Hilary Duff starts in Tinder commercial


Hilary Duff released the latest music video for her single “Sparks.” Too bad, it’s just one big ad for the dating App, Tinder. The music video is her and friends looking at and meeting guys on Tinder while she is dancing and singing. You can barely hear the song except for parts of it. Yes, you can hear the most important part of the MUSIC video.

The parts of the actually music video is rather good. The dance is decent and is very Britney Spears like. But then again, the video is entirely ruined by the talking and being a long ass Tinder advertisement.  While I give Hilary props for taking something and running with it,because everyone was having a massive fit because she was on Tinder, this idea wasn’t really a bright one. It would have been better if they worked it into the concept of the video without having the talking. Like in Carly Rae Jepsen’s video for “I Really Really Like You.”

Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure:


Rating: 1 swipe to the left out of 5


How to look more attractive on Social Media: Profile Pictures

Profile Pictures

Facebook is one of the easiest, and creepiness ways for someone to get a “sneak peek” at you without ever talking to you.All they have to do is type your name in the search bar and then BAM!  Your profile is right there for them to go through and figure you out.They can see your interests, what friends you have in common, and what type of person you are just by searching your name. Now, I bet you’re thinking to yourself how you can make that good first impression from your Facebook?  Well, don’t fret-I’ve got you covered.

The only situation we have in this picture, besides my outdated reference, is that he looks like douche.

Your profile picture has to be the best representation of you. Mirror photos are usually a common profile picture but can occasionally make you come off as something you’re not. Make sure your mirror is at least clean because while a dirty mirror selfie was in like five years ago, it just makes you look like you have no self-respect for yourself to clean or your just lazy. Take the few minutes to clean your mirror off. Make sure you also don’t have your flash on. Your mirror is reflective and it will cause the flash to take over the picture and just big one big ball of light. Pro tip: make sure we can see face in it.

While we are on the subject of mirror selfies–Guys, flexing shirtless in front of the mirror may get you dates for clubbing and some other fun, but it makes you look like one of the biggest douchebags out there. Big ole douchebags don’t get dates. Also, put a shirt on and pose like a normal person. And smile because women like a guy with a nice smile and not one. Make sure your picture is a recent one as well. You usually don’t look the same as you did back five years ago.

Besides the blurry makes you think your drunk, it also makes a nice girl look like she’s easier than a game of hopscotch

And ladies, posing and making the signature pout duck face doesn’t make you cool. It’s rather out of date. Have a little respect for yourself and just freaking smile. Not to mention, it makes you come off like you are full of yourself and no one wants to date that. It’s also really tacky to have your profile picture just be a close up of your face–especially if the light of your phone is shiny bright like a diamond all over your face and making you look like Edward Cullen’s long-lost sister/cousin/daughter/thing or like a corpse. If you are normally pale in real life, then that is fine. But if you’re not, then don’t make it so in your picture.  Pretty much ladies, make sure you look like you do in real life. If you don’t, then you are technically cat fishing and becoming a social pariah.

You want people to look at your profile picture and go, “man, that’s one cool person”, and a photo like that isn’t the way that is going to happen.  Not, “damn, they look hot mess.”  Again, you want your profile picture to be the best representation of you that you can have. So put down that tablet that you are taking a selfie with because no one will take you serious, a take a real one like a somewhat adult that you really are.


Have any tips/comments about Profile Pictures? Let us know in the comments below. 

Pop Project’s Guide to Dating Apps



Are you a parent with a child that has started dating or just someone who is new to the single life? Well, either way, dating has changed a lot since you were a kid. No longer are you required to leave your house to find the man/woman/animal/thing of your dreams (we don’t judge here….based on your dating preference….unless the person/animal/thing you are dating is tool). With the invention of the internet and smartphones, we have many dating apps now that can help swim in the sea of single people. With the help of Urban Dictionary (bookmark this site if you are a parent, it will help stay cool like soda pop), we bring our guide to dating apps.

Tinder is no longer the wood you need to start a fire…unless that wood is your pants. According to Urban Dictionary, Tinder is:

Dating app. Tinder is the McDonalds for sex.

That sounds likes a winner. The app works it’s magic by showing people close by and your rate them “Hot” or “Not.” It lets you know if the person who you think it’s hot, thinks your hot too. It even gives you tips on how to start the conversations. To put it into to terms you may understand, it’s like passing notes and your BFF all rolled into one. Now while the intentions of this app is clean, it’s mainly used by college students and the members of Nickelback to get laid (hence the “McDonald’s for sex). Like McDonald’s, sex on Tinder is everywhere, makes you feel guilty for using it, and horrible the next day. Tinder also allows for the user to have minimal interactions with the person they find hot.


Hot or Not is another app that the “kids” are using for dating. Urban Dictionary said it best when it described the app to be:

Website for people with low self-esteem to post their pictures for other people to say they look pretty.

Sounds like Tinder but with less sex? You are correct to think that. Hot or Not is pretty much making life more like High School when people are judging you based on your appearance. But in addition to getting laid and dates (emphasis more on the getting laid part), the app gets you fans like you are famous. So the app rewards you for being pretty. To sum up this app, it pretty much is the closest thing to being a Kardashian without being related to them and releasing a sex tape.


OkCupid is a popular dating website that has made the transition to mobile app and is probably one of the cleanest dating apps out there, mainly because there isn’t a high emphasis on sex. The Urban Dictionary definition of the app is:

A free dating website where you take surveys to see if you are compatable, however no matter how hard you try you will always get stuck with some fat chick, and all the hot chicks have too high of standards. Also If you get a decent hot chick who has a high percentage rate with you they usually will not respond or say “ew”
While it continues on the dating app trend of vain-ness, it also can be used for finding friends. It also allows the user to fully say/display what their intentions are in their profile before you even chat with them. So if you are looking for a relationship but the other person is just looking for a good time in the sack, then you don’t have to go through all the chatting just to find out that they just want in your pants. It also has each user do a survey and gives a compatibility rating. Pretty much, it’s like speed/blind friending but a little better.

Plenty of Fish is another popular dating website that has made the transition to mobile apps. It allows the users to meet a wide vary of horny old men, horny teenagers, and desperate singles. The name has a special meaning as it’s actually means Plenty of Catfishing. This Urban Dictionary definition sums up this app well:
A free online dating agency which should be avoided at all costs. Full of dirty old men and no-hoper teenagers with filthy underpants desperately seeking attractive young women. And as for the photographs – when the hell did you last see a woman who looked like that and needed to use a free dating agency? Someone I know of examined a photo closely and was sure he could see the staple puncture holes where it had been cut out of a glossy magazine.
So this site is pretty much the sketchiest site on the list. While it may give good results 50% of the time, it still makes people go ehhhh. Again, the definition above sums up this site pretty well.
We hope this guide helps you with finding out what site you should go on and what sites your teen should be on.
Have any apps that we missed? Write them down in the comments below and we’ll add them in!