Meet America’s train wreck


The impossible has finally happened, Lindsay Lohan is no longer America’s train wreck. Lindsay Lohan is now the farthest thing from it. Lindsay is one who people actually are now rooting for because of her openness about her problems and her seemly willingness to get back on the right path. But taking her place is the former Nickelodeon’s angel-Amanda Bynes (There’s irony in this and I’ll explain later).

In case you have lived under a rock for the past year, this pretty much sums up Amanda Bynes then and now:

The wig wearing, cheek piercing, Amanda Bynes has shown that 1) Disney isn’t the only company where there is something in the water and 2) Lindsay Lohan is pretty much the lowest level on the celebrity train wreck meter. The ironic part in this that Amanda Bynes’s meltdown happened around the time that Disney began to beat Nickelodeon in the ratings, which was the first time.

While Lindsay Lohan isn’t out of the clear entirely yet especially when she didn’t know what rehab to go to (it was a tough decision that she just had to sleep on), Amanda Bynes’ twitter seems to kill any supporters she had. From tweeting about how she wanted to Drake to “murder her vagina” to basically telling everyone that she is going to sue them (I wonder if she actually has yet), Amanda Bynes should really be put on a twitter probation.

But for reals, I hope that Amanda Bynes gets help because this train wreck doesn’t to seem to be like Lindsay Lohan’s but rather something mental train wreck. Until then, Amanda Bynes will be one of the most tragic hollywood tales of this generation.


The Lindsay Lohan Interview

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So by now, hopefully you have heard or saw Lindsay’s interview on the Late Show with David Letterman. If you haven’t, click here.

At first clip of this, this was going to be a post about how much of a massive douche Dave was being to her because he surprised her with asking about her trip to rehab and her problems. She had even stated in the interview that the questions he asked her wasn’t even in the pre-interview. But after I watched the full interview, it turned out that wasn’t try at all. The interview turned out to be one that showed Lindsay in a new light that I honestly didn’t expect her to be shown in ever again. She was shown in the interview as one who knew that she made mistakes and was willing and wanting to make her life better. She even stated in the interview that she was happy and excited to use her time in rehab to fix herself.

Lohan even joined Dave in making fun of herself. She stated that she was going to walk out on stage with the tag still on the dress and have him cut it off. That honestly would have been very funny just because no one in Hollywood would have done that.

This interview, again, was amazing her Lohan’s image and showed that even Lohan herself knows she’s a hot mess and wants to take the steps to fix herself. We, at the Pop Project, like to wish Lohan the best of luck with rehab and hope she truly proves the media wrong and pulls off the greatest comeback of all time.

This was Lindsay’s best interview.


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