Improving your Snapchat/Insta stories


It’s time to adventure down the road to the only street corner where a dollar won’t make anyone holler! Welcome to the latest edition of “Social Media Corner,” where I help you become a better social medialist. Buckle up and grab your cellphone because I’m here to help you make your Instagram/Snapchat stories better. Oh, I guess you can also use these tips for Facebook stories but who uses Facebook for that?

One of the great things about Instagram and Snapchat is it allows you to tell a story for your followers to see as if they are apart of your day. You can use filters, emojis, and stickers in order to make your story pop. One of the common mistakes people do is they use too many and it just looks like a cluttered mess. I’ve done it before, and we’ve all done it before. It’s okay to do it once in a while but you don’t want to constantly do it. It just takes away from the picture/video you are posting. It’s totally fine if you use them in a funny way if you are trying to comedic, but you don’t want the filters and stickers to over power. And while we are on the subject of filters, here’s some filters I wouldn’t use and why:

  • Voice changing filters that also make you talk really fast. If you don’t want people to hear what you are saying, then don’t say it.
  • Dog ear filter that licks the screen because it’s overdone and needs to go away. Also, if I wanted to see the inside of your mouth, I’d be your dentist.
  • Side note: Sticking stickers over your private parts isn’t cool. It’s rather stupid. It’s fine if you use it for sexy images but that just makes you look like you need to go to a doctor for a checkup.

Now when you are creating your story, you just need to keep like you would a tweet: short, sweet, and to the point. If you are planning on making a funny story, I would recommend planning it out like a script. But if you are just going about your day, then just do a few pics/vids of each. You don’t want to have a super long story. If you have a long story, then people won’t be interested and just skip it. Make sure your story is a length is something that you would watch. If it’s not, then why would others watch? You also want to keep in mind that most people are watching stories in-between task. Also, if you decided to rant or have a conversation, that is fine. But keep in mind of the stopping in-between pics/video and the length.

Follow the tips I’ve given you and you should be on your way to having the best story ever. And you can thank my corner for that.

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Dealing with haters on Social Media


On this edition of “Social Media Corner,” it’s time to dive into the hate you will get into social media and how to deal with it because there’s a proper way to deal with it that doesn’t make you look like a douche and to feed the fire.

So in the world that we live in, we have a bunch of people who like to “troll” and just hate on shit because they can. They feel like it’s their job to say what they want because it’s the internet. Well, I’m going to help deal with them. You have to do it in the right way because if you don’t, then you will start a blood feud. Haters like that aren’t worth starting a blood feud. The only time you need to have a blood feud is if they will help and your engagement on social media. Pretty much, only start a blood feud if they have over 5,000 followers. So let’s say you get a comment like this:

Die bitch. You are the worst. My cat has better talent in its shit than you. Horrible. I hope you die in a freak accident while skipping.

I bet you are thinking about how you would respond to that and you would probably end up cussing them out. You don’t want to do that because it will start an unnecessary war. Engaging them like that only builds them up. Think of it like high school bullying. Not hardcore bullying that you should report. But people just trying to get under your skin. We are always told to not let them know it’s affecting you. If they see that it affects you, then they will continue. One way you want to address is by not addressing at all. Just ignore it and more on with your life if it something like that. Unless it’s like threatening you  or someone, just ignore it. Don’t block the comment because if you block it then they will known it affected you. They will keep coming for you.

If you are like me, then you are a smart ass. While it’s safer just to ignore, us smart asses can’t do that. We have to get the last word in. You can do this with hates, but you don’t want to start a blood feud. So because I’m amazing. Here’s some smart ass response I would say back:

  • Thank you for your support!
  • If you aren’t making money off of your cat’s talented shit then you are missing out
  • Good for you and your cat
  • You know how to sweet talk
  • You need to buy me dinner before you tell me to die
  • That whole statement was a turn on
  • I love when you tell me to go die/call me a bitch
  • It’s a good thing I don’t skip

Now, my publicist states that I should mention that if you use any of these, I cannot promise it won’t start a blood feud. But at least you might win them over and turn a hater into a fan. Again, I can’t promise that either.

Pretty much, when it comes to haters on social media. You just got to ignore them. Ignore them in probably the safest thing that you can do. They are only doing it just to get a reaction. If you don’t give them a reaction, then it becomes no longer fun for them. Some though will be shocked if you give them a smartass comment back. Either one of these methods will work but the safer method is to just let it be. Also,  just get a good laugh at it and enjoy the hate because that means your content is catching people’s attention.

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What the App is this? Flipboard


It’s been awhile since we did this but it’s time again to explain “What the App is this?” If you don’t get the joke, it sounds like what the F*** is this. Some people find that funny. If you aren’t that kind of person then this isn’t the blog for you. Anyway, on this edition, I’ll be sharing to you what this app/site called Flipboard is. Oh, this isn’t a paid advertistment for them….unless they would like it to be *wink*

If you are reading this on “Flipboard” then please continue reading it so I can feel better. But for those who aren’t, Flipboard is pretty much an application that combines all the stuff you want to know about with your social media. The app then presents it’s in a magazine style. It’s actually a really cool app, one that I use almost every day for both personally and professionally.

You select the topics that you care about hearing news from. This could be anything from actual news, Apple Products, Music, Entertainment, Social Media, etc. You name it and there is probably something covering it. This will pretty much make up the major of the content that you will see. You can also create your own magazines and fill it with post that you find interesting. Other users can see these and “flip” the post in there own magazine, like the post, and even make comments on it.  You can also create your own post which will show up in the overall category. It’s pretty cool.


Flipboard running on iOS. Isn’t pretty cool?

The best part of the app is they it let’s you see a bunch of different things that you normally wouldn’t see if you were just looking in a search engine. There just so much content on Flipboard, you will literally never find content that won’t interest you. There’s always something cool and new in the pages, so to speak. It’s present in a really cool way. Everything looks like its in a magazine and it just looks really nice and crip – including your social media.

I recommend Flipboard to everyone, especially if you would like to see content on the topics you love, plus your social media, in all one place. And if you are looking for more interesting content, feel free to check The Pop Project: with Steven Kaufman’s magazine on Flipboard. Click here to view the awesomeness.

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Don’t worry about Facebook likes.


Facebook is the giant that took down MySpace a leader of the social media world. But with the recent additions to the game, it turns out that Facebook might not be that important if you are looking to extend your brand. Grab your coat because we are about to head over to the cleanest and safest corner on the street. Welcome to “Social Media Corner.”

So Facebook these days has been reduced to being only for friends and family, annoying game request, and re-posted videos that aren’t even yours, to begin with. If you are trying to reach the age group of 14-30, then don’t even worry about trying to get your page likes on that site. The majority of them are on Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter. While Facebook is still a good way to have your content seen, it’s not something that I would overly stress myself over.

Facebook just doesn’t have the pull that it once did. If you look at the number of followers celebrities have on Twitter compared to Facebook, it’s actually a lot more. People just aren’t on Facebook, at least for following brands. Again, I’m not saying that you should just say “screw it” and totally write off Facebook. I would still make a page and use it so people have a content. But I wouldn’t be upset if your followers aren’t that high. People aren’t liking pages on there. They aren’t even really liking a post on there, even if it interest them. I know I don’t really like any pages on Facebook. I don’t see the point when I follow them on everything else. That’s why I don’t promote my Facebook page at the end of the post but rather briefly on the side. You are more than likely going to follow on Twitter than on Facebook. Pretty much, Facebook is just isn’t as good of platform anymore. Now I bet you’re wondering, “Steven, is there a way to still use Facebook in a productive way to help my brand?” To that, I give you a yes!

People are more than likely to share/see a video and start to build trust whether they agree with it or they just like what they content is. Why read something when you can watch videos. Think about it for a moment. How many times are you scrolling through your news feed and you see a video? It’s like every five posts. The perfect example of this is Tomi Lahren. Her videos got the majority of views on Facebook because people agreed with her views and they shared them. Then the cycle started and that’s how you build a brand on Facebook. Facebook has turned into more of a visual platform than a text one. Put out visual content that people find funny, interesting, or just agree with and it will help you build your brand on there.

Hopefully, this has helped. Just remember to not freak out if your Facebook likes go down or they aren’t that high. Unless its visual content like videos or photos, it may take a while to build up. Especially when people don’t like pages or post anymore. Just breathe and don’t stress.

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