‘13 Reasons Why’ season two gets a release date!

The tapes were just the beginning of the newest season of “13 Reasons Why”

The popular and controversial Netflix original series “13 Reasons Why” has finally given us a release date for the second season along with the trailer for the upcoming season.

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In the trailer for the newest trailer for the upcoming second season, it features freeze frames clips of the characters with Polaroid pictures floating around. The pictures show different events that happened with the characters from last season, as well as things about their character. The trailer ends with the main Characters, Clay, falling out of freeze frame and finding a Polaroid of Hannah on the ground with “The Tapes were just the beginning” written on the back of it. 

From the trailer, it seems like the pictures are going to play a big part in the season. There is an ongoing police investigation that started in the last episode of season one. It would make sense that there would be photographs involved. There also could be another trail of help with the story they were telling in season one. The second season will be more focused on the aftermath of Hannah Baker’s suicide.

It’s going to be interesting to see what they do with the new season. The book that the show is based on of only covered the first season. Hopefully, it will be good for the first season. It’s usually hit or miss once shows based on books go off in a different direction.

“13 Reasons Why” will be out on Netflix on Friday, May 18th.

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‘Scream Queens’ is the perfect guilty pleasure horror show

“Scream Queen” is a deadly combination of hilarity and murder

Back in 2015, Fox premiered a show that would change the way we looked a horror shows. Created by the minds behind “Glee” and “American Horror Story,” this show combined comedy and horror in the way that most figured “Scary Movie 3” through “Scary Movie 5” ruined.

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Scream Queens” starred Emma Roberts (“American Horror Story”), Lea Michele (“Glee”), Jamie Lee Curtis (“Freaky Friday”), as well as many other all-star actors. The show was originally pitched as an anthology series, meaning that each season would be separate from each other and feature everything new. The anthology part never happened as most of the main characters appeared in both two season while the setting changed. 

“Scream Queens” is about a group of people who get terrorized by a serial killer that is out to get. The first season took place in a college and the second season took place in a hospital. The show’s main character is Chanel Oberlin and her clique called “The Chanels.” Each member of the group adopted her first name and a number like Chanel #2, Chanel #3, etc. Picture the Plastics’ from “Mean Girls” on steroids. They are pretty much everything.

The writing on the show is extremely well done. It is clever, witty, and isn’t overly complicated to where you won’t get confused if you miss something. The show is also self-aware and will make a joke at its own plot holes. In addition to the writing, “Scream Queens” is also well produced. From the shots to the music, everything fits whatever the scene needs beautifully. 

The first season of the show is simply the best. If I was to just rate the first season, then we would have it be a 4.5 out of 5. It’s the most iconic and felt the most entertaining. All the stuff that made season one amazing was all there in season two, but it just felt a little off. It was just missing the magic that the first season had. It could have been the budget. If you view each season as separate shows, then the second season is fine. It’s only when looked at as a whole series that the first season is superior.

The verdict

“Scream Queens” was ahead of its time. While the show peaked in its first season, it was still a quality show that anyone could enjoy over the age of 13. The characters were all extremely well written and likable, the plot was sometimes too wacky but you were still invested in the show. I highly recommend watching “Scream Queens” if you are just looking for a good time. It’s a good guilty pleasure show. 

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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‘Lost in Space’ goes where no reboot has gone before

There’s a new show on what is now the media giant, Netflix, and it’s been on that people have slept on for ages. Netflix has rebooted a show that has become somewhat of a cult classic.

“Lost in Space” was originally a show that was released in 1965. It followed the Robinson family in the year 1997 as they were on a five-year trip to research and create a colony. They are looking to create a new colony of humans due to overpopulation. Their trip goes bad when a spy sabotages their robot into destroying their ships, Jupiter 2. Their ship gets stuck in a meteor storm and crashes lands on a strange new planet. Hence the title of the show, “Lost in Space.”

Netflix’s version of the show follows the same premise to a certain degree. It’s darker and real. Instead of having them leave for over population, they are looking for a new world due to fear of extinction. It also features more than one family, and not just the Robinson. The darker tone of the show really works. It made more enjoyable. Of course, I like dark and gritty reboots.

The characters also got a dark and gritty as well. It’s less cookie cutter like it was in the 1960s. The parents are estranged, Mrs. Robinson was before married, Dr. Smith is a sociopath, and the robot is a murder. Because of the gritty perspective, the acting on the show is extremely good. It fits the tone and you can tell the actors really put themselves into their character’s mindset and I fully appreciate it. It makes the show enjoyable. There isn’t a character that I’m supposed to like but actually hate. Also, Mr. Robinson is a snack. Just saying.

The main problem of the show is the pacing. It’s extremely inconsistent at times. Sometimes it’s really good and keeps you invested in the show and the story. Other times, it just drags and you end up missing something because you lose interest.

What isn’t a problem is that it makes the reboot feel like its own show and not like it’s just a reboot. Sometimes with reboots, you get this feeling that it’s just a remake. But with “Lost in Space, ” It’s a totally different take and show than what aired in 1965. I’ve seen the original show and the reboot is nothing like it. It’s what all reboots should strive to be.

“Lost in Space” reboot isn’t bad by any means. It’s actually quite good. It’s pacing issue is what really hurts the show. It takes makes the show drag. When it drags, it’s really dragging. I hope “Lost in Space” does get a second season because I’m invested to see what happens to the Robinson.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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NBC’s new show ‘Rise’ hits some high notes…and some flat ones

Don’t Stop Believin’

It’s been three years since “Glee” ended it’s run. The show introduced the world into how cool it was to be different, and to be yourself. It also made everyone and their brother want to join either musical theatre and/or show choir. Now, we have a gritty show that shows what musical theatre is really about. Here’s a gif that shows my reaction when it reminded me of “Glee” within five minutes:

“Rise” follows a high school drama teacher that takes over the department and wants to break barriers and shake up the social ecosystem. The show itself is based on a true story but it felt too close to what “Glee” was. Literally, the first episode was set up the same as “Glee” first episode was. I noticed it within the first ten minutes. You’re going to get that because it’s literally the same premise. A high school teacher tried to get students to break out of social norms and follow their hearts. It also doesn’t help that both advisors for the groups are extremely passionate about glee club and musical theatre. 

As a fan of “Glee,” I think it was rather too soon to try to capture what “Glee” brought to mainstream media and pop culture. Where “Glee” shined, “Rise” doesn’t seem to rise up to all that it can be. The pilot was rushed and really didn’t make sense. There are parts that are you can really see happening and then there are parts that would never happen in high school. Would high school student start a full-on rap verse during a pep rally?

There’s also just too much going on. Every character in the show has some sort of drama. If it wasn’t all shown in one episode, it the premiere would have been way better. Literally, you got every single character’s back story. Because of this, there wasn’t any satisfying conclusion to the premiere. It just felt like “oh, this happened.”

When I watched “Rise,” it felt like I watched it all before because it was set up like “Glee.” It tried too hard to not be like “Glee” when it should have been somewhere in the middle. Sure, it doesn’t seem like we will be getting new singles every fucking episode, which was annoying and grand at the same time, but it would be nice to hear some of the songs and if they will be any good. “Rise” just feels like a more mature and adult version of “Glee.”

It doesn’t have the magic of what “Glee” gave us and it takes itself a little too seriously. It’s fucking musical theatre. There’s no need to have it be like overly cutthroat. “Rise” was a bit too overdramatic. I just wish it was there were a little less drama and more comedy. It just needs to stop taking itself so seriously.

The Verdict

“Rise” doesn’t seem like it’s a bad show, but the first episode did little to build up to excitement to what pretty much was a gritty “Glee” reboot. Hopefully, it finds its footing in its short 10 episode season. My biggest complaint was that it felt like I have already seen it. If you have seen or was a fan of “Glee,” then “Rise” is something you will watch just for the nostalgia of “Glee.” If you didn’t see “Glee,” you will more than likely enjoy “Rise.”

“Rise” airs on NBC at 9 p.m. on Tuesdays, after “The Voice.” That just screams ratings. That was sarcasm by the way.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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