‘Cruel Intentions 3’ was a step in the right direction

Because there’s a review for the first and second one, I felt like we need to finish off the franchise because it’s only fair. After watching “Cruel Intentions 2,” I came into “Cruel Intentions 3” will little to no expectations. I pretty much just went in hoping and wish that it wasn’t as bad as the second one. That one was a fucking trainwreck.

The moral of the “Cruel Intentions” series

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If you want to be so much like Kathryn, then let me be your Sebastian.

“Cruel Intentions 3” was released in 2004 as a direct-to-DVD sequel. No one from the original movie returned and honestly, for the best. The only thing that ties this movie to the two before is that the main female is related to the queen bitch Kathryn. It stars Kerr Smith (“Dawson’s Creek”) and Kristina Anapau (“True Blood”) as Jason Argyle and Cassidy Merteuil respectively.

The movie follows Jason and Cassidy as they use the people around them in bets that get them money, power, and sex. Things get a wild when Jason’s roommate gets involved and things start to get a little real and the bets take a more manipulative toll on the people around them. It’s pretty much a new take of the plot we have had in the last two movies. It’s nice to see them not use the same plot points.

This movie is a hundred times better than “Cruel Intentions 2.” It felt more like a movie and I could tell that they put more effort into it. It was more of a sequel than the one before it. It’s still not up to the level of the first one. That’s pretty hard to do because it’s iconic.

Meet Cassidy and Jason. They aren’t step-siblings so this isn’t creepy

The acting in it is still iffy but it’s not as noticeable with this one because the actors portrayed their characters so much better. It was way more believable this time around. It could be that they are all new characters but either way, I liked the characters more. As I said, it probably has to do with the fact they are new characters and not characters that I’ve already known and liked before they got new actors. They aren’t as good as OG Kathryn and Sebastian but they are better than the versions in “Cruel Intentions 2.”

Now I will say this: this movie came across as softcore porn. There’s actually a couple of very graphic sex scenes that are pretty much softcore porn. It’s actually kind of awkward sex scenes too. They don’t really add things to the movie. It’s kind of like they just threw in some sex scenes to make it spicy.

When it comes to the main plot of the movie, there is too much going on to keep up. There’s multiple plots points going on and it gets hard to follow at some points. Is it really necessary to have multiple bets going on? There’s also more side characters that don’t really do anything. Some set up a plot point for it to make sense and then other times it’s kind of like “Why are you here?” One thing that “Cruel Intentions 2” did right was it let the plot flow naturally and not have too much going on. This is just too much thrown at you for the sake of filling time.


“Cruel Intentions 3” is a much better movie than “Cruel Intentions 2.” It’s still nothing compared to the first movie but it was a step in a better direction. The fact that it had little to do with the original helped it greatly. What didn’t help it was that the plot had too much going on. The sex scenes were meh and felt placed to make the rating. Honestly, I wouldn’t have minded seeing this become the television show. The characters were new and likable. I honestly want to know what happens to them after the awkward transition at the end.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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‘Cruel Intentions 2’ is a bittersweet symphony

Get ready! This is one of those movie reviews where I watch a movie so you don’t have to. “Cruel Intentions” has become one of my favorite movies of all time. It’s so iconic that I can’t think of the 90s without thinking about this movie. It’s because of my love for “Cruel Intentions,” I decided to find and watch the sequel to it because why not. I now regret my decision and I hope that you won’t make the same mistake I did. 

Me after watching this movie.


It’s a bitter sweet symphony

“Cruel Intentions 2” was the direct-to-sequel to “Cruel Intentions.” It was actually never intended to be a film. The film that we know of today was originally supposed to be a pre-sequel series entitled “Machester Prep.” It took the characters from the first film and set up the early years for Sebastian and Kathryn. The series recorded and produced three episodes before it could air. They took those three episodes, added more scenes to it, and called it “Cruel Intentions 2.” Sigh. 

Filmed by the same person that created the original, “Cruel Intentions 2” followed Sebastian as he moved in with his father and new stepmother. Sebastian must quickly adapt to his new school as well as dealing with his step-sister Kathryn. The two quickly clash due to their similar personalities. The films follow them up as they grow to use each other to help get ahead at their school and in life.

They must have been drunk/high when they though they looked like a young Ryan Phillippe and Sarah Michelle Gellar

Within in the first five minutes, I knew what kind of movie that this was going to be. I went in with low expectations but this movie wasn’t very good at all. It had all the characters and setting but didn’t capture what made the first movie so good. I get it was a television show but shots looked low quality. The movie also relied on some of the same plots of the original movie. Like the iconic kiss between Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair was in the movie again. It was a farce compared to the original. And yes, I just used the word farce.

The acting in the movie was okay. There was no chemistry between any of the actors, especially the ones playing younger Sebastian and Kathyrn. For two character that was step-siblings with sexual tension, there was little to none there. The actors also don’t look anything like the actors from the first movie. It would have been nice to get someone that looks close to Ryan Phillippe and Sarah, especially when it was only a few years prior to “Cruel Intentions.”

Production of “Cruel Intentions 2” came across very rushed. While I praise the fact they made it seem like one movie and not three separate episodes put into one, the added scene doesn’t really add anything to the movie. It’s just extra nudity that I could have really done without. It felt like it was just there for the rating. They also spliced two different movies soundtracks together. Using the music from “Cruel Intentions” is absolutely fine, but music from “Jawbreakers” was also used. I don’t know if this was supposed to happen but it’s just weird.

The actual writing of the movie isn’t bad at all. If they would have shown some effort and created a better movie/show, it wouldn’t be so bad. Better actors that actually looked similar to the original actors and better production would have made it enjoyable. But this movie lost my interest before the start of the second episode. It was rather hard to watch. 


“Cruel Intentions 2” isn’t anything like “Cruel Intentions.” I would recommend just watching once just so you can know the backstory behind Sebastian and Kathryn. There’s no replay value to it what so ever. Honestly, I could have done without it. I can see why it got canceled as a television show.

Rating: 2 out of 5

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‘Cruel Intentions’ is still an iconic teen movie

Say what you want, but the 1990s and early 2000s had the best teen movies. Today, I thought I was appropriate to talk about one of the most iconic teen movies. It’s so iconic that I already thought I reviewed it. I’m ashamed to admit that I haven’t yet. Don’t worry, we’ll fix that now. It’s time to review “Cruel Intentions.”

Released in 1999, “Cruel Intentions” stars Ryan Phillippe, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Reese Witherspoon, and Selma Blair. It was directed by Roger Kumble. He directed the 2008 Disney Movie “College Road Trip.” He’s proof that not everything you do in life can be a hit. The movie is based on a 1782 french novel called “Les Liaisons dangereuses,” or Dangerous Liasons. There’s also another movie based off the novel but that’s something less iconic. 

“Cruel Intentions” follows the step-sibling duo of Sebastian Valmont and Kathryn Merteuil as they manipulate and use people in their high society life during summer vacation. The two scheme up a plan: If Sebastian can sleep with the new headmaster’s virgin daughter, Annette, Kathryn will sleep with him. If he fails to sleep with her, then she will get Sebastian car. The movie follows the two and the chaos that they create in order to get their plan to succeed.  

Iconic cast

This movie wasn’t well like on the review circuit when it was first released. While it was a commercial success, the film has gone on to be a cult classic. Just by watching the film, you can tell why because it is perfectly done.

Between the script, the iconic lines, the music, and the acting, “Cruel Intentions” is everything that was right with the 1990s. The cast was all big name, or soon to be big names. It was an all-star cast. I’m going to assume that the reviewers back then respect a film of this caliber. Ryan Phillippe is literally everything in this movie. 

It’s also many different ways of messed up. It’s mainly in the relationship between Sebastian and Kathryn. There’s an incestuous tone to it, as you probably could have seen from my summary of it. Weirdly enough, it fits the movie. It’s also messed up how they use everyone. But without it, we wouldn’t have the iconic kiss between Sarah and Selma. It’s still iconic to this day

Most of the movie even aged well. There’s some language that you wouldn’t really hear in this day and age. Mainly because it’s offensive. The themes are your typically teen drama themes but the dark undertones of them make it so much more interesting. Even for a 90s teen movie, it was dark. It’s actually rated R. It uses it to its full advantages and I don’t think they could pull it off any other way. 


Overall, “Cruel Intentions” is one of my favorite movies of all times. It’s a movie that everyone needs to experience. It’s a cult classic and honestly, it’s underrated. It doesn’t get the credit it deserves. I recommend it to anyone that like teen dramas. It’s the right kind of dark and twisty. “Cruel Intentions” is just an iconic movie that we need to appreciate more.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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