Enrique Iglesias is a freak


Ladies, hold on to your pants! The latin lover of all lovers Enrique Iglesias is back and he is trying to seduce you by tell you that he’s a freak.

Song is properly titled “I’m a Freak” is pretty much like every english song that he has put out since the release of his hit song “I Like It”. This song even features Pitbull, who is back to his “Mr. Worldwide” ways and making us wish someone would give him a new nickname. There’s nothing special to this song, it’s not really catchy and it’s nothing that will send you into a love coma.

I mean his voice will still have the effect that it normally doesn’t but again, it’s just an average club song. I really wish that he would try different types of pop music with his english numbers but I guess this is what we are getting *sigh*.

The music video is pretty much just one big orgy. There women crawling all over him and in thongs…for 3:55 minutes. Yep, that’s what the video is full of.

Overall, this song will leave you wanting more and wanting less thongs in the video. Probably going to be a hit but it’s nothing that anyone will remember in the fall.

Rating: 2.5 Pitbulls out of 5


Lea Michele came in like a Cannonball


It was only a matter of time before Lea Michele would release her very anticipated first single “Cannonball” and boy did she come in strong. With the music video released yesterday, we thought that it would be only fitting to finally do a review of Michele pop debut.

“Cannonball” is off of her first album called “Louder” and this song is pretty much one that showcases Michele’s vocals. It pretty much is the perfect song for her. It’s ballad, which all the glees know is her specialty.  The song is pretty much her ode to overcoming the odds and living for today. It could even be about moving on and be strong after you lose someone (me think she wrote this as one of the songs for Cory). It also shows that she isn’t one for this kind of music because “Cannonball” is the most well pronounced song on the radio today (It’s CAN-NONBALL). She sings the song like she’s on broadway again (that’s right, she’s was on broadway). Overall, this song is pretty much amazing and she will be giving Ariana Grande a run for her money.

Now the video itself is extremely visually appealing. It has a lot light and such and it’s just very sexy to the eyes. It pretty much tells the story that the song is telling. It everything starts out all dark and spooky and then it slowly become lighter and more fool of light with it eventually being all fully lit (and Michele posing and singing all sexy).

Overall: This is what everyone was suspecting when we first heard that she was going to be making an album.  Here the video. Give it a view and let us know what you think in the comments below:

Rating: 4.5 gold stars out of 5

Miley Cyrus….yeah


Miley Cyrus is back, y’all! This time, it’s a music video that is pretty much a sex tape…that is only starring her.  So we thought we would watch it and review it for you so you don’t have to put your eyes through it (you’re welcome for that).


The song

When I heard that “Adore You” was going to be the third single, I was a bit angry and confused. Originally, rumor had it that “SMS (Bangerz)”, featuring the legendary Britney Spears, was going to be the third single and that was a good catchy song.  But having 2 ballads single back to back wasn’t the greatest idea that Larry Rudolph and Miley had even if Miley Cyrus shined when she did ballad.

“Adore You” is an overall okay song. It’s a ballad that pretty much has the same theme of “Wrecking Ball” except she isn’t going to come through like a Wrecking ball but rather a much subtle approach. The vocals on the song are good minus the beginning part that reminds me of the Hannah Montana segways when someone sad happened in the scene before. The background instrumental/beats are just weird with the song. Granted, most of Miley’s album are this but it just doesn’t work in this song.


The Video

Here’s the video if you want to brave through it:

The subtle approach that the song has is literally thrown out of the window by the music video. The video is Miley wearing skin color underwear in what I assume to be expensive see-through sheets, the only kind when you are expecting to get lucky. Then she’s wearing some sort of shear body suit, that looks like her grandma knitted her for christmas, in a bathtub.  During this video, Miley is learning about the touch of her hand (Britney Spears song reference click here for the song if you don’t know it). Yes, Miley made the first ever solo celebrity sex tape that works as a music video. She also bust out a video camera and then records it herself.

The whole video is….just one big awkward video. It’s more awkward than “Wrecking Ball” (I didn’t think that was possible). It also didn’t leave a lot to the imagination which by now, it isn’t a surprise. Overall, I think this wasn’t a great move by her management team or by her. For the first time, I’m rather disappointed by Miley.


Rating 3 video cameras out of 5

Ariana Grande is still Right There

It looks like our favorite little television redhead has topped her last music video. Last Week, Ariana Grande released her newest music video for her single, “Right There”.  And let me tell you: Ariana didn’t need to tell us where she was there because she hasn’t left:

When I first heard the song off of her album, I honestly wasn’t a big fan of it. I just assumed it was going to be “that one song” that I would tolerate because the album itself was amazing. But this video has changed the song for me. When I saw this video, my inner british pop nerd came out because it reminded me of Step’s video for “The Way You Make Me Feel”.

Starring Grande along with the former Governor of California’s son Patrick Schwarzenegger, the video is at a masquerade party with Grande being Juliet, Schwarzenegger playing Romeo, and Big Sean playing the priest that has absolutely nothing to do with anything in this video. I’m a firm believer that he was too busy to take part in the real filming so they just threw him in a church and filmed filler scenes since he raps on this track heavily. Anyways, they are at a masquerade party and they meet but then they lose each other before finding each other at the pool of all places before jumping into it and almost make out. The video is probably the cutest video I’ve seen all year based off of the style of it.

What didn’t work?: Well, Big Sean’s scenes. It just made no sense to me. It might make more sense if I read the “Romeo and Juliet” play but alas it didn’t make any sense. They also probably should have casted Nathan Sykes, Ariana’s Wanted Boyfriend, as the love interest because then it would have been, as Bailey puts its, “Totes Adorbz”.

Rating: 4 Salmon Cats out of 5