Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande save 2020 with ‘Rain on Me’

During these troubling times filled with economic uncertainty and unbridled social woes, there are two things America needs right now: Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande. On Friday, May 21, Lady Gaga and Ariana released their collaboration from Lady Gaga’s upcoming sixth album “Chromatica” to light into the world.

I’d rather be dry, but at least I’m alive

“Rain on Me” is a dance-pop song that was written by Lady Gaga and Ariana along with a lot of other people. There’s a lot of writers on this song, like a lot of pop songs. The song came about after Gaga and Ariana had a conversation. This is also probably due to “Rain on Me” sampling the Gwen McCrae song “All This Love That I’m Giving.”

The single cover

“I sat with her and we talked about our lives. It’s two women having a conversation about how to keep going and how to be grateful for what you do.” Gaga told Paper magazine. She also hinted that she collaborated with Ariana by telling the magazine that she “collaborate with a fellow female pop star, who has similarly experienced immense trauma while in the public eye.” Everyone saw past that hint because the internet happened. It wasn’t confirmed until May 15th when Ariana and Gaga posted about “Rain on Me” on their social media.

“Rain on Me” could be considered to be the sister song to Ariana’s 2018 single “No Tears Left to Cry.” The song is about letting go of pain and just embracing it. Gaga said during her May 21 interview with Zane Lowe that the lyric “I’d rather be dry, but at least I’m alive, rain on me” was a metaphor for the tears and alcohol that she was using to numb her pain. Yep, this song is super deep, like all good pop songs.

Thoughts on the song

Honestly, I’m not huge on the song. “Rain on me” starting to warm up on me, but I still not a big fan. It reminds me of a song that you would hear at the end of the anime as the credits roll. I kind of wish they would let the beat drop more and let the little anime creature loose. That would make the song stand out more.

I can still admit that the song is a banger. “Rain on Me” is going to be the song of the summer. I also see this song becoming an LGBTQ+ anthem, especially with Ariana and Gaga’s popularity and support of LGBTQ+. Besides the 90s anime feel to the song, it also reminded me of something that we would have heard on Gaga’s first two albums, “Fame Monster” and “Born This Way.” Especially with the spoken words on in the bridge. It’s the Gaga that we’ve been waiting to have back

The vocals on the song are what you would expect from Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande. It feels like Ariana is holding back. There are parts, especially after the bridge, where you know that Ari would normally belt it but, the belting isn’t there. There a start of it, but it just never takes off. You could say the same for Gaga as well. It’s like they are trying to let each other shine and not overshadow.

The Music Video

The video for “Rain On Me” takes place in Gaga’s “Chromatica” universe, which got set up in the video for her first single “Stupid Love.” Taking place in the future, factions have dance battles to reign supreme and bring love into the world. There’s no tie into the video for “Stupid Love,” at least that I could tell.

Gaga and Ariana are dancing in the rain and looking iconic with their gangs. Gaga has a knife in her leg for reasons. She also cosplays as Ariana in the end. Spoiler: She nails it. The video is simple and just visually appealing. It works for the video, especially during this time of quarantine. I just wish I understood what is going on.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5

While I’m not a massive fan of the song, I cannot deny that Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande’s “Rain on Me” is a bop. The lyrics are deep and meaningful with an excellent dance beat that will let you keep on dancing until the world stops ending. I do wish that the beat was bigger for the song as well as the vocals didn’t sound like both singers were holding back. The video is also very well done and is visually stunning. I do recommend checking out the video and the song. It’s worth the listen, especially for your summer playlist.

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Gaga gets high on John Wayne



Lady Gaga released her newest music video off her “Joanne” album. The video is for her single “John Wayne” and boy, it is a lot to talk about. The singles comes off of her exciting halftime performance and it looks like Lady Gaga is capitalizing on her inserting back into mainstream pop. After the release of “Artpop,” which wasn’t regarded as a good album, Gaga slightly disappeared from the limelight. But with the new single, it’s clear that she’s back in full force. More so than “Perfect Illusion” and “Million Reasons,” the previous singles off of “Joanne.”

First, let’s talk about the song. It’s definitely something that would be featured on her first and second album, “The Fame/The Fame Monster,” and “Born this Way.” It Gaga going back to her roots. It’s also a nice blend of Country and Pop Rock. It’s rather amazing how she can really do any genre on music. Lyrically, the song can be take as many different things. But overall, it seems like she has a major fetish for guys that remind her as John Wayne. She’s looking for a bad boy. A country boy-I mean, man-that will help her get her fix of adrenaline because city men aren’t doing it for her. It’s a very catchy song, just like all of her song. Too short for me but that’s only because it had me wanting more.

Now the video itself is very interesting. It’s a classic Lady Gaga video. It’s too legit to quit. Like it’s a grand time to watch. It’s in your face and amazing. It’s a continuation from her “Million Reasons,” and she’s pretty much a speed junky in it. A speed junkie that happens to not care if she lives or dies. At points of the video, her and her boo are participating in dangerous acts. This involves what looks like,but not limited to, simulation sex, dancing out the windows, and playing with a loaded gun.  In-between all of this, Gaga is getting down with dance breaks. It’s all picks up when she and her boo end up hitting a tree. The dance breaks get more intense as she dances in a yard for the neighbor and she introduces the deadliest weapon known to man-high heel guns. Yas! Gaga has shoes that shoot bullets like a badass boss bitch. Sadly, the high heel guns end up killing Gaga as she shoots herself-like she’s on the hood of the wreck car shooting and then hits the version of herself that is in the middle of the yard.

Overall, this was a very enjoyable experience. It reminded me why I love Lady Gaga and why her monsters are very much obsessed with Mother Monster. I highly recommend if you haven’t been a fan of hers since “The Fame/The Fame Monster” and “Born This Way” days. You will love this song.

Here’s the music video for you to enjoy and partake in:





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Gaga wasn’t a Perfect Illusion, Gaga slayed


For the first time in months, Americans came together to see if the New England Patriots would lose to the Atlanta Falcons in the showcase of champions. Besides the disappointment of another Patriots win, Americans also came together to witness a spectacle like no other-a Lady Gaga performance.

Now, when I heard that Lady Gaga would be performing-I was very skeptical because ever since Artpop, her stock has been down. Boy, was I wrong. This halftime performance was the best halftime show we have seen in years. There was so much in there that reminded us why we love Mother Monster.

The show started off with her singing a Medley to America from on top of the dome. Then she literally jumps off and down to the stage. Who does that? She makes it to her platform above the monsters to start with “Pokerface.” She gives everyone a minor heart attack as she performs flips and tricks. After she stops trying to kill everyone, she reaches the stage to sing “Born this Way.” She then goes into “Telephone,” which send everyone into another heart attack because we were all wondering if the mother of the holy trinity, Beyoncé, would be joining her. Alas, we were left just in awe because a grown man is literally carrying her like she was piece of wood, instead of precious cargo. One bad move and there are parts of Lady Gaga on the 20 yard line. I hope he doesn’t carry a child like that.

After some weird dancing, because it’s not a Lady Gaga performance without something weird in it, Gaga reveals her hidden talent of playing the Keytar, a keyboard that is shaped like a guitar, and sings “Just Dance.” She then runs off to her piano and performs “Million Reasons” and gives a shout to her parents and asks the world if they would like to joy her in being happy. This is when fire explodes and the Gaga we all know and love comes out-yelling Gaga. Her last song is “Bad Romance.” She ends her performance by doing an epic mic drop and then catching a football and jumping to the crowd.

We could sit here all night and try to find the secret meanings behind it. But I’m not here to do that, I believe we should just look at it as Entertainment. The show was amazing. The lighting was on fleek. The crowd was involved with the lighting and it made it feel like a concert and not a halftime show. The performance that Lady Gaga put on was very fitting of the Super Bowl. Literally, I was in awe the entire time. I also want a gif of Lady Gaga’s mic drop.

Here’s the performance for your enjoyment:

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NFL Halftime show is GAGA


Lady Gaga has came out of the shadows recently to released her newest single “Perfect Illusion” and to announce that she will be the halftime performance at the next Super Bowl LI in February 2017. Like everyone else, this was my reactions:

Luckily for you, I will tell you more. Gaga has been planning her performance since she was 4 years-old. That means that she has been writing her music at an early age. This is very creepy when you think about some of the subject matters in her songs like a disco stick. You’re welcome for the picture of a 4 year-old writing and thinking about a disco stick. Gaga also told Fox Sports that she’ll be bring people together on that night:

“That night, it will be special. For me it’s all about giving to the fans and bringing people together that wouldn’t normally come together. The thing is it’s such a big world stage in terms of how many people see it and it’s been done so many times, I think the challenge is to look at it and say, what can I do differently? How can I elevate certain little things here and there and also make it about the music?”

Music makes the people come together. That songs like something that should be in a song hmmm. I wish Lady Gaga the best of luck with her performance and hope that it won’t be a Perfect Illusion like her career after she released “Born This Way.”


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