Charlie Puth and James Taylor team up to release ‘Change’

Charlie Puth wants to change the world

Not to be outdone by Shawn Mendes, Charlie Puth graced the world with another song off of his upcoming sophomore album “Voicenotes.” Puth released the song after he sang at a “March for Our Lives” event in Los Angeles. on March 24.


Released on March 26, Puth teamed up with the legendary James Taylor, you read that right, to give the world an acceptance anthem that it could really use now. “Change” is a folk ballad that takes it slower than any song so far from “Voicenotes.” The song is more written in the style of something Taylor sang. It’s the most

Lyrically, “Change” is about accepting each other’s differences and just loving the person for them. Puth and Taylor sing about if people just accept each other, then something positive will happen in society. The lyrics are the deepest lyrics that Puth has sung about so far in his career. While “One Call Away,” is arguably greatest hit of Puth’s career, “Change” is up there just on how relevant and great the song.

Puth also released a video of his live performance at the LA “March for Our Lives” event. The video features him playing the song on a keyboard. It also shows people participating in the event with the signage. Puth solo rendition of the song adds more depth and meaning that wasn’t present in the studio version with Taylor.

While Taylor’s vocals does add to the song, it would have been fine as a solo song. The video of Puth’s LA performance shows that very well. “Change” is a beautiful song with an extremely powerful message that isn’t heard like this on the radio. It isn’t overpowered by the beats and mainstream appeal. “Change” flows extremely well together and lets the lyrics do all the talking. 

Like the other songs released so far, “Voicenotes” is shaping up to be full of collaborations. “Voicenotes” is slated to be released on May 11, 2018. Until then, take a listen to Puth and Taylor’s “Change” below:

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Review: ‘The Greatest Showman’ lights the world on fire

There’s only two types of people in the world; The ones that entertain, and the ones that observe

It’s been quite awhile since Zac Efron, better known as Zefron, has let the world hear his beautiful singing voice. Almost 10 years to be exact. When I heard that Zefron would be singing again in “The Greatest Showman,” angels came down from above. Then he was in a movie with Zendaya and Hugh Jackman. I was sold.

“The Greatest Showman” follows the tale of P.T. Barnum and the creation of the infamous Barnum and Bailey Circus. It’s not a true representation of the tale but rather “inspired” by it. The acting in the movie is amazing. Everyone does their best in the movie. Even when the plot doesn’t full have the depth, especially towards the end, the cast makes up for it the best they can. Honestly, the casting was on point with this movie.

The plot of the movie is something that is less to be desired. There really isn’t anything too exciting for it. It was a great movie but the story that it was telling didn’t keep my interest that well. It was more of a storytelling issue. While we all know that Britney Spears really invented the Circus back in 2008, “The Greatest Showman” didn’t make me care about P.T. Barnum story. It has all the stuff there to make the story shine but it just didn’t click right. When it did click right, it was the musical numbers. Those were the best part of the movie.

The music for this movie is the highlight. All the songs are really well produced and extremely catchy. The vocals are so strong from everyone in the cast. Obviously, “This is Me” is the song that everyone has talked about. “This is Me” deserves all the praise it gets because it’s the best song on there. It’s an extremely powerful that anyone that has been outcasted for being different can relate to.

The Verdict

“The Greatest Showman” is a great movie. The numbers, the acting, and the music are great. The movie falls short when it came to the plot. It didn’t have the depth to really make this movie stick out. I do recommend this movie if you are looking for a fun musical to watch. It’s worth the watch.

Here’s the trailer for your viewing pleasure:

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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Shawn Mendes releases another song ‘Lost in Japan’

Why do you gotta do this to me, Shawn?

Shawn Mendes is a tease. There, I said it. Mr. Shawn Mendes has given us another single in a matter of two days. I’m not complaining about it because “In My Blood” was everything I didn’t know that I need in my life. We are now in full swing of the third era of Shawn Mendes. So far, I am here for it.

Shawn is waiting for Charlie album too. Shawn just happens to be half naked. No one is complaining though

“Lost in Japan” is totally the opposite of what I totally expected. It’s actually a mix of Justin Timberlake, Nick Jonas, and John Mayer. It’s pure pop. That means its pure everything. I don’t know what Shawn is trying to do with the album but I’m here for it. It’s a super sexy song to as well. It’s something that I would expect from Charlie Puth, but I like this side of Shawn.

The lyrics tell a story about wanting to meet up where the girl is staying in Japan because he can’t get her off his mind. I’m pretty sure “Lost in Japan” is a euphemism for something else. It’s something like how “Cake by the Ocean” is really about having sex on a beach. I just haven’t decided if this is about real sex or just him playing with himself. Either way, It’s a Shawn Mendes sex song.

The production on this song is excellent. It starts out with a piano before just busting out that sick beat. Like I said before, it’s a super sexy song. Like it has sexy flowing from its pores if a song was to have pores. I honestly hope that this is the first single because I want to see the video for this song.

The Verdict

Shawn Mendes’ song “Lost in Japan” is everything. I like it more than I liked “In My Blood.” It extremely catchy and it’s a banger and bop rolled all into one. I highly recommend this song. Frankly, this is my favorite song that he has put out so far for this era.  After listening to “Lost in Japan,” the gif choice is on fleek. You’re welcome for that. 

Here’s the song for your ears to enjoy:

Rating: 5 out of 5

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Big Brother Canada Breakdown: Week 3

What is the water in the BBCAN house?

Welcome to another edition of the “Big Brother Canada” breakdown. It’s the weekly column where I break down the happenings in the BB house in the great white north. We are three weeks into the game it just keeps hitting the fan. Literally. If they were allowed to fans in the Big Brother house, many of these games would go through it. Also, Canadians would use them as weapons. It’s shady in the pettiest house in BB.

You know the drill by now. Here are my thoughts on the what happened this week. Keep in mind, I don’t watch the live feeds so I don’t have a fucking clue what happens besides the couple of things I read on the twitter.

Jesse literally threw his game away

my look this week at Jesse’s game, well lack of game

It was a little too late before Jesse realized that he wasn’t going to stay in this house. So Jesse was up against Olivia, who was the real target. Not sure why she’s the target but she has been for like weeks now. Anyways, he pretty much threw a temper tantrum and fucked up his own game. If he would have just laid low and played nice, there was a very good that he would have stayed over Olivia.

This is the part where people would be like: Pawns go home. To them I would say, you are absolutely right. But still probably wouldn’t have gone home as a pawn. He could have low-keyed still campaigned to still save his ass. But Hamza was on a warpath this week for no reason.

Can just one HOH not piss off the House?

Words to live by:“When you take a shot at the baddest bitch in this house, you better make sure you hit. When I shoot, I never miss my targets”-Ika Wong

I feel like the HOH this season, not including Johnny, has just pissed off the house. Like it’s not hard to do. Ryan’s HOH was just a hot mess because he was a jackass. Then Hamza was more concerned about creating chaos and paranoia to actually think about what would benefit his game. Yes, getting rid of Jesse eliminated a showmance but did that really help him? Before this, he was pretty much in good standing with the rest of the house. Now, he has a target on his back thanks to Jesse. Jesse threw Hamza and his whole alliance under the bus. It was a good try. At least, he got more shots in as he was heading out.

Like I said above, Hamza wasn’t playing start smart this week. He needs to stop trying to raise hell and actually play smart. You can take shots and when you need to. Everyone but Johnny hasn’t done that. They are all looking to make good fucking TV. That comes with playing an actual good game and not just what will get Canada to fall in love with you. Please just play smart and we will go farther than just trying to make big moves.

Can we get these houseguests a cold shower?

My reaction when I see who’s making out with who

It wouldn’t be “Big Brother” without a bunch of horny houseguests. This season is no different. Besides the three showmances going on in the house, they all got drunk and played truth or dare. In Canada, this involves a hot tub in the snow and a lot of tongues going into mouths. It was Veronica’s birthday so she made out with Will, who was apparently very bad. She also made out with Kaela and someone else. All this happened in front of Derek and Will.

I have to say that that horny houseguest is quality television. “Big Brother Canada” is full of horny houseguests. We have had men making out with each other, women making out with each other; Canadians are equal opportunity lovers. But in all seriousness, I’m glad that they have a bunch of condoms in the bathroom because if not…it would be bad. Also, do they not realize they are being recorded with all this hanky-panky going on? I just don’t think they care. I’m all for horny houseguest but please get them in a cold shower every once in a while.

Stop teasin’ us BBCAN

At the end of this week’s eviction show, they showed probably five minutes of HOH. Most of that was about three returning houseguests helping with what the houseguest have to remember. Either show the entire HOH or don’t show it at all. It’s a simple concept. I would rather have not seen the HOH competition at all. I could have waited until Monday to actually see who won.

While I understand that you are the pettiest one of all, BBCAN, please don’t tease us like this. I would rather have more drama.

Who’s gonna go far?

                Me when Arisa said the words:           DOUBLE EVICTION

I think that this will be the last week of this because frankly, I’m over it. It just one of those things where it’s up to change each week. But now, I like Erica and Johnny’s chances of making far in this game. They have both been playing a very low key game and an extremely good social game. Johnny has been quietly taking in everything and storing it in his head. Erica is just being herself and making friends her everything. Derek is going to be the pretty floater. He’s very good to look at but doesn’t know shit about the game. It was very unattractive that he didn’t know who the queen IKA WONG is.

Next week is going to be a double eviction week. It would be interesting to see who they decided to get rid off. It might be another showmance or it could be Hamza and Ryan. It’s going to be a twistedly twisted week next week…sorry, wrong Big Brother.

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