The album Lovatics would like to forget


Every artist has an album that their fans would like to forget. For Lovatics, Demi Lovato’s fans, it’s Demi’s third album “Unbroken.”

Released in 2011, “Unbroken” was Demi’s post-rehab album where she had heavier lyrics and got a little personal on the album. In theory, this album sounds like it would be a good album. But it’s rather all over the place. The album had some good songs…and it had some bad song on it with some collaborations what just make you want to shake your head. Like why would Demi Lovato do a collab with Dev, Missy Elliot, Jason Derulo? Where in the world would they meet up at? It was just “So Random” (see what I did there?). While I give Demi credit for trying to find her sound, she really should have done it on the second album.

The tracklist was just all over the place and made me feel like I needed to go rehab because the majority of it was just a bunch of party songs. While some of the song were good, it just didn’t feel like a Demi Lovato album. It honestly felt like a rushed album that Demi Lovato put out to please her fans.

The two singles from album, “Skyscraper” and “Give Your Heart a Break,” are pretty much the best songs off of the album. They showcase Demi’s voice the best and they are a timeless classic that Demi will be singing for years to come.

Overall, If you found this album in the $5 bin at Walmart, I would buy it (that’s where I got my copy at). The album just feels off and not anything like the other two records before it and the one after it (read our review of it here). It’s worth the listen.


Rating: 2 pieces of Demi’s hair available online out of 5


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Fifth Harmony takes it to the next Harmony


On Tuesday, January 27, Fifth Harmony’s début album “Reflection” was streamed via iTunes Radio for the world to hear it in it Deluxe Edition glory. So I decided to write a review of the album before it comes out next week so you can decided to buy it or pass on it.

The album itself is very decent album. The songs are catchy and very danceable, not to the point of their EP “Better Together,” but still to the point that the songs will be stuck in your head like musical gonorrhea and the doctor’s prescription to get rid of it is to listen to this album even more. The sad part is that none of the songs really stand out besides the beats. They all seem to blend together. I thought the first two songs off the album was the same song until opened up iTunes and saw that it was a new song. The album reminded me of The Pussycat Dolls (the band). The album had that “Buttons” and “Don’t Cha” feel to it. It’s just sad that the songs run together like hearing Kelly Clarkson’s “Already Gone” and Beyonce’s “Halo.”

Overall, the album is good début album but I don’t think this album will have any extended listening after the first few weeks. Hopefully, their second album is better because they have the potential to be the Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood of our version of “X Factor,” but their success may be short live if they don’t show on their next album. This album is a buy if you liked their other hits, which are actually way better. But if you have spotify or something like it, I would pass on it and just listen to it on there.


Rating: 3.5 versions of X Factor out of 5


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Mobile Game Review: Let’s do some crack!

Trivia Crack

Have you ever had just wanted to do a bunch of crack for a day just to see what is like? Well, if you are then we have a game-and a counselor-for you!

Game is called “Trivia Crack” and it’s pretty much like the board game “Trivial Pursuit.” For those who don’t know what “Trivial Pursuit” is, it’s a game where you answer questions and get little triangles for answer the questions right. When you collect all of them, you win the game. This is the premise of “Trivia Crack.”

It’s gets very addicting because you play until you get one long. After 3 wins, you get a chance to challenge or play for an icon in a category. If you challenge, you allow your opponent to play for the piece it and put up some of your pieces as a wager. So this game creates a gambling addicting and a drug addiction all in one.

To top it all off, it also has lifelines like “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” minus Regis Phillbin (old school Millionaire not the crappy Syndication version).

What’s not working for this game? There is no staying power for this game. It will soon become like Words Like Friends, and games like that.

Overall, the game is a fun game to play. It tests your knowledge and it creates a friendly competition.


Rating: 4 stars out of 5

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Orange is The New Black Review


Once in a lifetime there comes a show that you just watch and you’re not really sure why but you like it. That show has come to us in the form of “Orange is the New Black.”  The show isn’t like anything else we have seen on TV, or on Netflix, before.

The show follows Piper Chapman as she has to readjust her life because she is going to prison (hence why the show is called “Orange is the New Black.” She is sentenced to 14 months in prison because she and her ex-girlfriend, who happens to be in there as well, were apart of a drug trafficking. Piper was just charged with Criminal Conspiracy while her ex-girlfriend, Alex Vause (aka Carmen Sandiego), got drug trafficking charges. The show also showcases what’s going on outside of the prison and how Piper’s fiancé and family are dealing with her being in jail.

The show is different from what is normally on TV just because it’s different and in a good way. It showing us prison life and how people from all walks of life making the best out of the situation that they are in.  Some of the cast members are famous from being on extremely popular tv shows/movies. Like Laura Prepon, better known as Donna, plays Alex. So when Alex and Piper get together on the show, I just think in my head “Why Donna why?” There are also “American Pie” actors on the show, a former Star Fleet Captain, and the pregnant girl from “Crossroads” that fell down the steps and forced millions of parents to explain what a miscarriage and bad acting is. The entire cast is very talented.

That same actress also does a wonderful Lindsay Lohan impression on the show. Her character is a crazy religious girl who things that Gods speaks through her because she did so many drugs that it fried her brain. It’s also easy to see that she is drawing inspiration from Lindsay.

What doesn’t work for the show? Not much but somethings when it’s explaining the back story of how one of the characters got to prison, it gets a little confusing. The comedy and the writing is strong but good be stronger. Overall, it’s good show. Fair warning if you are planning on watching it after reading this review, it’s rated TV-MA and has a lot of sex, nudity, and strong language.


Rating: 4 bars of soap out of 5

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