Get ready for Amanda Bynes’ gift in ‘She’s The Man’

Since Amanda Bynes has recently returned into our culture and looking I might add, I thought it was time that we looked into the past and her filmography go back to the gift that she has given us that we haven’t properly thanked her for. What is that gift you may ask? CHANNING. FUCKING. TATUM. Let’s just get into the review of “She’s The Man.”

we all know the reason this gif is here

Inside every girl, there’s a boy

“She’s The Man” was released in March of 2006. It was directed by Andy Fickman, who gave the world “The Game Plan,” “Race to Witch Mountain,” and “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2.” Sigh. The movie stars Amanda Bynes (Your Childhood and “What I Like About You”) and Channing Tatum (Your mother’s closet and “Magic Mike”). This was one of Channing Tatum’s big breaks in the early to mid-2000s. Besides “Step Up” that came out in the same year, this was our real first look at the man that would literally be in everyone with a pulse’s dream. The movie is also based off of the Shakespearean play “Twelfth Night.” A lot of people thing that it’s based off on the 1985 teen movie “Just One of the Guys.” It’s not, it’s just based off of the same play. Less nudity.

This wasn’t a scene in the movie. They just shot this for “promotion.”

The movie follows Olivia as she tries to get revenge on her former high school’s boy soccer team and her hot yet douchy boyfriend. The school cut the funded the girl’s team and the sexist coach refused to let them try out. So Olivia decides to pose as her twin brother and attend his new school, which happens to the rival school. The movie follows Olivia as she tries to fit in with her new teammates while also trying to get her new hot roommate to fall in love with her.

When I watched this movie back as an adult, it wasn’t as funny as I remember it to be. In fact, I’m not really sure why I thought so fondly of it. I still think it’s a good movie but it’s honestly just not as good as I remember it to be. Could it have been because a 14 years old version of me was just interested in Channing Tatum and watched anything that Amanda Bynes did? The world may never know. But what I do know is that this movie wasn’t ‘All That.’ Get it?

The acting in it was okay. It wasn’t horrible but yet it wasn’t anything that would win an Oscar. Amanda Bynes was probably the best in the film just because comedy and situationally comedy is her strong point. She really tried her best. But like I said, there was no real breakout acting. I mean, Channing Tatum did a great job with then limited acting experience. But it was your average teen romantic comedy acting.

Left: Amanda as her Brother
Right: Amanda as Olivia

The production on the film was actually pretty good. It was on par with other movies out at the time. It wasn’t anything too exciting but yet it wasn’t anything over the top. I was just your average 2000s teen movie. The message behind the movie is still extremely powerful and relevant. It wasn’t something that is overly empowering but it still gives you a message about gender stereotypes and breaking those barriers.

Now I thought about rating Channing Tatum on how was in the film both by performance wise and hotness but that would be rating a baby seal on how adorable it is. We all know it’s adorable so why state the obvious?


“She’s The Man” is an okay movie. It’s nothing too special but yet it’s nothing too great. It’s just kind of there for teen movies. Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum give the best performances in the movie. Because this movie is in her wheel house, and she’s the star, Amanda is the highlight of the entire movie. I do recommend watching it as the message is still a good and relevant message. “She’s The Man” is the perfect rainy day movie or if there isn’t anything else on.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

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Top 5 Events in 2013 that Pop’ed Our World: Amanda Bynes Mental Breakdown


In honor of the New Year, we thought that we would count down the top 5 events that pop’ed our world. Number 4 on our countdown is….Amanda Bynes’ mental breakdown.

When we started 2013, I don’t think any was expecting our beloved Nickelodeon star of the 90s (sorry Kenan and Kel but you ain’t got nothing on Bynes) to go down the path that she did. We starting to get a hint of something when Amanda started to get into legal problems back in March 2012. But then from their it started to just spiral out of control. But it wasn’t until she debuted her “new look” in the spring of 2013 that we finally meet Amanda Bynes (now with wigs and cheek dermals!). This Amanda was pretty much a train wreck and at the time, we had to clue what was wrong with the once popular actress. She was pretty much the new Lindsay Lohan. 

After she started some fires (she’s legitimately started fires), her parents put her on a conservatorship (like Britney has…still) and put her into rehab during the summer in order for her to get better.

Thankfully, Amanda got help and was released in this month! She back in Los Angeles with her parents and is planning on attending Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in the new year! While Amanda isn’t out of legal problems yet, it’s good to see her back to somewhat normal.

Amanda in December 2013                                                                        Photo-US Magazine

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Check back on December 29th for the number 3 event in our Top 5 events in 2013 that pop’ed our world.

Meet America’s train wreck


The impossible has finally happened, Lindsay Lohan is no longer America’s train wreck. Lindsay Lohan is now the farthest thing from it. Lindsay is one who people actually are now rooting for because of her openness about her problems and her seemly willingness to get back on the right path. But taking her place is the former Nickelodeon’s angel-Amanda Bynes (There’s irony in this and I’ll explain later).

In case you have lived under a rock for the past year, this pretty much sums up Amanda Bynes then and now:

The wig wearing, cheek piercing, Amanda Bynes has shown that 1) Disney isn’t the only company where there is something in the water and 2) Lindsay Lohan is pretty much the lowest level on the celebrity train wreck meter. The ironic part in this that Amanda Bynes’s meltdown happened around the time that Disney began to beat Nickelodeon in the ratings, which was the first time.

While Lindsay Lohan isn’t out of the clear entirely yet especially when she didn’t know what rehab to go to (it was a tough decision that she just had to sleep on), Amanda Bynes’ twitter seems to kill any supporters she had. From tweeting about how she wanted to Drake to “murder her vagina” to basically telling everyone that she is going to sue them (I wonder if she actually has yet), Amanda Bynes should really be put on a twitter probation.

But for reals, I hope that Amanda Bynes gets help because this train wreck doesn’t to seem to be like Lindsay Lohan’s but rather something mental train wreck. Until then, Amanda Bynes will be one of the most tragic hollywood tales of this generation.

“Amanda PUH-LEEZE!” A letter to Amanda Bynes

Dear Amanda (thaaaaaaaaaaat’s you!),

Hello there, How are…well the world know how you are doing, which is wonderful. I’m a big fan of yours. I’ve followed you since the beginning of your career on “All That” and I’m going to be keeping it real with you because I respect you-I’m worried about you, especially after this tweet: Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 11.28.35 AM

First, let me just tell you that saying this, whether serious or not, won’t get you laid. Most people assume that anything involve murder is a bad thing so telling someone, who is black and a rapper (stereotyping too), that you want them to “murder your vagina (thank you for using its given name)” isn’t going to come across the same way as you would want it too. You might as well said “I want @drake take me to pound town …well you can take it from since this is a classy blog/show.  Second, I would like to thank you for ruining my childhood with your tweet to Drizzy Drake because I don’t want to think about Penelope Taynt getting taken to “pound town” by Jimmy Brooks, who couldn’t take Ashley to pound town because he was in a wheelchair and couldn’t get it up all the time.

I’m not worried about you because I think you are cray-cray and slowly becoming Lindsay Lohan 2.0, I’m worried about you because people are comparing you to Lindsay Lohan, a fate that I wouldn’t even wish on my enemy (sorry LiLo, but it’s true). Please don’t become like Lindsay Lohan because…well, look at her. Granted, she’s better than what she was back in 2005 but still!  Please, Please, Please don’t post stuff like this because you are way better than Lindsay Lohan…mainly because you not are cray-cray and into drugs… least from what I’m aware of.

Anyways, I hope you have a wonderful day and please, try not to become like Lindsay Lohan.


Steven Kaufman

Host of The Pop Project:with Steven Kaufman