Show Review: ‘Charmed’

Charmed again

Yesterday, the newest reboot of 2018 debuted on the CW. The rebirth of “Charmed.” The originally aired from 1998 to 2006 on the WB, the original incarnation of the CW. The reboot of the series has been met with a lot of controversies due to the outcry of the OG Charmed cast and fans about not having any input from the original team that made the franchise what it was.

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Now, I was a fan of the original series expect a little comparison. But I watched the new series with an open mind and heart. I recently just binged the OG “Charmed” because of nostalgia. Here’s also my overall thoughts on this reboot before seeing it. Let’s get this out-of-the-way: this isn’t the original series and only name and premise. That isn’t a bad thing. In fact, I like the fact that it’s not trying to be the OG series. This “Charmed” has a little bit of a darker tone to it. It’s on the CW and everything there is mostly dark and twisty. It’s trying to be its own dark and twisty thing. The first episode wasn’t spectacular but it was a better start than what some would have thought it to be. It didn’t drag me into it but at the same time it did send up what to expect. It also ended on a cliffhanger which is how all good CW shows end. In case you couldn’t guess, it’s a stereotypical CW show. My major complaint is that it seems very much rushed. It felt like they put a two-part episode into one hour. They really didn’t let you get to know the sister beside a little bit in the beginning, which was only two of them. I really don’t know anything about them besides they are sisters. I wasn’t given time to get interested or digest their characters. If you were to ask me their names, I wouldn’t be able to. There was also plot points that they just did but didn’t really touch again. It mainly came towards the end when they thought they defeated the monster of the week. I wish they would have given us more time with the characters than what we have gotten. And while I like that it doing its own thing, I wish that it would have still slightly acknowledged the previous show. It does come across that it could care less about its heritage. Even just little nods to the original would have been nice. But I can see why the original actresses are a little bit pissed now. It’s like they don’t exist anymore nor the show that is the reason the new one is there. Overall, “Charmed” doesn’t seem like its going to be bad. In fact, it looks like it’s going to be a good show. The premiere showed good promise in the series. I just wished that it wasn’t so rushed and we got a little more time with the sisters. Hopefully, they can work out the kinks and make this new “Charmed” just as good as the original.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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The world gets a first look at ‘Charmed’ reboot with the first trailer

In this night and in this hour, we call upon this reboot

After months of speculation, we finally have our first look at what some would call the most controversial reboot in the history of the CW, “Charmed.” The world was greeted with a trailer of the upcoming show. They might as well just gave the world the pilot because that’s how much info they gave away.

“Charmed” follows three sisters: Macy Vaughn, Mel Vera, and Maggie Vera. They discover that they are the most powerful witches of all time – The Charmed Ones. This became clear once their mother got murdered and their powers are activated. In order to find out what happened to their mother, they must use their newfound powers to vanquish demons and to protect innocents.

The trailer shows that it’s after the original series. It will be taking some creative liberties with the show to make it a totally different show. This is probably for the best as the OG “Charmed” is beloved. So making the reboot totally different will help create something that is slightly new. It’s pretty much an older beloved car that they stuck on a new coat of paint and riding it off as a brand new car.

The acting isn’t anything to get excited about. It’s just blah acting. Hopefully, its way better in the full pilot episode because I wasn’t impressed with the new sister. I also wasn’t a big fan of how they tried to make the Vera home looks very similar to the Halliwell home. If they were going to make the show different, then they probably should have changed up the house a bit more than they did.

I’m probably going to watch the “Charmed” reboot because I hope that it does well. I don’t have high expectations of it because nothing will replace or compare to the original. There isn’t a airdate for the première of “Charmed.” It’s scheduled for the fall of 2018.

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“Riverdale” Rundown: “Chapter 15: Nighthawks”


A double cherry on top no

It’s another week and time for more chaos and destruction in the world of Riverdale. It’s time to run down all the shit that went down in the dale. This is the Riverdale Rundown, so let’s get right to it. It’s what Jason Blossom would have wanted.

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The episode was dealing with the aftermath of Ms. Grundy’s death, the black hood’s killing spree, Fred Andrew’s shooting, as well as Archie’s paranoia, which gets the best of him. Archie is seriously messed up from the shooting of his father. The death of Ms. Grundy is also getting to him too. You really just want to give him a big hug because dude has issues. He was going to turn to drugs to help him stay up at night in order to protect everyone. This dude has a lot of his plate. I’m very glad that he’s no longer a toolbox full of dicks because it suited him like a shirt does. I’ll get into that later on in this.

Pop’s diner is being blackballed because of what happened there and it’s turning the world upside down of the gang. Don’t worry, everyone ends up raising enough money to keep it open but it was a struggle to get everyone to revisit Pop’s. Betty ends up blackmailing Cheryl, which earns Cheryl’s respect, to get her to lie under oath to a judge and to get the river vixens to attend the event a Pop’s. That’s right y’all, Dark Betty is in the motherfucking house. I approve of Dark Betty coming out in small doses. I want more of Betty and Cheryl. Oh, how does she blackmail Cheryl? She has a copy of the video that shows her father killing her brother. Yeah, that’s how dark Betty got.

I don’t get though why Betty isn’t concerned about Jughead getting involved with his father’s gang. I get they are looking out for him while his father is in the big house but he’s getting too deep in there. FP is even concerned about who Jughead is talking to in his gang. I’m also concerned about how good Veronica’s parents are in covering their tracks when it comes to their dealings. I’m also very sad that Kevin hasn’t been in the shows more. Like I was expecting him to make a comment about Veronica’s dad being Daddy but nope. My soul died a little bit. We need more Kevin in our lives.
demabsepisode2We have a dem abs sighting!! That is right, we saw Archie’s abs again this week. While he wasn’t having extremely steamy shower sex with Veronica in a very inappropriate time, he answered the door for Veronica without a shirt on. Dem abs appeared in the first ten minutes. As you can see on the left side of this paragraph, I took the liberty to make a chart on when dem abs appear. My goal, besides looking thirsty af for dem abs, is to see how long it takes for Archie to whip those bad boys out and if it’s every episode. This is some hardcore reporting I did for my blog. Right now, Riverdale shows them in the first half hour of the show. But seriously though, Archie’s ab’s are a thing of beauty. You could make waffles on dem abs. They need to be saved in the Smithsonian for generations to appreciate and admire.

We also need to have a talk about the performance that the Pussycats did with Cheryl on top of Pop’s Diner. Besides the fact that it seems very unsafe to put three teenage girls on top a vinyl roof that they could all easily slip off of in high heels, they literally slayed the entire episode.  THEY FUCKING DID MILKSHAKE! Yas, it was everything. I want more Pussycats in my life. I also need more Cheryl because she has been the highlight of all these episodes so far. Like, her quotes are super iconic. I really want an episode of Riverdale that is just through her eyes.  That would be lit af.

This episode was literally everything. It still threw too much plot out at you but you should expect at this point now. I really want to see how the murder of Moose and that one chick that only in the episode because they need a meaningless character to kill off really affect everything in the dale. I wish this show came out all at once so I could binge it like there was no tomorrow. It makes me want to re-watch season one now.  THIS IS GETTING GOOD. I AM LIVING FOR THIS SEASON AND THIS SHOW (please make sure you insert claps in between every word for the full effect). I will end this rundown of this gif of Cheryl being the HBIC, Head Blossom/Bitch in Charge.

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Show Review: ‘Dynasty’ is your new guilty pleasure


Drama, lies, betrayal, with a hint of incest

The CW has added another show to its overly dramatic lineup with the reboot of the 1980s drama known as “Dynasty.” The show is strategically after “Riverdale,” because the CW is looking to ruin our souls with the intense and insane amount of drama. Before I dive into it, I’ve never seen the original series. I want to but I don’t want it to ruin/change anything about the reboot. With that statement out-of-the-way, It’s time to discuss my thoughts on the first episode of “Dynasty.”

“Dynasty” follows the Fallon Carrington and her family as it pretty much hits the fans. Her brother, Steven, doesn’t get along with his father, Blake, and he and his sister try to maneuver through the chaos that their father creates as he tries to take his business to new grounds and corporate conquest. It’s a very hard show to explain but that’s the overall plot of it, even though I feel like I’m missing a part of it.

The show is extremely well done. It keeps you engaged while also keeping you on your toes. Just from the first episode, there was a bunch twist and turns that make me go “holy shit.” It was a very intense show. Like the first 20 minutes, there was a lot of sex and lies. Within the first couple of minutes, Liz Gillies, who plays Fallon, was getting oral sex in the back of her limo at the airport by her limo driver. Yeah, as soon as that happened, I knew it was going to be a good hour of TV.

This family is fucked up to the core. Like their father was using his children as pawns to get business deals. He set his son up on a date with a business partner and didn’t even tell him. Then he’s marrying his daughters business rival, even though he knows they are bitter enemies. Like, there’s just so much shit going on with this family that it’s crazy.

The main problem I have with “Dynasty” is the fact that there is so much going on. Even if you are paying attention fully into it, you end up missing something or getting lost on a minor detail.  Yes, it’s a minor detail but it just enough to where you will miss something else. It’s also hard to tell what’s considered main plot and subplot. They just blend together.

The acting in this is also very top-notch. I’m already on the side of the children because their father is just a douche. I’m also rooting/living for an incestuous couple of Sammy Jo and Steven. Sammy Jo is the nephew of Steven’s new step-mother Cristal. They met at the failed “date” that Blake set up for Steven before getting a hotel room and fucking. Oh, Sammy Jo stole money from Steven afterward and left. I’m not really sure why I’m living for them, it just feels right. I think it might be because they are the most normal out of all the couples on the show. The line of the night was the limo driver reasoning for turning on Fallon’s father:

Your father is paying me $200k a year and I’m banging his daughter

“Dynasty” is a really great show that doesn’t really have any flaws. It’s really big flaw is the fact that there is too much going on. It’s easy to get lost in it as the main and subplots blend together easily. I recommend watching it for a good time.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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