Joe Jonas and the R-rated Camp Rock 3


Joe Jonas was chatting with Marie Claire recently, because he has to get that teenage girl money, and brought up an idea for “Camp Rock 3” and needless to say, it was a very interesting pitch. For those you don’t know what “Camp Rock” was, you need to watch that shit because the first movie is a national treasure just like Cher and Betty white, it’s a movie about attractive teenagers attend a music camp. It’s was Disney during the High School Musical days…everything was about that soundtrack revenue. Joe stated that him, Demi Lovato, Nick, and Kevin Jonas would be down to do it if it made sense. That is when Joe’s imagination took over:

If it made sense, sure. For all of us—Demi, Nick, it would be funny to do a spin on it. Do the graduating days, make it kinda dark. An adult film. Well, not an adult film. An R-rated film. We’ve joked around about the idea a couple times.”

I would be totally down to see an R-rated Disney film. Especially if it was about what is pretty much a knock off version of “High School Musical.” Luckily for Disney, I have the perfect pitch in mind that will send the franchise into another direction.I give you “Camp 3: The Last Chord.”

Camp Rock 3: The Last Chord

The movie will pick up 10 years after “Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam.” Camp Rock has burned to the ground after Camp Star burned it to the ground in an act of vengeance by Camp Star after “The Final Jam.” Mitchie Torres gave up on becoming a singer-songwriter and is now working as a stripper at Club Starr under the name of Sexxxy Grayy. She’s also struggling with an addiction to heroin with her girlfriend Tess Tyler, who’s now a struggling “street performer” named Kandy Kane. Nate Gray hasn’t been the same since a crippling injury left him unable to dance and sing. Shane Gray is trying to reopen “Camp Rock” in order to rebuild his career after a sex tape scandal with a fan ending in disaster. The only successful one is Jason Gray. He’s now a successful singer and touring worldwide. Shane tries to get the gang back together in order to raise Camp Rock from the ashes. But Ella Pador comes in to try to buy the land in order to turn it into a landfill for her rich husband’s factory. Will former relationship take shape or will the personal problems stop them from rockin’ out?

I’m sorry but that movie right there will sell out theaters everywhere. Disney, hit me up if you want more.

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#TBT: Ode to a girl named Mandy

JonasBrotherMandyYes, we are going that far back because it’s time for an Old School Reflection on the Jonas Brother’s song “Mandy.”

The song is overlooked but as it was the brothers before purity rings and they were the mouse’s puppet. It’s their first single and isn’t actually that bad. It was more rock than what their other songs where.  It had like a “Good Charlotte” kinda of vibe to it. It rather rocked like hardcore.

The lyrics were something simple and not too deep. It was about their love for a girl named Mandy. They were like really young so the lyrics show that. The song also is the only single that has Kevin Jonas singing on it where he is audible and not singing backup. He’s vocals are actually rather good and is very shocking that he wasn’t featured on anymore singles.

The music video was split into three “episodes,” which was an okay idea. It would have been a better idea if it was three different songs with each episodes and not the same song for all three episodes

Overall, the single is a pretty good début single. I wish they would have stuck with the style of music they used in the song because I really wasn’t a big fan of their future stuff. Here’s the song for your listening pleasure: 

Rating: 4 purity rings out of 5

Send it on! On and On

Send it on

It’s time to bring back old school review because I don’t know about you, but I missed those nostalgia feels.  It’s the best way to start it off is the song that represents our childhood/eary-teens. It was the mega-group to top all-mega groups. Never again, did Disney Channel have this much star power.  Here the video for your viewing pleasure:

“Send it On” was a released in the summer of 2009 as a way for Disney Channel to promote their newest initiative for the environment called “Disney’s Friends for Change”. The song brought Disney’s three big money makers together: Miley, Joe Bros, and Demi….oh, Selena Gomez too (Selena wasn’t in their league during this period). This was big for any Disney fan at the time. Sure, they had done “Disney Channel Circle of Stars” but this was with people who were actually popular.

The song itself didn’t mention the environment but had a powerful message with it. If you inspire other, they will start a chain reaction of inspired people. Stupid, I know but the songs meaning is a powerful one for its time. The lyrics pretty much fit any situation (i.e. same-sex marriage, world peace). The song and the music video are extremely well done, which is shocking for a Disney Channel song.

The only part of the song that really doesn’t work is the amount of singing isn’t equally divided between the six people. It’s kinda like they pull all the actor’s name out and went “Whoever’s TV show has the best ratings, they will sing the most and we’ll go through the line like that”. But this is proven false because then Selena would have more parts than all three of the Jonas Brothers due to the majoring suckages that their show “JONAS” brought. But I think it was given by who was more popular. Which is sad because Demi was way more popular than Miley at that point due to “Camp Rock” and “Sonny with A Chance”. It’s even sadder when you see Demi’s brackets and remember that she was self-harming…..

Overall, the song is a decent little ditty that has a powerful meaning. It’s pretty forgettable until it magically pops up and make you feel the nostalgia feels again.

Rating: 3.5 Demi’s brackets out of 5

Top 5 Events in 2013 that Pop’ed Our World: The Jonas Brothers Break up

Jonas Breakup

In honor of the New Year, we thought that we would countdown the top 5 events that pop’ed our world. Number 3 on our countdown hit home for many…it’s the Jonas Brother breakup (get your tissues ready!).

The Jonas Brothers were the breakout group during the Disney “let’s pimp out our musically gifted actors” period (early 2000’s to…well now) . After a year or two break, Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas decided to get the band back together in the fall of 2012 for a world tour. The brothers toured all over the world as they continued to work on their fifth album, cleverly titled “V” (That roman numerals for five).  As they were on the heels of starting their comeback tour, they cancelled that tour and deleted their twitter account. This was the start of the downward spiral of Jonas Brothers fans across the world that I’ve have called “Jonapocalypse”. But October 29, 2013 will be a day that will live in infamy.

On that fateful day, it was announced that the Jonas Brothers would be breaking up and going their separate ways (how does brothers break up anyways !?!).

Our own Bailey Miller summed up effect of the Jonas Brothers the best:

I honestly don’t even know what to think of this…They were such a huge part of my life for years. My room was covered in their faces as a teenager, I have all the albums, the book, the movies, everything. Their concert in 2008 for the “Burning Up Tour” was honestly one of the best ones I have ever been to…It’s just sad to see it all end over some “disagreement”. They really are talented musicians and songwriters, and I can only hope it isn’t forever…

While none of the brothers has talked about what caused this break up, it’s still being felt by the Jonas Brother fan community.

Check back on December 30th for the number 2 event in our Top 5 events in 2013 that pop’ed our world.