What 2018 has taught me

Last year, I talked about all the things that I learned in 2017. I decided to do the same thing for 2018. The problem I had was that everything I learned in 2017 was carried over to 2018. It’s just worst than the year before it. So I narrowed it down to just the one major thing that 2018.

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2018 taught me...

2018 taught me that we need to be more respect for each other. We need to respect each other regardless of viewpoint or beliefs. There’s so much disrespect going on between our broken political parties that it’s turning people into monsters. The media is adding to the fire, more so than others. The media is trying to get you to think and go with a certain way. So by getting hot over a topic, it’s making you get hot because you obviously agree with their standpoint if you are watching them.

We need to respect people choices. Whether they are transgender, figuring out who they are/love, or even just believing something different than you. Respect their choices and support them in it because everyone needs some love. They might not be able to get that at home. You don’t have to agree with their choices to show them love and understand. They might show you a different side of what exactly you don’t agree with.

Learn how to disagree with people without being rude. It’s okay to have a difference of opinions without being a total douche bag. Sure, it might get a little heated but as long as you don’t make it personal then it’s will be fine. We need to stop telling people they are sensitive when they care so deeply about something they want to speak up about it. Let them speak out and raise their voice as long as they are aren’t being disrespectful or rude. It’s part of our first amendment right

So in 2019, let’s be a little kinder to each other. Let’s show more love and support to each other. You never know what will make someone’s day or help them out of the rut that they have been in it. We’ve all been in those rut and know how one ounce of compassion would raise our spirits or just help us get out of those ruts.

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Sweetwater Tea Episode 2: Justice for Choni and Kevin

Buckle up because I’m in the mood for some chaos. Sorry to interrupt, sad breakfast club. While “Riverdale” isn’t back until January 16th, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t some tea to spill. It’s time to head down to Sweetwater river to take in the views with some burgers from Pops. Welcome to Sweetwater Tea.


Originally, I was going to share this tea in the middle of the season but this tea was too hot not to share. Let’s talk about how we need justice for Choni, Toni and Cheryl, and Kevin. There’s an injustice occurring that isn’t being talked about. We also need justice for Josie but she’s a whole kettle of pipping hot tea just by herself.

Listen up fives, a ten is speaking

As I’m rewatching season one, I noticed one thing that has me wanting to drown my sorrows in a milkshake. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO CHERYL BLOSSOM AND KEVIN KELLER? I’m only like three episodes in and they have been prominent and vocal members. They have also been extremely iconic

Season two was still good to them but it was more or less just depressing. Kevin was hooking up with dudes in the woods. Cheryl was battling with discovering who she was. It was still quality character development for them. Sure, Kevin was wanting Moose and Cheryl were being pyromaniac but they had a full-fledged development. It was this season that Cheryl got the love of her life Toni, the girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Toni and Cheryl are just everything together.

Where have you been gurl?

This season, what have we really gotten from them? Cheryl giving iconic one-liners with Toni acting like her sidekick more than her actual girlfriend. Kevin is trying to get Moose when realistically Moose isn’t really sure of what he wants. Kevin’s storyline is actually really good but like there really hasn’t been any development in it besides Kevin and Moose almost getting caught his father. But that was after like five episodes of nothing to do with it. And there have been some Choni moments but that’s like hearing her Jason Blossom talk a line or two.

It’s kind of like they have too many storylines going on so they can’t keep up with it. Honestly, I could do less with the gargoyle king and that stupid game. I want to know what’s going on with Choni and I want to know more about Kevin and Moose. They are most stable and honestly the smartest people in the entire show. I enjoy them more so than the core four. I could honestly go on and on about that tea on the core four.

Spoiler: When it comes to them vs Daddykins, I’m all about Team Daddykins. Hiram Lodge can kick the ungrateful Veronica to the sisters and he can adopt me. I look the other way as he and the lovely Hermione want to do. I just want to be swimming in money. If money can’t buy happiness, then why is it so fabulous?

Yes, Ronniekins. It is ridiculous.

Honestly, they just need more screen time. It’s kind of like you gave us two puppies and we fell in love with those puppies after having them for a while. Then you decided to take those puppies away from us and only let us see them for small periods at a time. I love those puppies and want more time with them.

I know there’s going to be an episode dedicated to Choni but honestly, it’s a little too late. We had Archie/Veronica, Jughead/Betty, and FP/Alice thrown down our face. Where was Choni? How many times do we really need to see them having sex? I get that Archie is super hot and it may or may not be written into KJ Apa’s contract that he has to be shirtless/semi-naked for part of the episode. I literally have no issue with that. Only issue I have is with the lack of screentime for Choni and Kevin. It isn’t even an LGBT representation issue. If they were like Ethyl, then this would be fine because she’s an auxiliary character. An extra character. All three of them, including my girl Josie, are main characters on the show.

They need to be on my screen more

In fact, there are 14 main characters on the show, including Fred Andrews and Alice Cooper, no relation to the singer. I like all of the main characters but they need to use them all properly. I honestly didn’t even know that Reggie Mantle was a main character until I channeled my inner Betty Cooper reporter. It makes sense as he’s trying to get into Veronica’s skirt.

I guess the point of this tea is that I’m tired of just having the core four be the focal point when there are eight other main characters that should be integrated more into the main story, which again is too much this season. WAY. TOO. MUCH. It also isn’t doing that much to help them for the award of “Brightest People in Riverdale.” I want more of Kevin, Cheryl, and Toni every Wednesday and want to know what’s going on with them. You

That will do it for this edition of Sweetwater Tea. I hope you enjoyed the tea and scenery of the Sweetwater River. So until next time, you know you love me.

XOXOXO Gossip Girl.

Yeah, I’m still working on closing.

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Flashback to Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth first meeting in ‘When I Look at You’

In case you didn’t know, Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus got married. I thought it was time to celebrate their love because it’s adorable. In honor of their love, I thought I would go back down memory lane and talk about “When I Look at You.” I would rewatch “The Last Song” but let’s be real – that shit was terrible.

Omg they were just little babies


Get ready to feel the feels

“When I look at You” was released in February 2010 as the final single from Miley’s underrated EP “The Time of Our Lives” and as a promotional song for her upcoming movie “The Last Song.” It’s a mellow and power ballad in the soft rock genre. Honestly, the production on the song is extremely well done. The subtle strumming of the guitar in the middle of the song to the powerful beat underneath Miley’s killer vocals during the bridge. It’s just so well done.

The lyrics are catchy and strong that you can’t help but just enjoy the song. It’s honestly one of my favorite songs that Miley has put it. It’s just so raw and emotional and to think that she was only 17 years old when she released. Those vocals are everything and they are still everything. Like I honestly forgot how good she was when she was younger and for how long she’s been performing and releasing music for. Between her own music and “Hannah Montana,” she has like 10 albums under her belt and she’s only 26 years old.

If you haven’t seen the video or heard “When I Look at You,” then you are missing out. It’s honestly a classic that should be on every love song playlist. It just one of those songs that will last forever and won’t be outdated. It also doesn’t hurt to listen to live versions. Like Miley performs it at her friend’s wedding and it’s literally everything, EVERYTHING. There’s also a Spanglish version where Miley’s singing in English and David Bisbal is mixing in Spanish and English. If you couldn’t let, I pretty much love this song. Hence why I’m not officially review it or rating it.

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Another letter to Santa

Dear Santa Claus,

Hello there! It’s me again. I hope this letter finds you well. I’m very glad to see that you still aren’t in jail. Don’t worry, karma ends up catching up to you eventually. Again, I’m joking slightly. I’m writing you this letter again because I need you to give some gifts out for me. I’m broke af, I cannot afford to get some of these gifts. Not to mention that some of these gifts are impossible for me to get. Just be happy that I’m getting you this letter before Christmas. Anyways here’s my list. 

Kim Kardashian has been working on the same letter since last year 


Bailey Miller: Queen of Jelly, Bows, and city treasure

You failed me last year, Santa. I asked you to get my friend, click here to follow her on Twitter, Nick Jonas and you gave him to the wrong girl. Now he’s off and married unaware that he’s missing out a lifetime of free jam and jelly. Sure, I might have asked you to get her a new man but you still should have made her dreams come true with Nick Jonas. That what you are about. Making dreams come true? I’m also still waiting to find KJ Apa a good home but that’s something we can discuss another time.

This year, please get Bailey a man since you took Nick Jonas off the market. I’m serious too! You need to make it up for her. I recommend a CW star because they are all super attractive. Charles Melton, Reggie from “Riverdale,” would be a good fit for her. Cole Sprouse but one of his characters dated a Bailey and that would be awkward. In college, she liked to watch frat boys and patiently wait for them to ask her to the sock hop and to get a soda pop. That gives you an idea of who to have your vertically challenged slaves kidnap and put a bow on. Oh, and she would also like Demi Lovato to release more music. I would also like her to do go to Lindsay Lohan’s beach club so she can truly go on a Lohan holiday. 

Donald Trump

…..I’m still waiting for the refund….

Victoria Justice

While I may in the past have made comments on about Vicky J, I think WE ALL need to be a little nicer on the girl who may or may not bullied Ariana Grande and ended the gem “VICTORiOUS.” Without her, we wouldn’t have Ariana Grande’s rise to be a pop star. For that, I decided that she doesn’t coal this year. Please give Victoria Justice a career again. It doesn’t have to be anything too long or good, just something that will tie her over. I wouldn’t mind if that would be a “VICTORiOUS” reunion movie. I think WE ALL would agree that it would be great. Santa, let’s make Vicky J great again!

People of the United States

Like last year, Please give the people of the United States the ability to pull their heads out of their self-centered asses and think of others instead of themselves. Also, please make them less rude. 

Jake Paul

While I might have suggested that he and his brother, Logan, might have sold their soul to the devil, I think he deserves a little Christmas joy this year. I would like Jake Paul to have some actually true friends. While he has friends, I would like him to have some that will be good influences on him. What I got from Shane Dawson’s docuseries is that he needs those in his life. He has a good head on his shoulders but he need the right people in his life to make smart decisions. 

I hope you are able to deliver these gifts to them. It would make me the happiest boy in the world. Please let me know when you are going to come visit my house. I have my attack cats ready to assault you. They are trained to protect the house. Hope to see you soon!

Your “friend,”


Steven Kaufman

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