So You Want to Blog: Followers


Welcome to another exciting edition of “So You Want to Blog!” Today, it’s time to chat about something that is extremely important. We are going to talk about followers. I’ve mentioned this topic before but this time it’s just going to be strictly on blogging. A lot of it will end up being the same so don’t be shocked if there are some repeat info.


So let’s begin with this statement: Followers are important but not a big deal. When it comes to judging the success of your blog, don’t base it off of how many followers you have. People aren’t following as much as they are favoriting/revisiting sites. Following is a viewed a form of commitment these days. By following, you are saying that you are interested in what that person is saying long-term. Because people have a fear of commitment these days, people just don’t follow people unless they really like what they are following. People are more willing to view your content and just come back to see what you are putting out. I don’t focus on followers but rather views.

Views are usually easier to control because it’s everyone that sees it. While not everyone will follow your blog, they will still view it if you catch their attention. It’s because of this that when I set growth goals for my blog, I do it by views. Sure, you would always want to improve your follower count but it’s just harder to and slightly impossible to do. I average probably one follower a month maybe two. Also, going by views make you see more important and successful.

If you are looking to increase your followers, then it’s all about engagement. You want to create content that will get people to respond and keep coming back. Engagement is about making people come back with content. I recommend not taking short cuts to followers because it’s cheap and doesn’t end well.

Pretty much, that it’s for this edition. Let me know your thoughts below.

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So You Want to Blog: Content


Welcome back to “So You Want to Blog!” If you are following along, then you have already set up your blog and are looking for creating content for your blog. If you haven’t been following along, then you are probably very lost and need to click here to get caught up. Don’t worry, there’s only one post into it. It’s not like you are going through weeks and weeks of content. I really don’t think that this will be that long. So let’s get into the content you will be creating for your blog.

Here’s the golden rule that I use for my blog’s content: If you can’t write more than 250 words on it, then it’s not a topic that you really want to cover. You’re blog should be something that you enjoy and cover stuff that you like to cover and find interesting to cover. You really shouldn’t just write stuff just to post. Sure, the more you post, the more popular your site will be. But you really shouldn’t be shooting for that. It’s really about quality not quantity. I post everyday, sometimes two times a day, but all of the content isn’t just small post. I put just amount of effort into all the post. While some are better than others, they all are post that I feel comfortable posting.

If you are looking to get into this full-time, then you need to be prepared to write about 500-1000 words on topics. While that seems a lot, it’s not really. Like I said above, if you can do more than 250 words then you want to cover that topic. You also need to have a decent spelling and grammar. Sure, you can make mistakes here and there. But, you can’t have just be bunch of errors. No one wants to read that shit. Sure, there are some errors you can make when you find your voice and help tell your story, but your article needs to read professionally….well, just don’t have any errors. Also,the trolls of the internet will harass you. They all think they are police and call people out for spelling and grammar errors when they make a lot of them as well.

A little cheat that you can do if you want to cover but you have something short on it. Say you are desperate to post something and you need create a post. Well, make multimedia post. It’s not a great post but it will work. If your post is all one paragraph and no pictures, then it’s not going to be as successful as one with more content. A wise man once told me that “content is king.” That was for radio but it holds true for your blog. The better and more diverse your content is while staying true to your topic, will make people want to come back and stay loyal to your blog. #Brandloyality

Pretty much, you want to create post that you would read and have represent you. Don’t just put out stuff just to put out stuff. Make it mean something because if the stuff you are posting have some sort of meaning, then it bring you more follower in the long run. It will take longer but it will be well worth it in the long run.

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So You Want to Blog: Getting started


So I’ve decided to spread my wealth knowledge and share some things that will help you be a better blogger. These are just some things that I’ve experienced and learned from to help improve my skills. Some are things I noticed in other blogs. I’m not going to point fingers but rather just point out tips. Now, by all means, I’m not saying that I’m an expert on blogging. I’m definitely not perfect at it. I do have a degree in Communications and many years experience in Journalism, which is how I treat this blog. So we are going to kick this off with at the starting line: Getting started.

That gif of Miley is just for kicks and giggles. Has really nothing to do with the article. Okay, so before you start blogging you need to pick what do you want to blog about. Don’t  worry about whether or not your topic is overdone or will get you to being a celebrity. Just pick a topic that you enjoy and you enjoy talking about. You can blog about cats, you can be a fashion blogger, and you can even be a blogger about blogs. You can have a blogception. You want to make it something you will enjoy doing. I’m always a fan in doing something that you love. If you love it, then it will show in your work. Hell, you can be like me and pick a vague topic so you can talk about literally everything.

Before you go set up a blog, you need to realize that it will be a very long time before your blog will be exactly how you want it. Still, shoot to be the best with what you have to work with but it will take a while for you to be like the blogs you see with the flashy pages and embedded videos that are actually saved on the site. Everything takes time. Rome wasn’t built-in a day, and either will your blog. You also won’t be able to make any money for a very long time. So please don’t quit your job because you won’t be able to blog without money. You could try but you need internet in order to blog and you can’t really do that without money.

Now there are many of different websites to host your blog. is the one that I use and I recommend because it’s easy to use and you don’t need to know web design. It also has a lot of quality themes. Make sure you don’t pay for any hosting. Keep it free because if you decided that blogging isn’t for you, then you wouldn’t lose any money. Just your time and effort. That’s easier to get back than your money. But just make sure which one you are using, you like. Now, you can change at the beginning but nine times out of ten, you will be starting over again. If you change, then you will pretty much be forced to re-upload all the existing post to your new one if you are keeping the same topic. I recommend doing through research before selecting one.

After you have your topic and your hosting site for your blog, start planning out your content. And that is where we will hold off until next week.

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