Movie Review: ‘Deadpool’


Deadpool is amazing-plain and simple. This is my review of it because like I said, it was amazing.

The movie follows Wade Wilson from the start of him of becoming Deadpool to him trying to get back the life that he had before   he took on the Deadpool mantle. While doing this, Wilson gets involved with 2 x-men, who are trying to get him to join up.

The movie was funny from the start of the movie until the last credit. It was extremely well written and planned out. The movie’s action scenes were amazing and rather gore-y. The blood splattering on the camera and screen was amazing. The movie even makes the flashbacks flow so well with the story the movie is trying to tell in current time.  Not many movies are able to pull this off. I never got bored in between.

Ryan Reynolds shines as Deadpool. He made the character and his comedic timing was on fleek. Cultural references with the comedy adds an extra layer to the movie, especially when Wilson makes sarcastic comments about Reynolds, breaking the fourth wall, and other production notes.

Overall, the movie fit the amount of hype that it got. The movie is a masterpiece, the advertisement for it was extremely well planned out. This movie was/is amazing.

The movie is available now via Digital Download. It will be available on May 10 on DVD and Blu-Ray



Rating: 6 bullets to the head out of 5


Rated R for Really For Kids


So apparently there was an uproar caused when parents decided to take their children to see the movie “Deadpool” without actually looking at the rating for it….yeah.

Incase you have lived under a rock for the past couple of week/months, the movie starring Ryan Reynolds has an Rated because it’s full of nudity, swearing, violence, and other things that maybe you shouldn’t be showing kids. It holds nothing back and it’s amazing, if you are 17+. So now the parents that are probably the reason that we have such strict ratings, are bitching a holy fit because they didn’t know what the hell they were taking their kids to.

So instead of just “taking one for the team” and pushing under the rug because it’s rather bad that you don’t know what you are taking your child to see, they started a petition to get a PG-13 version of the movies so their children can see it too.

I’m a 24-year-old adult who is tired of having watered down version of things because “it’s for the children.” It ruins many things because it alienates people and ruins the chance for great movies to get sequels because they didn’t make any money. Leave the freaking movie alone and let it be rated R. Your child will probably still want to see the movie when they are legally allowed to watch Rated R movies (there were movies that I wanted to see when I was younger but couldn’t because of the rating. I watched them as an adult.)

Moral of the Story: Stop ruining the world for us adults because your whiny children want to see something that isn’t for them.

Fantastically awesome Fantastic 4 trailer premieres

On Tuesday, January 27th, the trailer for the highly publicized reboot of the Marvel’s “Fantastic Four” movies was released. And boy, did it rock the internet almost as much as Kim Kardashian’s butt did. Here’s the trailer, incase you missed it:

In this reboot, it seems to have taken it to a totally different route than it’s 2005 counterpart. For one, the cast and character is way younger than what the original movie had. Speaking of cast, they are all really really good looking. The movie has Miles Teller as Mr. Fantastic, Kate Mara as Invisible Woman, Michael B. Jordan (not the Basketball player) as the Human Torch (yes, he’s black. Get over it already), and Jamie Bell as The Thing. It’s also interesting to note that the movie isn’t based off of any of the comic books. It also looks like it will have a more serious take on the comic book.

Overall, I’m actually really excited to see this movie and it’s take on the comic books. While I didn’t hate the other two movies, this seems like the franchise will finally gets the recognition it deserves. The series tends to get compared to Aquaman of the DC universe (if you don’t know, Aquaman is the running joke of the Justice League. He’s a human fish that can control the fish. Not even the badass version of him in “Injustice: Gods Among Us” will be able to make him less of a joke.)

The movie is due out this summer.


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Fantastic Four gets a change of color


Hold your arms back and don’t disappear!! According to many sources, FOX is looking to do a reboot of the Fantastic Four movies (I know, wasn’t the first two enough torture). While this doesn’t have fans in an uproar, they are outraged at the fact they are looking to cast an African-American to play the role of the Human torch, Johnny Storm. Director John Tank is allegedly looking at Michael B. Jordan to play the cocky fire starter. No one has confirmed or denied this, but the fans have pretty much taken it as a bad thing (no pun intended).

Most fans are worried about how this will affect the character since Johnny has been portrayed as white. They also worried about how this would affect Susan Storm, because there’s no way that she can stay the same if her brother is a different race.

Personally, I understand where the fans are coming from because movies based on comics tend to not stick to what has been established in the comic books. But let’s be real people-adding a bit of this color to the Fantastic Four could help this somewhat boring franchise. In the world of you have the likes of the Iron Man and X-Men franchises, the Fantastic Four just doesn’t compete with them with interesting story lines and content. The storyline of it is really outdated and needs to get a reboot itself if it will be able to compete with those franchise and make money. Now before you all comic book fans jump down my throat and send me hate e-mail or leave me hate comments, let me explain what I mean by reboot the storyline.

As many of you know, DC Comics just did a reboot of their entire comic book series (i.e. Batman, Superman, etc.) called “The New 52”. What they did was they cancelled all the series and started from the ground up. This is what I feel like Marvel needs to do, especially with the Fantastic Four. The Fantastic Four have always been the redhead stepchild of the Marvel heroes because they weren’t anywhere in the leagues of the X-Men or the Avengers. But I’ll go more in-depth in another article on The New 52 and Marvel Comics.

The Bottom line is: Stop worrying about the color of Johnny Storm and judge the movie that could potentially add new life to what is a dwindling series. The fact that you are concerned about a comic book characters race doesn’t look kindly on you as well.

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