Video Review: ZAYN channels Miley in ‘Still Got Time’ video


It’s time to party because Zayn decided to release a new music video for this song “Still Got Time.” And boy, does it remind me of a party that I’ve seen before. It seemed like it’s a party that can’t stop and it won’t stop. But it’s Zayn’s party, he can do what he wants. Do you get the reference yet?

“Still Got Time” is a very simple video. It’s pretty much Zayn throwing one big party and it’s him just walking the party. In case you couldn’t guess, by opening references, the music video comes across like Zayn is at the party Miley Cyrus threw in “We Can’t Stop.” There’s a lot of smoking, drinking, and just people having a good time. It’s not as weird as the stuff Miley did at her party. In case you don’t remember what Miley’s party was like, here’s a link the video. it was a great time if you were stoned out of your mind.

The video itself is a very simple one and it surprising works for the video. It’s really fits the songs main theme of which don’t rush things and just enjoy it. Zayn is just enjoying the party and not rushing into anything. They is sexy people around him and he’s just cruising the party. I also think there is hidden easter eggs nods to his friends like the monkey on this shoulder. That could be a nod to Justin Bieber who once had a monkey before Germany confiscated it and he just gave up on it. It’s probably that same monkey. Zayn saved Justin Bieber’s monkey.

The only thing wrong with the video is that it’s too simple. While it works, it leaves you wanting to know more. Like, what was the point of the party? But I’m going to guess that there wasn’t really a point to the party, Zayn just wanted to have some good old fun.

Overall, it’s a very good simple music video that works with the theme of the song well. The only problem with it is that it’s too simple.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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Single Review: ZAYN say you ‘Still Got Time’


Everyone favorite former One Directioner, ZAYN, has released the first new single off his untitled sophomore album. “Still Got time” is a collab with rapper PartyNextDoor…do not know who he is but hey, he must be good if ZAYN is performing with him.

“Still Got Time” is an extremely simple song and it works so well for. When I first heard the song I wasn’t a fan of it. It just didn’t click. But after listening to it for a while, it began to start click and I began to become a fan of the song. It’s nothing like his first album “Mind of Mine.” The beat of the song is one of those beat that you can dance to without having to throw your back out.

The lyrics talk about ZAYN telling a girl to not to rush into a relationship and just to take things slow. For anyone else to say that it would scream “I’m just not that into you” and send that poor girl into a tub of Ice Cream. But the lyrics work and tell a story for ZAYN that doesn’t make it sound like a break-up song.

PartyNextDoor doesn’t really add anything to the song. He ends up “singing” the second verse of the song. Lately, when it comes to having rappers featured on songs it’s been either hit or miss. More so, just misses. “Still Got Time” is definitely in the miss category. I would rather have ZAYN singing the verse than him. It just doesn’t make the song feel like it’s earth shattering good.

ZAYN is also channeling his inner Drake with the song with the styling of the vocals. While it works for him, it’s nothing earth-shattering. It fits the style of the song and luckily for him, Drake doesn’t have anything out at the moment. If Drake had a single out, then it wouldn’t have worked for him. The problem with music day is that artists end up sounding the same because of similar tendencies they have, which ends up getting them compared to each other. When this happens, it’s a blessing and a curse. A blessing because it opens more new people to that artist because it sounds similar to their favorite. A curse because it has the potential to get that song no airplay because people will be requesting “that new song from Drake.” It should work for ZAYN – this time. I don’t think he meant to come across as Drake like due to his want to “do this own thing.”

Overall, the song is a great jam that will become a summer hit. It takes awhile for the song to click and be a jam, but it’s still a jam. PartyNextDoor doesn’t add to the song and it would be better if ZAYN was just solo on it.

Here’s the song for you ears to love:

Rating: 4 out of 5


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