Glee “Trio” singles review

glee trio

It’s time for any other Glee-view (finally came up with a decent title)! This week’s episode, “Trio”, has a team of most of the songs are sung by more people. Now will this episodes’ singles up to par or will it fall short? Find out below:

Jumpin’ Jumpin’

Performed by: Darren Criss, Jenna Ushkowitz, and Chord Overstreet

Originally performed by: Destiny’s Child

This song is surprisingly good. At first, I was wondering what in the world this would sound but it actually pretty listenable. Darren Criss seems to have this ability to slay Destiny’s Child songs. While the song seems to be built around Jenna on lead, it is still shows off Darren and Chris’ vocals. Their vocals together are magically. I wouldn’t listen to all the time but I don’t think I would turn it off if it popped up.


Performed by: Lea Michele and Adam Lambert

Originally performed by: Heart

I had high hopes for this song as it was Lea and Adam but it falls short of the potential it had. I think it was Adam’s vocals….the original song had so much emotion behind it and this fails to capture any emotion.

Don’t You (Forget About Me)

Performed by: Chord Overstreet, Jenna Ushkowitz, and Darren Criss

Originally performed by: Simple Minds

Whoever decided to put these three on this song, are geniuses. Like “Jumpin’ Jumpin'”, their voices blend together perfectly and pull this song off pretty well. It’s not my favorite song but it’s a good song. The scene that they have it in the show will probably save the song.


Performed by: Naya Rivera, Adam Lambert, and Lea Michele

Originally performed by: Laura Branigan

This song is okay…I’m starting to wonder if I have high expectations for the show due I’m rewatching the greatness that is its first season or if this weeks music is just average. The song isn’t any to cry to the moon about.

Danny’s Song

Performed by: Matt Morrison and Jayma Mays

Originally performed by: The Darkness

This song is extremely pretty! It’s one of the highlights of the episode. Matt and Jayma’s voice always sound great together. It good to hear her again and to have another Wemma ballad (I’m just happy that aren’t shoving their love down our throats)

The Happening

Performed by: Demi Lovato, Adam Lambert, and Chris Colfer

Originally performed by: The Supremes

This song is one of the highlight of the’s doesn’t songs like they took it in one take during a karaoke bar visit. It’s different from what they have done and it actually seems like they cared for perfection on this song (it’s probably because Demi is on it).

Hold On

Performed by: Entire Glee Cast

Originally performed by: Wilson Phillips

When I first heard that they were going to do this song, my heart filled with joy and excitement. This song is pretty much the best song of the episode. It’s my personal favorite song. It’s still not great but for this episode, it’s one of the highlights.

The Verdict: This episode is pretty much a huge let down music wise. It feels like that they kinda put these off until last-minute due to the 100th episode is coming up and they are making that epic as one!! Honestly, this whole episode is one big musical pass. Hopefully, the music will be better next week for Nationals.



Glee “Frenemies” singles review


Well it’s that time of year again. Glee is back after it’s mid-winter break and it’s back with power. While the gleek’s are gearing up for its return, we thought we would review the newest songs that glee will be dishing out this week! Here is our first edition of “We review Glee Singles for the week”….I don’t have a catchy title for it yet.

Whenever I Call You Friend

Performed by: Kevin McHale, Jenna Ushkowitz, and New Direction aka Backing Glee Club Track

Originally performed by: Kenny Loggins & Stevie Nicks

This song is…..ehhh. Personally, I wouldn’t have used these two for this song because it just doesn’t do their voices justice. This song is just okay for me. Maybe when the episode airs with the scene, it might make me change my mind but it’s just not working for me-like at all.



Performed by: Lea Michele and Naya Rivera

Originally performed by: Sara Bareilles

So it’s pretty much a given when you see these do a song that it’s going to be one hell of a song and that is what this song it. It’s pretty much an extremely well done cover of the original, which I’m extremely tired of hearing. Lea and Naya killed it on.


My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It)

Performed by: Kevin McHale, Jenna Ushkowitz, Matt Morrison and New Directions

Originally performed by: En Vogue

This song is a hundred times better than “Whenever I Call You Friend”. It’s good to hear them take a 90’s classic and do it again. Kevin’s  boy banders days definitely shine on this song and Jenna shines too in her own way. But they should have had Matt sing more than one line…it’s kinda like “Here Matt, have this line in a number to make you feel more important”

Don’t Rain on My Parade

Performed by: Naya Rivera

Originally performed by: Barbra Streisand

OH.MY.GLEE. When I heard that Naya was going to sing this song, I was pretty much like “I NEEEED THIS TO COMPLETE MY LIFE” and that it did. She slayed this song and gave Lea Michele a run for her money, who sang it back during season 1. It’s still wasn’t as good as Lea (she’s pretty much the glee queen) though. The only complaint is the score for this song. The original was a tad bit better but this was still good. Someone needs to make a Naya and Lea duet for this song!!

I Believe In A Thing Called Love

Performed by: Adam Lambert and Chris Colfer

Originally performed by: The Darkness

Pretty much this song is killer song. Adam Lambert’s glee songs have been to DIE for so far (Marry the Night was better than the original). Chris and Adam’s voice really didn’t blend well here besides on the high notes but I’m will to look past it this time. Rock also isn’t Chris’ strong point.

Every Breathe You Take

Performed by: Naya Rivera and Lea Michele

Originally performed by: The Police

This song….and their voices were pretty much the best. This song was extremely well done and Lea and Naya should have duets together all the time. I died listening to this song and then it brought me back-it was that good.


Performed by: Darren Criss, Kevin McHale, and Jenna Ushkowitz

Originally performed by: Kelly Clarkson

This song was okay for me. Darren definitely saved the song from being bad. Jenna and Kevin are good together but they shouldn’t be singing together. There was a reason why they broke up and it wasn’t Harry Shum’s abs…it was because they didn’t work musically.


The Verdict: If you don’t want to buy this and save some monday, then I say do it. It’s wasn’t that great of music this week. I would recommend getting the Naya and Lea tracks because they pretty much owned this episode

Send it on! On and On

Send it on

It’s time to bring back old school review because I don’t know about you, but I missed those nostalgia feels.  It’s the best way to start it off is the song that represents our childhood/eary-teens. It was the mega-group to top all-mega groups. Never again, did Disney Channel have this much star power.  Here the video for your viewing pleasure:

“Send it On” was a released in the summer of 2009 as a way for Disney Channel to promote their newest initiative for the environment called “Disney’s Friends for Change”. The song brought Disney’s three big money makers together: Miley, Joe Bros, and Demi….oh, Selena Gomez too (Selena wasn’t in their league during this period). This was big for any Disney fan at the time. Sure, they had done “Disney Channel Circle of Stars” but this was with people who were actually popular.

The song itself didn’t mention the environment but had a powerful message with it. If you inspire other, they will start a chain reaction of inspired people. Stupid, I know but the songs meaning is a powerful one for its time. The lyrics pretty much fit any situation (i.e. same-sex marriage, world peace). The song and the music video are extremely well done, which is shocking for a Disney Channel song.

The only part of the song that really doesn’t work is the amount of singing isn’t equally divided between the six people. It’s kinda like they pull all the actor’s name out and went “Whoever’s TV show has the best ratings, they will sing the most and we’ll go through the line like that”. But this is proven false because then Selena would have more parts than all three of the Jonas Brothers due to the majoring suckages that their show “JONAS” brought. But I think it was given by who was more popular. Which is sad because Demi was way more popular than Miley at that point due to “Camp Rock” and “Sonny with A Chance”. It’s even sadder when you see Demi’s brackets and remember that she was self-harming…..

Overall, the song is a decent little ditty that has a powerful meaning. It’s pretty forgettable until it magically pops up and make you feel the nostalgia feels again.

Rating: 3.5 Demi’s brackets out of 5

Lea Michele’s ode to Cory


With the release of her début album in about a week in Germany (aka leaking to all the world), Lea Michele has been releases songs off the album as a “countdown to the album”. Her latest song is one dedicated to the love of her life, Cory Monteith. Here the song:

Released on February 11, “You’re Mine” is a up-beat pop ballad about loving someone until the end of time. It shows off  Michele’s vocal SO well and just screams “ode to love makin'”. The power in the song just screams like she was singing it for Monteith. This song also just screams second single material, which hopefully it is.  Hopefully there is a somewhat acoustic version of the song where it’s just her and the piano.

There really isn’t very much not working with the song. The chorus isn’t really the kinda to get stuck in your head but it’s catchy still.

Rating: 5 gold stars out 5

Have an opinion of this song? Let us know in the comments below!