Series Review: ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’

Everything is not what it seems

October seems to be the month of gritty teen reboots. I’M HERE FOR IT. I recently just finished the newest reboot that will literally not allow me to look at an animal the same. Let’s dive into the world of “Riverdale” and go see a witch. A teenage witch. That’s right, let’s talk about “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.”

“Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” follows Sabrina Spellman, who tries to navigate her life as a normal teenage girl in Greendale and a witch for her coven. With the help of her aunties, Hilda and Zelda, as well as her cousin Ambrose, she must also fend the evil that is trying to convert her over to their side

This show isn’t anything like the show we knew growing up. If you walked into this expecting it to be similar to The WB/ABC show “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.”  This isn’t the fun loving comedic Sabrina we have come to know and love. There are comedic moments in the show but it’s more dark comedy. This show is creepy af. It’s hard to believe that it takes place just down the road from Riverdale and Degrassi. Yes, in my world, Riverdale and Degrassi are in the same universe. It’s the only way that all the shit that goes down unnoticed makes sense.

The darker tones fits the show so well. The witches on the show worship Satan. They are trying to appease the dark lord and do his bidding on the show. If that doesn’t let you know what kind of show this is then I don’t know what will. The show has a TV-14 rating and they go over that to the point where it makes me wonder why they didn’t get a TV-MA rating. I’m hoping that there’s an unrated version because frankly, I just want to see how dark it will actually be if they didn’t have that rating.

The acting on the show is extremely well done. You really get to see and understand each character. You get to see the character grow and change and it truly feels good when things go their way. There is some similarity between the Spellman clan in both series. But these characters are willing to do some dark things to get what want. They play with some dark shit in this show. And still, you end up relating to these characters and fall for them. Yes, Harvey and Sabrina are still totes adorable. I just wish there was dark version of Libby.

The camera work on the show is something that is my biggest problem with it. It’s more so the effects they added in post-production. Sometimes it works but other times it’s just annoying and takes away from what’s going on in the shot. I get what they were trying to do with it but it doesn’t always stick. It does more harm than good.

The show also has a tad bit of the same issues that “Riverdale” has as well when it comes to pacing. Luckily for “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,” it’s more so that I wanted them to expand on things and not rush through things. It was so fast paced sometimes that you didn’t notice story lines that much. Like, the season finale should have been two episodes instead of just one. While it was an enjoyable and thrilling finale, it could have been more epic. There was also minor plot holes but you can rule that off as just being because of magic. They had a magical induced orgy on the show.


“Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” is a must watch show. It’s thrilling and will keep you into the show for months to come. I highly recommend checking it out, especially if you enjoy what’s going on in the River-verse. Don’t worry, I’ll work on a better name. It is very dark. If you aren’t into dark show, then I wouldn’t watch it. But it’s more freaky and creepy than scary. It will leave you with mixture of feeling shook and creeped out.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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Time to go to school in Netflix newest series ‘Elite’

El cinturĂ³n de seguridad, Perras

As you may or may not already know, I have a deep love and wish to be in a Telenovela. That’s a Spanish soap opera. It’s something about people being overly dramatic and randomly yell “Que?” that peaks my interest. Netflix recently released a new telenovela that has me yelling at the television. In case you have lived under a rock, don’t worry-I got you covered.

Doesn’t this show look like life?

“Elite” is a mixture of “Riverdale” meets “Gossip Girl.” Netflix then takes that and gives it a shot of heroin. The show follows a mystery as a student has been murdered in the middle of a class war. The wealthy students aren’t fans of the new non-wealthy students that arrived due to an accident that closed down their school. The show follows the history of events that occurred leading up to the murder of the student. It also covers topics like Islamophobia, sexuality, relationships, and drug use. All the good teen drama topics.

The show itself is well paced and keeping everything interest as you really don’t have an idea who is the actual killer is until the very last moments. Each character is interesting and you actually get time to know the characters. There really wasn’t a character that I hated because you know the back story for each character and their motivates for why they are doing things. So you just feel bad for them instead of just hate them. I did hate some of the parents but that is what you get when you deal with the teen telenovela.

This isn’t your grandmother telenovela. It’s rated TV-MA. Like, its graphic when it comes to sex. You will see a lot of ass, very nice asses, and boobs. There’s also a lot of simulated sex, both hetero and homosexual sex. We’ll get into that tea a little lower down in this. Honestly, it’s nothing new but there’s just lots of sex happening. It makes sense since they are all horny teenagers with money and good looks. They are pretty much just banging each other.

This show has so much LGBTQA that it’s EVERYTHING. There’s a gay couple who is struggling with acceptance of their family and friends. They are off and on during the series, like in any good telenovela. They are cute too. There’s even some experimenting between two men and like it does DOWN for them. The representation in this show was just so nice to see. Even the fact they show different sides of family and friends accepting their son’s sexuality. They really did do an amazing job with LGBTQA in this show. I honestly cannot wait to see what will happen in season two.

The Verdict

Overall, I highly recommend watching “Elite.” There is an English audio track that can you use to still enjoy the goodness that is “Elite.” It’s like those old school Japanese Godzilla movies. I’m going to listen to the Spanish audio with English subtitles the next time around I watch it. I’m going to watch it again. I really enjoyed it. It did take a while for it to get good. When it got good, it was SO GOOD. It’s 8 episodes with each being one hour. It’s honestly worth binging. My only complaint is that the end felt a little rushed. I wish that they would have gone more in-depth about it.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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’13 Reasons Why’ lives up to expectations set by the first season

Hannah Baker might be dead, but her story continues in season two

After months of waiting, the next season of the controversial Netflix original series “13 Reasons Why.” Following suit with the first season, this season looks to continue with the story and the drama that made it as a massive hit. Instead of tapes, it looks like a picture will be worth a thousand words this season.

Season two of “13 Reasons Why” follows the events that took place after season one. The trial has begun as Hannah Baker’s parents sue the school for their part in the suicide of their daughter. As the students take the stand, the other side of what happened to Hannah is shown.

Inside of Hannah being a narrator, the characters that took the stand in each episode. They were the focal point of the episode. This was used to tell the backstory of the events on their tape. Because the book only covered the first season, season two was new and original material. I liked the way they did the second season because it allowed you to see the entire picture. You got to see more of the characters and know more about them. It fleshed out everything so much more.

Because you find out more about the characters, you like them more. Hannah and Clay are still the stands out characters. Their actors kill it this season, again. If I had to despise just one character, it would be Bryce Walker because frankly, he’s a massive toolbox full of douches. There’s no redeeming quality to him. His mother is the best part of the Walker family tree.

This season is extremely watered down compared to what was presented in season one. The show still tackles the same subject but it’s less intense than season one. There are some intense moments but they aren’t every episode. I appreciated this because I found myself enjoying the show more because it wasn’t an emotional rollercoaster. It wasn’t making me an emotional hot mess. I was able to fully enjoy the show.

The season finale was extremely satisfying. It acted as a series finale if they decided to end the show after this season. I hope they do continue the show just because there’s so much more they could tell with these characters. It was glad to see the characters get a happy ending after all. Even if the happy ending is short-lived.

The verdict

The second season of “13 Reasons Why” will leave people divided. Some will say that it’s not necessary but it honestly was. It fleshed out more of the story. It was nice to find out what happened afterward. Sure, it was watered down from the first season but it still told the story it needed to with the same amount of importance. It also covered a lot more topics.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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How to you should watch ’13 Reasons why’ and not be depressed

It’s almost time to watch the new “13 Reasons Why”

With the newest season of “13 Reasons Why” come out tomorrow, I thought I would share my recommendation on how you should go about watching the newest season. I really haven’t seen anyone post about this and I think its something that should be mentioned. Frankly, everyone is going to try to binge watch it and I’m going to tell you why you shouldn’t.

If you haven’t seen the first season of it, then you need to watch that first. You wouldn’t read the second book of the series without reading the first one. When you watch the show, don’t binge watch it. If you try to binge watch the show, you will be an emotional mess. The show is extremely intense and not even the thickest-skinned person would be able to survive a binge watch of “13 Reasons Why.” 

What I did when I watched the show was I would watch two episodes, and then I would switch to a happier show, movie, or something that wouldn’t make me feel depressed. It didn’t really help but it was all this emotion bottled up at one time. It helps take some of the feelings away but it will constantly linger. “13 Reasons Why” will mess you up but it’s all in a slightly good way.

“13 Reasons Why” will make you take a look at how you interact with people. You will regret all the bad interactions and take pride in the little interactions that might have saved that person’s life. It will leave you having a better respect for people and have you looking at the bigger picture. Watch “13 Reasons Why” with an open mind. Don’t just rule it out or quit it just because you think that Hannah Baker was “weak.” You never know who would be your Hannah Baker. Your interactions could impact their life. Take the message and use it to make sure yourself better. Especially if you were similar to one of the characters that affected Hannah Baker negatively.

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