‘Supergirl’ Breakdown: “Triggers”

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Kara Danvers is still sad. ugh.

It’s time once again for the breakdown of this week’s episode of “Supergirl.” It’s your one of many stops to find out the deets on what occurred over in National City this week. What makes this stop different from the rest? I’m little more blunt and sarcastic.



This week, Kara Danvers’ world are colliding as a psychic villain named Psi paralyzes her and the citizen’s with the greatest fears. Originally, she thought it had something to do her trauma from being in that pod from Krypton. She was so traumatized by relieving this, she actually had panic attacks from it. It turns out her fear was that Mon-El would be going through the same things she did in the pod…or he might be dead.

Samantha and her daughter Ruby returned for something that I spent the most part of the episode going “Why should I care about this?” The subplot for them wasn’t any spectacular because it was just lame to a certain degree. She was trying to move on with her life but her daughter wanted to talk about it. It could have been done better. The subplot doesn’t really tell me why I should care until the end when it’s revealed that she’s helping Lena run her companies.

It also seems that they were going for some metaphorical shit in this episode as Psi looks a lot like Kara. I think it was intentional on how similar both look to each other. It’s kind of like that Psi is the physical manifestation of her fears about Mon-El. When she lets her fear control her, Psi is running free and doing whatever she want because Supergirl can’t stop her. It wasn’t until she stopped worrying about the consequence to sending Mon-El away that Psi was stopped. She stopped letting the fear run and control her both sides of her life. Don’t worry though, because she did the same thing last week. Next week, she’s be back to depressed Kara. She has every right to be but if you are going to have it be a common theme, then don’t have it come across as being resolved.

This episode is pretty much is a continuation of last week’s episode. The week theme was “moving on.” I like that the whole “Kara misses Mon-El” is continuing but it would have been better to air with the premiere as a two-hour premiere. While it did build a lot of the story for the season, it felt like something we’ve already seen. Having Samantha be in charge while Lena (Is it just me or does Lena occasionally have a British accent?) is running Catco is actually genius. It puts her in the mix more because I have a feeling that she will be having a bigger part as the season progresses.

The dumbest move of the night was the fact that Kara was planning on changing in an elevator. Does she not realize that those have cameras in them and that anyone could open it up and see that Kara Danvers is really Supergirl? It also didn’t help when she was having a panic attack and was in there for what was probably a couple of minutes.

“Triggers” was definitely better than the premiere but should have been with it instead of a week later. It progresses the story but not until the last five minutes. It pretty much spends most of the episodes tying loose ends from the premiere.

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‘Supergirl’ Breakdown: “Girl of Steel”


Kara Danvers is sad

Welcome to the first breakdown of the CW show “Supergirl.” Since the sharing of my thoughts on “Big Brother” was such a popular thing, I thought I would do it/bring it back for shows that I’m going to watch anyways. This will contain spoilers, so if you haven’t watched the newest episode, you really need to get on that shit.


The episode follows the aftermath of what occurred last season. It’s pretty much an episode where Kara is just depressed, moody, and grieving the fact she had to send her boyfriend Mon El into space in order to save his life and the entire city. She pretty much just turns off being Kara Danvers and becomes Kara Zor-El/Supergirl the entire episode. Because she’s turned off Kara Danvers, she becomes distant from her friends and is just really a bitch. Melissa Benoist’s performance in this episode was rather good. She plays a much more pissed and jaded Kara. You can tell that she is just over it all due to she had to sacrifice her boyfriend.

This was very reminiscent to what Buffy Summers experience when she had to sacrifice her boyfriend Angel to save the world in “Buffy The Vampire Slayer.” Buffy left town for months and became disconnected with her friends and family. It took two episodes to finally get back emotionally and not cut out her friends. “Supergirl” rushed this into just one episode. By the end of the episode, she’s back to being Kara Danvers like nothing happened. There was no really resolution to it besides her almost drowning. It was just anticlimactic.

“Girl of Steel” isn’t a bad episode, but it isn’t the way that I would have opened the season. I get that they have to deal with the events that occurred in the finale, but they way they did it made it drag. This episode dragged A LOT. I am glad that they returned to the Kara is trying to balance the issues of her personal life and her life as Supergirl.

This episode really doesn’t raise my hope that this season will be better than the one before it. “Supergirl” is still the weakest out of the entire DC Universe on the CW and it feels like it doesn’t want to change that. It needs to grow and it doesn’t seem to be doing that. I really hope the this improves over the course of the season, if it doesn’t, it will be a shame. So much potential.

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