Album Review: Paramore’s ‘After Laughter’


Is it 2007? Because there’s a new Miley Cyrus song out and now it seems we finally have a brand new Paramore album. Is the Motorola Razr going to make a comeback soon? It’s definitely been a trip down memory lane.

“After Laughter” is like the singles before them and nothing like their previous work. It continues to be a pop rock style that is influenced by the music of the 80’s. The sound works for the for the most part. It still takes awhile for it to click that you are listening to Paramore and not another band. It’s just one of those things that it’s still an unexpected sound to hear from a group that released “crushcrushcrush,” “Misery Business,” and “Decode.”

The problem that the album faces is that it can sometimes feel like you are listening to the same song. When you have the album on shuffle, it’s very obvious to see that the music blends into each other. It’s still noticeable when you listen to the songs in order, but there is a nice break between it. The first and third section of the album is what really sounds like one huge ass song. This would be fine if it was supposed to be like that, obviously, it isn’t. The middle break is probably the best part of the album as it not like the other parts of it. It’s the ballads. It starts with “Fake Happy” and ends with “26.” I wish there was more in that section as the next ballad on the album is the final song “Tell Me How.”

after_laughter_paramore_album_coverThe flow of the album is okay. It starts out strong with songs that you can jam out to before “Fake Happy” and then after “26,” slower in tempo but still able to jam with. It’s a weird flow but it’s different. Not a lot of groups take a slower tempo in the last portion of their album and it’s a nice thing to see them do it. Hayley’s vocals are still as amazing as they were when they released “Riot!” They are actually better because of the maturity she brings to the songs. This album was probably the strongest she has sounded vocally.

It’s not a bad album when you look at the songs as single individualized pieces. It’s when they are placed together into a collective work because of the fact they are extremely similar. It’s hard to distinguish the song if you are just listening to it and not looking at your player. It’s a step in the right direction but there needs to be something that helps make each song different. Paramore reinvented themselves and they pulled it off. “After Laughter” could be better but it’s a great album for the fresh start that Paramore is going for.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


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Song Review: Paramore releases new song ‘Told You So’


Paramore is hyping up their new album, “After Laughter,” very well as they released a new song that also has a video with it. I like when artist/groups release everything on the same day because it only makes the most sense. If you are going to release a single, might as well release the video as well. Also, I can cover it all in the same article and not have to wait.

“Told You So” follows suit like their last single “Hard Times.” It’s the same style which totally fits them. The sound isn’t bad so why change it. They really rock this sound with the old school influences. Pun intended. It’s different from what it on radio for the intended rock genre. They were out of sight for a little bit and then came back with a new sound that really made more relevant. I applaud them for it.

The song itself has a very catchy beat. Like it’s extremely boardline dancepop catchy. The song is definitely a banger. There’s nothing wrong with the arrangement of the song. The lyrics are about being watched by everyone and getting told “I told you so” when they are right. They are catchy but can be a little hard to get the meaning off without actuallying pulling up the words. I had to read them to understand them better. But you’re listening to the song, you’re not really listening to the music unless you want to. Hayley’s vocals are very very good on this song. It’s the one aspect of the song that’s better than the first single.

The video itself is just them ignoring safety and driving laws in a car just singing and playing instruments in matching red outfits. The video is rather boring for a song with just a catchy beat. There isn’t anything special about it. There’s some extra scene with Hayley but other than that, it’s just not as good as the previous one. I didn’t have to be but it just falls short of keep the momentum. The song is good but the video is just boring.

Overall, the song a very good continuation on the hype to “After Laughter.” It’s a catchy dance pop rock song. Lyrics can be hard to get. The video is the part that really hurts the song. It doesn’t really tell the story behind the song in an entertaining way. It’s also very hard to grasp there’s a story in the song.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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Video review: Paramore brings the feels in ‘Hard Times’


It appears that we have entered a time warp because Paramore has released the video for the brand new single “Hard Times.” I don’t know about you, but my inner teenager is screaming because Paramore was the face of emo teens. You may also know them as “that band that did the ‘Twilight’ song” or “that band with the girl with orange hair.”

“Hard Times” video is a trip one would take on acid. The video is what one would find in the late 80s and early 90s. It’s really well done. It’s silly and the effects are well done. At first, it was weird to see and kind of made you go “what am I watching?” But as you continue to go on, it just makes more sense. The visuals that are occurring on-screen as Hayley Williams and the band performs help tell the story that of a song. Pretty much, great. It’s not too much but it’s not too less.

The song itself is a different style that what is expected to of Paramore. It’s still a little bit rock more but is more pop. It’s extremely catchy and just makes you want to dance. Everything about the song just makes you want to dance and enjoy having a good time even though the lyrics aren’t about having a good time. Yeah, the lyrics are about going though a Hard Time and not being able to get to your goals. Isn’t that depressing? You would never know that by the upbeat tempo and how peppy the song is.

The whole entire package, both song and video, screams retro and 1980s-early 1990s feel. The song is amazing and the video does it purpose, which is to help tell the story. The video tells it in a way that I’ve personally never seen in music videos in recent memory. Sure, it’s an acid trip. But it’s a compelling one.

My only compliant with it all is the song needs a little bit more power to make it stand out more and be amazing. The same goes to for the video. While it goes out of the box and its original, there could be more too it. Honestly, it just feels like it was done in order to “play it safe.” But again, it’s not a bad song or video but it leaves me wanting more.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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Taylor Swift is bad–really bad


Holy Cow! Taylor Swift released her newest music video for her single “Bad Blood.” And like all pop stars, she gets a famous rapper to spit some rhymes to add to the song. And like most songs that get free style verses added to it, it was bad. Like awkward and doesn’t really fit bad. Kendrick Lamar’s addition to an already great song doesn’t really add anything to the song. It was just kind of there. It probably would have been better if Kendrick didn’t rap…in the song.

The music video is pretty epic. It has Taylor Swift kicking ass and taking names in the video with a literally all-star cast of femmes as they do a montage to action adventures movies–in the future. Taylor’s team is getting ready to take on Selena Gomez’s team.

My only real complaint is that there was more of a plot/storyline to the video. Yes, the video is amazing. But it would be epic if there was some sort of storyline. One could argue that there is a storyline in the video but it doesn’t really explain why Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are at war. It would have been nice to get some sort of clarity on that.

Overall, it’s a very good music video for a bad single version of a song. Here’s the video for your eyes to see and go “that’s amazing!”


Rating: 3.5 deaths by Taylor Swift out of 5