#TBT: Ode to a girl named Mandy

JonasBrotherMandyYes, we are going that far back because it’s time for an Old School Reflection on the Jonas Brother’s song “Mandy.”

The song is overlooked but as it was the brothers before purity rings and they were the mouse’s puppet. It’s their first single and isn’t actually that bad. It was more rock than what their other songs where.  It had like a “Good Charlotte” kinda of vibe to it. It rather rocked like hardcore.

The lyrics were something simple and not too deep. It was about their love for a girl named Mandy. They were like really young so the lyrics show that. The song also is the only single that has Kevin Jonas singing on it where he is audible and not singing backup. He’s vocals are actually rather good and is very shocking that he wasn’t featured on anymore singles.

The music video was split into three “episodes,” which was an okay idea. It would have been a better idea if it was three different songs with each episodes and not the same song for all three episodes

Overall, the single is a pretty good début single. I wish they would have stuck with the style of music they used in the song because I really wasn’t a big fan of their future stuff. Here’s the song for your listening pleasure:


Rating: 4 purity rings out of 5


Taylor Swift is bad–really bad


Holy Cow! Taylor Swift released her newest music video for her single “Bad Blood.” And like all pop stars, she gets a famous rapper to spit some rhymes to add to the song. And like most songs that get free style verses added to it, it was bad. Like awkward and doesn’t really fit bad. Kendrick Lamar’s addition to an already great song doesn’t really add anything to the song. It was just kind of there. It probably would have been better if Kendrick didn’t rap…in the song.

The music video is pretty epic. It has Taylor Swift kicking ass and taking names in the video with a literally all-star cast of femmes as they do a montage to action adventures movies–in the future. Taylor’s team is getting ready to take on Selena Gomez’s team.

My only real complaint is that there was more of a plot/storyline to the video. Yes, the video is amazing. But it would be epic if there was some sort of storyline. One could argue that there is a storyline in the video but it doesn’t really explain why Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are at war. It would have been nice to get some sort of clarity on that.

Overall, it’s a very good music video for a bad single version of a song. Here’s the video for your eyes to see and go “that’s amazing!”


Rating: 3.5 deaths by Taylor Swift out of 5

Hilary Duff starts in Tinder commercial


Hilary Duff released the latest music video for her single “Sparks.” Too bad, it’s just one big ad for the dating App, Tinder. The music video is her and friends looking at and meeting guys on Tinder while she is dancing and singing. You can barely hear the song except for parts of it. Yes, you can hear the most important part of the MUSIC video.

The parts of the actually music video is rather good. The dance is decent and is very Britney Spears like. But then again, the video is entirely ruined by the talking and being a long ass Tinder advertisement.  While I give Hilary props for taking something and running with it,because everyone was having a massive fit because she was on Tinder, this idea wasn’t really a bright one. It would have been better if they worked it into the concept of the video without having the talking. Like in Carly Rae Jepsen’s video for “I Really Really Like You.”

Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure:


Rating: 1 swipe to the left out of 5

We’re just Prettay


Feeling Pretty? You should be because Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea released the music video for “Pretty Girls” and it’s like a 90’s comedy movie that you just can’t help but watch. Picture “Clueless” meets “Muppets From Space” (just the alien part and not the muppet part).

In the video, Britney Spears is chilling out by the pool when Iggy’s ship crashes into the pool. Iggy raises up like she’s a sexy alien and Britney decides to give her a makeover. After Iggy kills her TV, they drive around the city singing, possessing boys to dance with Britney, all before Iggy steals from an ATM and dances with Britney in money. They then go to a club with Brit’s friends for an amazing dance break before Iggy abduct Brit.

The video is pretty much a standard weird 90’s music video and  rather refreshing. One can look at the video and deduce that it’s a message saying that one can get away with things like robbery because they are pretty. But that is just looking at it, way too much and too deep.  The video is a very well done throwback video.

The only complaint I have is that I wish there was more to the video and that the song would be longer. But overall, the music video is enjoyable and one that will make people want to buy/listen to the song. Here’s the video that you can watch:


Rating: 4 Samsung sponsorships out of 5


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