DVD of her highly controversial and popular “Bangerz Tour”, or as I like to call it the “Bangerz Ball.” And like her father’s career, it was extremely disappointing to my “Achy Breaky Heart.” While it seems to be the complete tour, which isn’t always shown on Tour DVDs, it’s just her crappy NBC special that aired back in the fall (don’t remember it? good because neither did I).

The DVD is pretty much a hot mess. The editing is horrible. There are parts where the crowd is cheering, there’s a dead spot, and a few seconds later, the crowd resumes cheering. How hard is it to make it unnoticeable that you splice three days of filming together to make it look like you shot it in one day. And the director of the DVD needs to be fired because while I get that it’s part documentary, that doesn’t mean the concert part should be like a documentary as well. The shots made absolutely no sense because it was just a lot of far away shots while Miley singing and grinding. I’m not watching it to see the crowd every 2 minutes but Miley performing.

The worst part of the entire DVD is that it’s censored. I wanted Miley Cyrus screaming and singing profanity at me. If I wanted to see clean Miley, then I would watch “Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana: Best of Both Worlds Concert”, which I did because I turned this off horrible DVD off.

Overall, I would spend your money on something better and not on this DVD. Watch the concert on YouTube because the fan made ones is way better.


Rating: .5 tongues out of 5

Don’t Stop Gleein’

final glee review banner

On Friday, March 20th, Glee aired its final episodes and ended it’s six years on Fox. By this point, if you are a true glee, you have read all the reviews of the finale but this review will be different. Instead of just focusing on the show’s finale, I’ll be reviewing the show. In a sense, remembering the good, the bad, and the amazing that this show had on pop culture as well as the million fans. So here are review of Glee (be ready for more Glee nods!)

Lea Michele and Cory Monteith took over Gleek’s hearts as the couple “Finchel” until Monteith’s untimely death before the filming of Glee’s fifth season

Glee was a show about a group of high school students that shouldn’t have gotten along nor hung out with each other. But because of their love for singing, they joined glee club where they were allowed to be themselves without being judge or made fun of.  Then once the main characters graduated, it followed them into the early stages of adult hood. The show taught about how to be yourself and not to feel ashamed if you don’t fit in with the things as they are. It also taught that if you follow your dreams, everything will work out-eventually.

The show also introduced the masses to hundreds of different genres of music through its glee club performances and singles. While many people say that “Glee ruined great music,” it really didn’t. It introduced it to a new group of people. It showed the world that the classics can still be classics and that show tunes really isn’t as bad or a horrible as one may think.

The musically performances were overall good. Some where better than other. The music was extremely well until around season 3. The Songs started to sound a little kids bop-y. The singing of the lead in the song was good but the background music just sounded like they were a backing track (we knew that it was a backing track but it was obvious now). After the story of the show shifted away from the Glee club and more on the alumni in the middle of season 5, the music got better and was amazing in season 6.

One of the biggest flaws of the series was the story. Glee could really never tell a story right. It would either rush it or change it halfway through the arc. It also rushed a story. One major example was when Rachel was looking for her mother in the first season. It took place over two episodes. It felt rushed and just like they were trying hurry it up by the end of the season.

The final season was pretty much amazing and the perfect way to end the show. For my full opinion on season 6, click here to read my thought on it

Overall, the series was amazing. Some seasons and characters were better than others but the show will live on as being one the best musical shows on television. We will miss Glee

Rating: 4 Rachel Berry’s gold star out of 5

It’s all about the jazz


Former boy bander Nathan Sykes turns in his catchy europop beats for something a little more smooth and jazzy. Nathan “leaked” his debut solo single to the world today via his Facebook page and gave it to his wonderful fans for free!

The song feels like he is taking a page of his ex-girlfriend, Ariana Grande’s book, and getting a little R&B and jazzy, which fits his voice perfectly. If I had to describe the vibe that I got from the single is the love child of Ariana Grande and Nick Jonas. The song is also a song about Ariana (all together now “awwwww”).

The lyrics talk about loving a girl and not being able to hate her even after they break up. Here’s some of the lyrics that really highlight the point of the song:

Nothing can make me hate you
You’re the closest thing to the heavenly nature
(Hey hey hey)
No other man’s tryin’ take you,
Come on home with me despite behavior
It’s a cold cold world when I’m without you
Don’t you know know girl
I’m looking, I found you,
I love you more, more more, more then you’ll know
And I need you more, more then you’ll ever know

The lyrics are pretty much an ode to heartbreak. The song is just wonderful. I highly recommend listening to it because it’s frankly, one of the best song I’ve heard since Nick Jonas’ album came out. Take a listen now:


Rating: 5 stars out of 5