Taylor Swift and Katy Perry make up in ‘You Need to Calm Down’

It’s official! A new Taylor Swift era is upon us. Announced on Thursday, June 13th, Taylor would be releasing her seventh studio album “Lover” on August 23. With this announcement, Taylor also blessed us with the second single off of the album entitled “You Need to Calm Down.” And in Taylor Swift fashion, the song made people feel many things.

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Can you not step on my gown

“You Need to Calm Down” is a pop song produced by Taylor and Joel Little, who also worked with her before on “ME!.” The song has an electropop feel that honestly came off as a Carly Rae Jepsen song at first. It has this retro 80s vibe to it. At first, I wasn’t feeling it. But it grew me the more I listened to it. “You Need to Calm Down” is light years better than “ME!” “ME!” isn’t a bad song but it wasn’t up to par with what we usually got from Taylor. Her first singles typically tend not to be as good as the other singles, it just was average.

Lyrically, the song is about dealing with homophobia and people that feel the need to be critical of you without actually knowing you. It’s a song to her internet trolls, and the people are just plain assholes. I like the lyrics. It’s nice to see her do a some like this where it’s just not the average Taylor Swift song about love. While her love songs were great, you can only do so many love songs before it gets overdone.

The music video for the song is probably one of Taylor’s best videos. Her video is always something else, but this video is close to “Bad Blood” level of good. Pretty much, the video is Taylor in a big LGBTQ trailer park living her best life with a lot of famous LGBTQ neighbors. While she and her friends are just having fun, there a bunch of protesters and people hating on them for doing absolutely nothing wrong. The video ends with two protesters leaving and joining Taylor and company during a food fight. The biggest thing out of this video is that KATY PERRY IS IN IT. Her and Taylor hug it out as a hamburger and fries, respectively.

My love for this video knows no bounds because it’s just super fun and shows Taylor using her platform to show support for LGBTQ. There’s even a cute little plug for Taylor’s petition to keep the Equality Act, a piece of legislation that would offer protection for LGBTQ from being fired because they are LGBTQ. Billboard wrote an article about Taylor and the Equality Act. The video came out during Pride month and is just a fun video that covers a serious topic. Again, my love for this video and Taylor Swift knows no bounds.

I highly recommend listening “You Need To Calm Down” and watching the video for it. It sets the tone for what to expect from her newest album “Lover” as well as it’s just a fun Pride/pro-LGBTQ video and song. This song has me more hyped for “Lover” than “ME!” did.

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Time to get inspired with some Taylor Swift Inspirational quotes. You’re Welcome!

Look What you Make me Do

I did another thing that no one asked me to do. Welcome to another edition of Inspirational quotes! In case you are new, this is where I take popular song lyrics and turn them into inspirational memes. On this edition, I decided to give Taylor Swift lyrics a try. Boy, it is a bunch inspirational love quotes.

I don’t own any of these photos. I’m literally using them for fun. Literally, I just do this all for fun. I also don’t own the lyrics but you probably all ready figured that out. Without further ado, here are some inspirational quotes from Taylor Swift.

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Pop Project’s Favorite things 2017


Oprah, eat your motherfucking heart out.

It’s time once again for the annual event that you secretly don’t even know you live for. I hope you are holding onto your weave because I’m going to be snatching your edges. Welcome to “The Pop Project: with Steven Kaufman” FFFFFFAAAAVVVVOOOORRRIITTTEEE THINNNNNGGSSSSSS! Please make sure you read favorite things like Oprah does. I hope you are sitting down because this will be epic.

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Now, let’s talk about my favorite things this year. Oh, and the links to get items aren’t free. I’m not really Oprah as much as I want to be. I’m a broke ass bitch.

Riverdale and dem Abs


Dem abs running

I’m slightly addicted to “Riverdale” and I’m not in any way close to seeking help for my addiction. This show is pretty much everything that I have ever wanted in a television. It’s addictive, dark, and gritty. Also, everyone on that show is like super attractive. Between the cast and how the show is shot, it’s just appealing to the eyes. But we all know the real reasons we just can’t stop watching “Riverdale.” It’s because of the real stars Dem Abs on Archie Andrews and Cheryl Blossom.

Dem Abs were the main focal point of the first season. They were flaunted in front of us because they are GLORIOUS. It so sad that they aren’t featured more in this season. They deserve an Emmy. Cheryl Blossom is also my queen. Her lines are the best out of everyone in the entire show. Veronica is the only one close to her crown. But Cheryl is the star of the show and who everyone wants to see. Can we just have a Cheryl Blossom spin-off?

Everyone will be going home with a copy of GQ Austraila’s photoshoot of KJ Apa, which I broke down for you here, Cheryl Blossom’s cookbook called “A hint of Maple Syrup and Destruction: how to proper ruin people lives,” and binoculars so you can be like Betty Cooper and see Dem Abs in all their glory. Oh, and if here a link if you want to buy the first season on DVD.

Taylor Swift’s Reputation

Can we have a moment to talk about how good this album is? I know everyone was worried about it due to it being nothing like she has done in the past. But it was actually rather lit. The best part of the entire album? Hearing Taylor Swift singing/saying shit. It was everything. If I had remembered to write a review about, I would have given it a 4 out of 5. “Reputation” is life. While it’s not as good as “Speak Now” or “1989,” it is something that will make you go damn. The old Taylor is dead and no one is in mourning the loss…..as much as they would if it would have sucked.

If you look under your chair, you will find a bunch of snakes serving you tea. You will also walk away with life-size birdcage because we’re kinky like that. But if you are looking for your own copy of “Reputation” then click here to purchase it.



If Poppy isn’t happiness, then why is she so fabulous?

Probably the creepiest yet interesting thing to come in 2017 is the rise of Poppy. Just something about this YouTube star and singer makes you addicted to her. It might be the fact that no one knows if this is all an act or is this a real person that acts like a robot? Either way, I’m living for her strange yet comforting videos. You just want to know more about her. Everyone wants to be Poppy. She’s our favorite internet girl. While her older music is everything, her music is still something that will make you just want to break out into song with her.

Everyone will be leaving with a potted plant to call a friend as well as doge to love and to pet. Click here to buy Poppy’s album “Poppy. Computer.” The album itself is something magical.


With this inclusion onto my favorite things, you would never guess that I’m 26. Yes, the
Disney Channel Original Movies “Descendants” and “Descendants 2” are actually the best DCOMs to come out since the days of High School Musical. If you haven’t read my review of the newest movie, click here. The franchise is just so freaking catchy. And the music isn’t what you would normally hear in musicals. While Disney has always and been the best when it comes to their musical endeavors, “Descendants” raises the bar and make it

Everyone will get round-trip tickets to Auradon and a personal tour of Auradon prep. If you are lucky, maybe you can play with a lizard of a former evil villain. If you looking to get your hands on the newest movie, here’s the link for it so you can buy it.

Dragging on social media

This was the year where we brought back tar and feathering. Instead of getting in trouble with the law because it’s illegal to actually tar and feathering someone, we just did it on Twitter. If you did something wrong and you’re famous, the internet would get woke and start a #insertyournameoverparty. That wasn’t the kind of party where you dance and have fun but rather you got dragged. You were dragged hard and fast by your edges. There wasn’t any sort of redemption.

Because of the dragging, there will be cream underneath your chair to help with the rash. I don’t have any sort of link from Amazon for cream because why would get that from there? If you need cream, then just go out and get it.

This will do it for this year’s edition of my Favorite things. Here’s a link to all my Favorite Things in one spot, including some things that aren’t. Its my Amazon influencer page. Oh, and if you are waiting for me to give you a car, then here’s a gif of Oprah giving them out because again, I’m a broke ass bitch.

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Top 5ive: Taylor Swift

tswift sm

Get ready to be shook

It’s time for the hardest Top 5ive in the history of the world because all of Taylor Swift’s singles are such national treasures. But like everything these days, It’s time for me to pick out the best and the favorites. This is a chore but it needs to be down. This is Top 5ive is dedicated to the memory of Old Taylor because she was a treat. Rest In Peace Old Taylor.

5. “Shake It Off”

What.A.Bop. It’s was the first official single in the pop genre for Taylor and also was probably the most entertaining one as it was just Taylor trying to be something that she wasn’t during the entire song. It was pretty much her telling you to shake off the haters. She was adorkable in the entire video, as you can see from the gif above. “Shake it Off” is just so damn catchy. I remember singing it for days after it came out.

4. “Teardrops On My Guitar”

Remember country Taylor? She was adorable and loveable, especially in her first single to really explode. “Teardrops on My Guitar” was such a depressing song about a boy named Drew that totally clueless that she loved him as he told her about his girlfriend. She literally had teardrops on her guitar. Don’t worry, he finally realized when the song was a hit and she denied him. Karma. It also gave us “Pop Mix” of the song that was actually less depressing and a tad bit better. Personally, I’ll take both versions of the song. It’s a a jam.

3. “Mine”

”Speak Now” will ‘Forever and Always’ be in the top two Taylor Swift album in the history of the world. If you have not heard this album completely, then what are you doing with your life? Anyways, “Mine” is your typical Taylor Swift love song that actually got extremely deep and started to show how much deeper her songs where getting. Also, the music video featured a relationship blossom from start to finish, including all the bad times as well. Taylor Swift singing in a forest of hanging pictures is iconic. Taylor Swift is just iconic to begin with.

2. “You Belong with Me”

This song and video were literally everything when it came out. You couldn’t escape the song and then the video was all over because it was an extremely well done music video. Who didn’t have a friend/neighbor that you had a huge crush on and you wanted them to notice you and date you? Don’t lie, we all had one or two….or three. There’s s nothing wrong with that. Also, brunette Taylor was like extremely hot. If being an adorable spunky blonde doesn’t do it for Taylor, she can definitely pull off being a brunette.

1. “Love Story”

There’s nothing not iconic about this song. This song is literally the best that she has done. It’s relatable and addictive. Her family and friends didn’t like her boyfriend and didn’t want her to see him so Taylor did what she does best: Write a hit song about it and base it off of Romeo and Juliet. The video was so visual appealing and just stunning as it showed Taylor and her “man” falling in love during two different time periods, which just makes you go “awwwww.” “Love Story” is such an amazing song. Her best so far.

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