Demi vs Selena: The Battle of the Magic Kingdom


It’s time to go to war! In the Pop Project Arena, we are going to find out who is the true Princess of the Magic Kingdom. Two former best friends and co-stars are going to square off. It’s Demi Lovato vs Selena Gomez! Will Demi give Selena a “Heart Attack” or will Selena “Hit the Lights” on Demi? It’s time to find out.

This battle will be a four five round battle, with each round being an album. Based on US album sales, the one with the best sales will be declared victorious. In the event of a tie, we will go to overall single sales. Let’s get this bad boy started. (Note: While “Stars Dance” is considered to Selena’s début album as a solo artist, we are considering the three album with “Selena Gomez & The Scene” as apart of her solo discography.)


Round 1: Kiss & Tell vs Don’t Forget


Demi’s début album was released on September 28, 2008 and reached to number two on the Billboard 200 charts. It spawned three singles including the iconic single of the same name. The record managed to sell 534,000 in the United States and be certified Gold.

Selena Gomez and the Scene released their début “Kiss & Tell” a year after Demi on September 29,2009. The album spawned two singles and managed to sell 922,000 in the United States. The album entered the Billboard 200 at number 9 and went Gold.

Round 2: A Year Without Rain vs Here We Go Again


Little less than a year after the release of “Don’t Forgot,” Demi gave us “Here We Go Again” on July 21, 2009 and it gave Demi her first, and so far only, number one album on the Billboard 200 charts. The album spawned only two singles with the best-selling one being “Here We Go Again,” and that one reached number 15. It also sold 496,000 in the US.

Almost one year later, SG&TS released “A Year Without Rain” on September 21, 2010 and reached the number four spot on the Billboard 200. The album sold 812,000 and managed to go Gold.  It also spawned two singles that got mediocre success.

Round 3: When The Sun Goes Down vs Unbroken


After a two year hiatus to get her life back on track, Demi released “Unbroken” on September 20,2011 and it’s her least charting album,as it reached number four on the Billboard 200, but did give her more sales than “Here We Go Again with sales for “Unbroken” being 500,178 originally. When updated as of February 2017, it went down to 492,000. It still manage to keep Demi swimming in Gold records while only have two singles.

“When The Sun Goes Down” was released on June 28,2011. It spawned three singles that help send the album to Gold and to the number three spot on the Billboard 200. It also sold 694,ooo in the US, which is the lowest SG&TS sales. The group took split after this album, which allowed Selena to go solo.

Round 4: Stars Dance vs Demi


“Demi,” was released two years after “Unbroken” on May 10, 2013.  The album reached number three on the charts and still gave Demi that Gold she’s had for the last three albums. It also had four singles for the album. The album sold 463,000, which was Demi’s lowest. Fun Fact: the album is certified Diamond in Brazil and she is the only Disney-star ever to have a Diamond album.

Selena’s solo debut album “Stars Dance” was released on July 19, 2013. It was her first album to reach number one in the Billboard 200. The album is also her fast-selling album yet, which led Selena to sell 392,000 in the US. It also spawned two singles and went Gold…in Canada.

While after four rounds, Selena is up 3-1. In order to find a winner….wait! We can’t forget about the newest releases!!!!

Round 5: Revival vs Confident


Demi’s latest album “Confident” was released in October 16, 2015. The album reached to 2 on the Billboard 200. It got Demi her first Grammy nomination in 2017 (YAY Demi!!!). “Confident” also gave Demi two singles in the Hot 100 and one hitting number 2 in the Bubbling under Hot 100 singles.

“Revival” was released in October 9,2015. The album is her second album to become number 1 on the Billboard 200. Three of the singles made the top ten of the Hot 100, with the last single “Kill Em with Kindness” breaking the top 50.

Now, that we have all the albums set up. Let’s compare and figure out who will rule the kingdom.

Let’s tally up the money…..


While we already knew that Selena ultimately sold more album than Demi, the overall total sales in the US helped prove that fact. Now if we were to go by how each album did on the charts, then Demi would definitely win that race. It’s safe to assume that Selena sold the most albums because of the popularity of her TV show, movies. Demi did popular TV shows and movies, they just weren’t as popular as Selena’s was.  So here’s Selena kissing you haters goodbye….

…because she’s now the reigning Princess QUEEN of the Magic Kingdom. Bye Felicia.

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Demi Lovato new CD send fans into a glitter attack


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The clock is still ticking for Lovatics everywhere.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 3 months, you know that Demi Lovato’s fourth studio album, self titled as “DEMI” drops on May 14th.  Eager and ruthless Lovatics however have recently tweeted their little hearts out, myself included, to unlock each song on the upcoming album a WEEK EARLY.  Yes, each song from DEMI is now able to be streamed via her official Vevo page, DemiLovatoVevo.  So as a self proclaimed and quite extreme Lovatic (I have a tattoo dedicated to the girl for God’s sake), who was recently blessed with this opportunity to listen to each song from the album IN THEIR ENTIRETY a week early…I feel it is my duty to present you with a track by track review of each song on DEMI, and give my overall thoughts on the album. So, here goes nothing…


Heart Attack:

The first single that was released in March starts the album off with a familiar bang.  You know the song, you love the song and it sets the tone for the rest of the album.

Favorite parts: That crazy run of high notes in the bridge…Damn girl.

Made in the USA:

This track was recently announced as the next single and music video from the album, which Demi directed herself.  The track is lighthearted and poppy, and sounds like a radio station’s dream.  Perfectly mainstream with just the right amount of uniqueness that is quintessentially Demi.

Favorite parts: The banjo picking near the end of the song, and the catchy chorus.  “Our love was made in the USA…”

Without the Love:

Upbeat track with a slightly depressing theme, once again perfectly and totally Demi.  The melody to this is hella catchy and seriously makes me wonder who this song is exactly about, as do the majority of the songs on the album…where are the T-Swift type hidden games in the liner notes when you need them?

Favorite parts: The bridge, and the chorus are so powerful. “What good is a love song without the love?…”


Neon Lights:

THIS SONG! Oh my god…SO different from anything Demi has ever done on an album.  Mainstream sounding? Yes. But in this case it works perfectly. The chorus is crazy catchy and was stuck in my head long after I first heard it.  The little breakdown after the chorus makes me want to fist pump…and I don’t fist pump. Ever. It’s safe to say you actually see neon lights in your head as you listen to this song, and long after it ends.

Favorite parts: That frickin’ chorus is LIFE. “Baby when they look up at the sky. We’ll be shooting stars just passing by. You’ll be comin’ home with me tonight. And we’ll be burning up like neon lights…” And not to mention those notes are CRAZY.

Two Pieces

Demi tweeted lyrics to this song last week, sending myself and all Lovatics into a tizzy.  This song is beautiful.  The melody is so unique and different in the pre-chorus, then that drum that comes in when the chorus hits is perfect.  Simply put, it is too good. Perfect, and very reminiscent of something that could have been on “Here We Go Again”.

Favorite parts: The lyrics. “There’s a boy lost his way looking for someone to play.  There’s a girl in the window, tears rolling down her face…” So youthful and just plain pretty. Loving it.


Probably the most hyped up song on the album.  Demi had tweeted about this song in early 2013 when work first began on the album, and Lovatics have been awaiting this song in particular the most.  The melody is beautiful, and her voice is spot on. Not a speck of autotune here. Crossing my fingers I will get to hear this song live because I feel like she will just kill it. So good.

Favorite parts: “Can you be my nightingale? Sing to me, I know you’re there…”…and those notes she hits. Woah.

In Case

Not gonna lie. I heard the demo version of this a week before it was released, and I wasn’t thrilled. However after hearing Demi’s version of the track, the song has grown on me. A depressing song? Yes. But beautiful nonetheless.  Not my favorite track on the album, but still very good.

Favorite parts: Some pretty damn powerful lyrics here…”Strong enough to leave you, but weak enough to need you. Cared enough to let you walk away…”


Really Don’t Care” (feat. Cher Lloyd)

LOVE this song. So catchy. Definitely one of those taunting kind of songs to say “Guess what…I hate you.” Also one of those that makes me die wanting to know who it’s about. “I can’t believe I ever stayed up writing songs about you…” WHAT?! Who is this about Demi?! I need to know. The only confusing part of this track is the Cher Lloyd collaboration.  The girl is in the song for a total of 15 seconds, if that, and is rapping a little diddy that Demi herself could have done way better. I mean it’s a cute little rap but…still…

Favorite parts: Has to be this line, “Now if we meet out on the street I won’t be runnin’ scared. I’ll walk right up to you and put one finger in the air…” Hmm…I wonder what finger that would be? 😉

Fire Starter

MY JAM RIGHT NOW. Seriously this song is amazing. I could also see this being a single, and doing very well on radio if given the chance. So catchy and very upbeat. Also one of many songs that have a “fire” theme to them. This album is the epitome of Demi Lovato being represented as a phoenix. Rising from the ashes stronger than ever before…

Favorite parts: “I’m a badass jumping off a moving train. I’m a Jane Bond puttin’ all them guys to shame…I’m a firestarter. I’m a sweet disaster. I melt hearts like water.” LOVE…

Something That We’re Not

Very much like “Really Don’t Care” in that it’s one of those “eff you” kind of songs. Demi apparently has some dude that just needs to get a damn clue and leave her alone. Very catchy song. Love the beginning too.

Favorite part: The point in the song when everything stops, and Demi just says straight up: “Not gonna happen dude.”…OOOOH! Do you need some ice for that BURN?

Never Been Hurt

Pretty good song. But very similar to the track “Unbroken” from her last album. The lyrics are also quite similar. “I will love you, like I’ve never been hurt…” Still very catchy and good beat though.  It has one of those breakdown moments at the end of the chorus that seems very T-Swift in “I Knew You Were Trouble”.  One of those songs that probably should have been a bonus track, but still sits contently on the album anyways…

Favorite part: The little breakdown post-chorus, and the bridge.

Shouldn’t Come Back

Slower song. Bit of a sad song…But the vocals on this are unbelievable. The falsetto on the chorus is a refreshing change of pace, since the majority of the tracks on the album are Demi full on belting. For some reason I feel like this song could be about her estranged biological father…but that’s just my opinion. These lyrics are also some of the most powerful and deep on the entire album. You can just tell that Demi was in tears as she recorded the track. Powerful and perfect. Rounds out the second half of the album nicely.

Favorite part: The lyrics are crazy deep and too long to list…and the hauntingly heartbroken melody is beautiful.



If ever there were a Demi song to describe my life, this is it. This is basically the “Skyscraper” of this album. This is without a doubt the most powerful song on the album. Not gonna lie…I cried when I first heard it. Demi lays everything out on the line in this song. Basically saying she’s been through hell, and has made it through stronger than ever. Once again the fire and ashes references run all through this track for an even more present phoenix theme. Although this song will most likely never be a single, I feel like it would have the same radio appeal as Christina Aguliera’s “Beautiful” once did. Beautifully composed and arranged, with deep and powerful lyrics. If you don’t feel Demi’s struggle and triumph, or your own for that matter in this song, then you obviously have no soul. Sorry about that….

Favorite parts: The entire thing. Listen to these lyrics. They represent not only my life and most likely many other girls, but more importantly Demi’s life, struggles, and rebirth as a stronger person…”I am a warrior.”



I Hate You Don’t Leave Me

This track is the bonus track included with the Target edition of DEMI. The ONLY bonus track at that…I mean…Why can Taylor Swift have an entire special “Red” edition of her album sold at Target with TONS of bonus goodies, and DEMI get’s one song….Anyways, I digress. This track is perfect. A bit of a mellow, more downer of a song, so I can see why they left it off the album to balance out the feel, but in my opinion it should have taken the place of “Never Been Hurt”. This is another one of those way personal songs. The lyrics are almost whispered in places, and you really hear the desperation in Demi’s voice, pleading her love to stay. The song also addresses abandonment issues and lyrics allude to the root of the problem being once again her jerk of a biological father. The song is beautiful though regardless of the subject matter. Do I think it is work going to Target just to buy this edition? No….But do I think you should download it online like I did? Hell yeah.


So there you have it….A track by track review of DEMI.  Don’t forget (hey look, a first album pun right there!) to pick up your copy of the album May 14th, or to preorder on iTunes right now….Thanks Hollywood Records for giving this Lovatic something to keep me satisfied until I can get my hands on a physical copy of DEMI. You’re a peach. 😉


Rating: 4.5 Bows out of 5

Lovatics have another heart attack

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Today was a big day for the Lovatics. Our own Bailey Miller literally couldn’t believe what was happening:

Demi’s album is currently being unlocked song by song on twitter! One song is already unlocked. I’m crying and screaming OH MY GODDDDDDDD!!!:)

That is right. Demi Lovato pretty much leaked her album today over twitter in what is probably the first time this had happen, at least in recent memory. Each song had its own hashtag and based on the amount of tweets, it would be leaked on her official site. This occurrence was called “Lovatics Speed Up Time” (titled since the album will be out next tuesday).  Demi’s PR team is pretty much on their A game this time round. The PR for this album has literally been some of the best promotional stuff I’ve seen so far.

From the whiting out of her social media for the début of “Heart Attack” to literally leaking the songs based on the amount of tweets has been pure genius. But the real question is what will this do to the new album’s sales since it leaked early? Only time will tell if this will end up hurting the album, “Demi”,  but for now, Demi is one of the only artists that is using social media to her advantage.

Tune in later this week for our  review of Demi Lovato’s  new album, “Demi”.


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Lovatics have a Heart Attack

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Today is the day that Demi Lovato released her latest music video for her single, Heart Attack, and the Lovatics are having a heart attack. For those of you that haven’t seen it, here is it is!

Pop Project’s own Bailey Miller commented on the video by saying:

It was perf. She is perf. Oh my god.

Now my opinion on the music video? The music video was visually stunning and Demi looks like a fox. The only thing only complaint is that there really wasn’t any reasoning behind the black paint all over her, and why her and her band was performing in a library type area. We wish that it was longer. Many artist create longer videos to tell a story, which I think Lovato should have done. But she could be using the other singles to tell the background story, kinda like what Fall Out Boy is doing with their singles.

Do I think that the music video is worth all the hype? Yes and no. It’s a beautiful video but again, the background of the video needs to be explained more. But I hope she will. It also appears that “old school” Demi is back and looking to take names.

What is your opinion on Demi Lovato’s newest video? Leave it in a comment below