The Wanted Owns the Night

the wantedwotn

The bad boys of the United Kingdom’s music scene are back and they have released their newest single, “We Own the Night”. Take a listen to the newest The Wanted single:

The new single is very much a The Wanted song. It’s musically different from their hit “Walks like Rihanna” but still sounds like a normal song they would put out. It also reminds me a lot of Ke$ha’s “The Last Goodbye” with the melody and chorus. The irony about this situation is that The Wanted is singing out partying and Ke$ha isn’t (never thought I would see the day). The song is pretty much a wonderful end of summer anthem, which is coming up soon.

My favorite part of the song is the ending because it’s a kind of acoustic slow down part of the song where it still carries the overall theme and riff of the song but on a piano. And we all know that Piano’s makes things classy. The chorus is also extremely catchy like anything that has a na-na-na part (I called it the Na-Na-Na effect).

What we didn’t like? It sound like something we have heard before, i.e. Ke$ha. The song doesn’t sound like it’s a brand new single from them. It sounds like a song that we have all heard before (it might to do with the fact that every artist/band these days has a song and/or album called “We Own the Night”).  The other songs by them have sounded like fresher than this song.

Song is still a good song and a good end of summer anthem, it’s just sounds like something we’ve heard before, which will ultimately be the downfall of this decades music.


Rating: 3.5 bottles of Jack out of 5


Pop Project Featured Artist: The Wanted

The Wanted

So this band isn’t really an Indie but they aren’t as popular as they are back in their home of the United Kingdom. The Wanted has been kinda, for a lack of a better word, overshadowed by One Direction in America but have developed a strong fan base and have become the cooler alternative to being a “Directioner”. Musically, they are pretty much what you would expect to hear this day and age (just more in your face kind of beats due to them being from the birthplace of the 90’s Europop movement). The one thing that they offer beside their Europop kind of feel is that they are the honey badgers of the music world.

These guys just do whatever they feel like it and it’s pretty much the reason many people love them. They post videos on their own YouTube channel every Wednesday that shows what they have been up to. They even interact with their on twitter, which not all celebrities do!

If you are looking to listen to some awesome and catchy pop music with some awesome personalities then this is band for you! They are pretty awesome.