‘John Tucker Must Die’ is the one for your teenage dreams

I’ve been on a teen movie kick lately. Rewatching the movies I grew up on has and watched back in the day. So I decided to grab some popcorn and watch probably what is one of the most underrated teen movies of the 2000s.

When you see my face, hope it give you hell

Released in 2006, “John Tucker Must Die” was directed by Betty Thomas. She gave us “The Brady Bunch Movie,” the Eddie Murphy version of “Dr. Doolittle,” and “Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel.” More proof that everybody can’t make good movies all the time. The movie itself actually has a good cast. It stars Jesse Metcalfe (Desperate Housewives), Brittany Snow (Hairspray), Ashanti (She tried to have a music career), Arielle Kebbel (The Vampire Diaries), and Penn Badgley (Gossip Girl). The movie was some of their first light in the sun.

the most iconic scene from the movie

The movie follows a group of girls from different clique when end up dating the same popular jock named John Tucker like I had to literally tell you that. His name is in the movie title. After figuring this out, they decided to get revenge on John Tucker by taking the new girl in school and having her break his heart.

As a teen, I thought that this movie was everything. As an adult, this movie wasn’t as good as I originally thought it was. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed the movie. But it just wasn’t that as good as when I originally saw it. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact the movie didn’t age that well. Like the plot is similar to ‘Mean Girls’ in a sense. A group team to get revenge on an individual that has wrong them or is just a dick. The movie itself is still underrated. It’s doesn’t get enough respect that it should. I mean, it gives more of a modern twist on the revenge plot. But it should be listed on the Top 50 teen comedies.

The acting in the movie is meh. It’s not horribly bad but its nothing that will get them an academy award. For most of them, it was around their first acting job. It’s a teen movie, most people don’t expect for Oscar award-winning acting. Sometimes it felt like forced acting and it didn’t click. Other times it was rather good.


“John Tucker Must Die” is your average teen movie. It’s underrated and a classic. It still remains that even with its downfalls. The acting is meh with it failing to click in times that it needed to click. The parts of the movie didn’t age well but it still presented a more modern take on the team revenge plot.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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Netflix’s ‘You’ is the thriller you need to watch

I decided to watch “You” on Netflix because I let society determine my viewing habits and what shows are cool and what shows are not. It actually took me like a couple of days to finish all ten episodes “You.” I paced myself in the beginning because it was a lot to handle. So let’s dive into the show that has everyone freaking out.

I always feel like somebody’s watching me 

“You” was originally a series on Lifetime that premiered in 2018. It starred Penn Badgley (“Gossip Girl”) and Elizabeth Lail (“Once Upton A Time”) as the two main characters of the series. The series was developed by Greg Berlanti. That’s right. The guy that has given us “Riverdale” made this show. When I found this out, immediately got excited because 90% of the shows I watch he touches. He also directed “Love, Simon.” The show is based off of the novel “You,” written by Caroline Kepnes.

The show follows Joe Goldman (Badgley) as he falls in love with Guinevere Beck (Lail) after meeting her in his book store. This is a modern love story as Joe checks her out on social media. He then takes it to a whole other level by legitimately stalking her. Like full fledge creeping out your window stalking. The series then follows Joe and Guinevere’s love story from start to finish.

From the very start, you can tell that it is/was a Lifetime show. Lifetime shows have a certain feel and look to them. “You” has that look and feel. It’s not a bad thing because it’s actually a much better show than what is usually on Lifetime. It took a while for the show to really get into the story but when it did, it kept you in engaged in it.

For me, it was just creepy and didn’t really have me jumping or anything like that. Joe was extremely creepy and made me question people around me. Like who is being like Joe and just stalking me and watching my social media? I did have someone who followed me on twitter and I was the only one he was following. He was always replying back to my tweets, It got a bit creepy and I blocked him. This kind of brought back in my mind. Joe followed her in real life and on social media. It kind of made me question everything that I share on there. It’s probably a good thing that I don’t post a lot of pictures.

The acting on this show is way better than what is typically on a Lifetime show. Badgley was honestly the best part of the series. The dude doesn’t get enough props for his acting chops. The way he portrayed the character makes you question your feelings. There are times where you hate him and want him to go away. Other times you feel for him because there’s something that happened to cause him to be that way. He needs to get some sort of award for his portrayal.


I do recommend “You” as it’s something everyone should watch. It’s a show that makes you think and question everything that you do when it comes to social media, especially when it comes to dating. It keeps you interested and it’s just a wild ride. The show has been renewed for a second season as a Netflix original show. I’m excited to see what Netflix does with it.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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