Show Review: 13 Reasons Why


I’ve been putting off this show because I heard that it was a dark show about dark topics. I was putting it off because I didn’t want to get emotional. But I decided to bite the bullet and watch “13 Reasons Why.” Oh, boy did I have a lot of feelings watching “13 Reasons Why.” So let’s talk about because you probably watched it too and have feelings about it.

“13 Reasons Why” follows Clay Jensen as he listens to cassette tapes left by Hannah Baker, a girl who recently took her own life, who tells the tale of why she decided to take her life. Each tape side is a reason that she committed suicide. This series is pretty much like “Degrassi” on a coke binge mixed with some meth while also enjoying so steroids. It has TV-MA rating and it literally uses that rating to the full advantage. The show starts off heavy, but not too heavy,  and eventually makes it way up to the point where it’s extremely dark and super intense. It’s way more intense than any teen dramas we have seen. Like it really gets into the reasons why this high school girl took her. It does it in a way that is just beautifully done.

The show is brilliantly down and really makes you feel for the characters. Each and every reason on Hannah’s list just makes you want to hug her. It has a lot to do with the fact that you are hearing it from the point of view of the person who lived it. It’s a different representation of teen suicide and what we’ve seen in the media. We’ve never really seen/heard the side of the person taking their own life. We’ve just seen what it has done to the people who the person has loved. It really presented it in an aspect that everyone could relate to. Everyone attended and went through high school. The stuff that Hannah goes through is stuff that people can relate to in some way, shape, or form.

It also helps that the cast and the writing were the absolutely amazing. You really felt for the characters and they made you love the ones you felt for and hate the ones you wanted to punch. Oh, there is many characters that you wanted to punch in the face. Kate Walsh did an absolutely amazing job as Hannah’s mother. All the actors really did an amazing job with how they portrayed their characters. The casting director should get a standing ovation on how they cast each character.

Overall, this shows is amazing. It handled a serious topic and one that has been covered by a lot of other teen shows and did it from a side that is often not covered. If you decide to binge watch this, be prepared to feel the feels. I recommend watching it two episodes at a time. Every two episode represents a tape. Breaking it up might be the way to watch this show. You will still feel the feels. But at least this way, it’s not all at once. This show is extremely intense.


Rating: 5 out of 5

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#FeaturedFriday: Most Popular Girls in School


If you ever wanted to know what “Mean Girls” would be like if Barbie and her friends starred in it, then “Most Popular Girls in School’ would be the answer to your prayers. And yes, this post will contain profanity.

“Most Popular Girls in School” is a stop-motion web comedy show that follows a squad of cheerleaders in Overland Park, Kansas and the life they live. It’s pretty much how one would assume Barbie and Ken would act like if they were alive. It’s pretty fucking great. There is swearing. The best part is the dolls are swearing and being bitchy. I’m pretty sure this show is a documentary on Barbie’s life.

Shit goes down in Kansas. Like there is blood feuds, pregnancies, mercenary cheerleaders, and elaborate schemes to take down their enemies. At one point, there was very well down shootout. Yeah, I didn’t know that cheerleaders do all that shit. They even take down hipsters and rip a little girl’s arms off.

The writing on the show is extremely well done. The comedy is well planned out and you can really tell how much thought went into writing and creating this show. “Most Popular Girls in Schoo” also provides with so many one-liners. The one-liners are so good that there are so many memes with them. Most of the show’s line has been made into memes, that’s how good the writing is.

The characters all stand out from each other. There’s not one character that you will forget about. Sure, there will be characters that will stand out more so than other like Brittnay Matthews. She’s pretty much the standout character of the series. She’s my spirit animal. Her bitchiness is so well done that you will love her for it. Here’s a taste of Brittnay. She’s reading a viral email:

Isn’t Brittnay lovely? If I had to give it a TV rating, it would TV-MA. But it’s well worth watching because it’s just so great. I recommend it so much, that here’s a supercut of all the insults, which you should memorize and learn by heart:

The fifth season will be starting this summer, and if you would like to enjoy this show, check them out on YouTube. This will literally be the best decision you will ever make.

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WTF is going on in Canada?


This past Friday, “Degrassi Next Class'” latest season came out on Netflix worldwide and it returned to it’s roots of “going there.” In the previous incarnations of the popular series that makes Teens in Canada look like they should have been hugged more as children, “Degrassi” pushed the envelope when it came to what was featured on children’s television. This season really did go there and was in your face. This will contain slight spoilers because it’s going to be hard not to relieve things.

First thing first: Is this what is really going on up there? Is this what Canadian youth does? Is this what any Youth do? It’s only been a few years since I was a teen but damn Daniel, that was the most intense episode I have seen in a while. If this is what youth go through then why aren’t we, as adult, doing something to help? Also, why aren’t the parents being actual parents? Also, why isn’t Canada stepping in to monitor all the chaos that is going on at Degrassi Community School? It seems like there’s always problems there and they don’t live in what would be considered a “dangerous” portion of Toronto. So many unanswered questions.

The main plot of the season was dealing with the aftermath of the big bus crash that rocked the school at the end of season two. This event, like Rick shooting up the school or some gang violence that makes them all end up wearing a poor excuse of uniforms (You’re a freaking multi-million dollar franchise that has been on the air since the 80s-I expected better than tan pants and multi-colored polos), was the main arc for several characters this season-both big storylines and little storyline. It helped flesh out some characters that weren’t introduced from the incarnation before Next Class.

But this season was just insane. They had abortions, overdosing caused by depression and suicide, homophobia through religion that wasn’t Christianity, dealing with a love one being in coma and unsure about future, how to cope with traumatic experiences, affairs, and acceptance of others and self is just some of the major topics covered in the season’s ten episode, which is a lot. Like it was car crash and you couldn’t turn away. This was in a good way as well. I honestly want more.

So far, each season has been building off of each other and it’s working really well for the series. Overall, this is the best season of Degrassi, both “Degrassi” and “Degrassi Next Class,” we have seen so far and it’s refreshing. But seriously Canada, what is going on up there?


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The pride and joy of Disney


Oh, it’s the nostalgic sequel series that started it all. “Girl Meets World” is literally the best thing now on Disney Channel.

The show doesn’t take itself too seriously. It takes jabs on “Boy Meets World” as well as itself. It’s not as corny nor “kid orientated” as the shows now on the Mouse. It acknowledges the fans that are watching to see what Corey and Topanga are up to with their children.

It’s honestly the best part of the show are the jokes. They are on fleek. They use comedy to tackle so many tough topics and its amazing. The actors are also very good. They picked a very talent cast. I thought I was going to hate that kids actors because let’s be real-kid actors aren’t know for being very good.

Overall, the show is one I recommend because one of the better shows on TV right now.