We would rather read than listen to Body Language


So if you look at the banner, you are probably confused on who the person is. It’s probably because she got enough plastic surgery to make people believe her face was mangled in a horrific fight against a car and a bear on steroid. Well this is a review of the song “Body Language” that came out in 2007 performed by this reality star who that Farrah Abraham has modeled her career after (including the botched plastic surgery). So here is the “official” video for the song that will reveal who the hell this is:

That is right! It’s Heidi Montag pretending that she can sing. Now the song has a good beat that make you believe that song might even be good then she opened her mouth and it became a huge crap fest. Her voice is overly autotuned. The lyrics sound like she likes a good romp in the dungeon if you get what I mean, and the best part of it is that Spencer “I’m a douchebag with a bunch crystals” Pratt rapping on it like he is the only rapper that was available that day. He rap felt like he got his rapping degree not from Dr. Dre but rather Dr. Whitest boy in the room.

Overall, the song is horrible but compared to her other work (yes, there is more and don’t worry, we’ll review that stuff too!). Plain and simple: The bitch sucks.

Rating: 1 crystal out of 5


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“One Last Time” never gets old

One Last Time

It’s time to review the latest single from former Nickelodeon angel Ariana Grande! Ariana’s newest single “One Last Time” is the latest single off of her hit second album (check out the review of it here). Before you read my review of it, listen to it here:

The song itself is pretty much amazing and I would have pitched a holy fit if didn’t get chose to be the next single… and this article would have been totally different article. The song sounds like it was released in the early 2000s but got remastered to sound more current. Her vocals on the song are just to die for and are very powerful. It showcases just how powerful her voice truly is. “One Last Time” is the anthem to the break up that you wish didn’t happen and you want them back so you wrote a song to woo them over.

Not much didn’t work with this song….until I came across an acoustic version of the song that blew my mind. Here is the acoustic version:

Overall, the song is one the best songs that Ariana put out. It’s truly an amazing song and is everything. I would highly recommend getting this song.

Rating: 5 Problems without you out of 5

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Put Your Graffiti on Kat Graham


In order to make it in the entertainment industry, you have to be a triple threat: singer, dancer, and actor. Kat Graham a household name due to her major role in The CW’s hit vampire series “The Vampire Diaries,” but the actress has been making waves in recent years for her music career.

While she has performed for years, it wasn’t until the spring 2012 when her single “Put Your Graffiti on Me” became a runaway hits due to its catchy chorus and beat. She then capitalized on the success by releasing her first Extended Play, known in the music business as an “EP”, entitled “Against the Wall” which garnered her more success and fame. It wasn’t until she released her latest single “Power” that it showed the world that Kat Graham is here to stay.

Take a listen to her sassy self in the songs that will surely rock your world and put you under Kat Graham’s spell:


Magic.Pure Magic….and also dancing Sharks


In case you missed it, or you decided to live under a rock and become a hermit, yesterday was the Super Bowl. It’s the one night a year where everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) gets together to watch the big game whether they love football or not. It’s also the one time a year we get a free concert sponsored by Satan’s soft drink of choice, Pepsi. This year, Katy Perry was the artist that was give the highly sought after show. After watching it, here is the review of Katy Perry’s halftime show.

The halftime show was like one big acid trip of a good time. Katy started the show out on a huge ass Lion singing “Roar” as she rode it through a sea of balls not touched by the New England Patriots because they looked full (expect jokes like this through out the entire review). After she belts out that we are going to hear her roar, it’s revealed that the full balls are covering a huge ass chess board with human chess piece just like at “Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry.” Instead of trying to kill each other, they danced as Katy belted out “Dark Horse.” Next, our ears were given the gift that would literally blow our minds and eardrums A duet version of “I Kissed A Girl” with Lenny Kravitz straight out of District 13 and dancing and singing Sharks. That is right! Katy Perry taught Sharks how to grow legs, dance, and sing. She also got a big ole full set of balls behind her too, beach balls to be exact. She sang “California Gurls” with them before introducing the one that stole our hearts- Missy Elliot. Missy Elliot made us Lose Control and Get our Freak On (see what I did there?). Then, just when we thought it couldn’t be more awesome, Katy Perry freakin flew around the stadium singing “Firework.” The bitch flew! And man, it was pretty awesome.

The show itself was pretty much the greatest halftime show in the history of the Super Bowl. It was amazing and pretty much topped Beyoncé’s halftime show a few years back (remember that time when she blew out the power in the stadium with her power?). It honestly blew my mind at how good the show was. I had low expectations for the show to begin with. I’m not really sure how anyone will top this next year…unless it’s Britney, bitch.

Here the halftime show for your viewing pleasure: